[OAU] The CBM OAU Rules

<font color="red"><b>[OAU]</b></font> The CBM OAU Rules

The Online Alternate Universe is up and running! We've had a huge backing and are currently working hard on our first releases, hit the jump to check out the rules behind the group!

The CBM OAU is actually working! Last month when I started all thus I thought it was destined to fall flat on it's face on withing the week, but thanks to the help of CBM users we have got the project on the move and have at least 10 titles in active development.

But as with anything there must be rules if we are to keep everything running smoothly. Things will go wrong, that's granted, but if everyone involved can stick to the rules any problems should be minor.

#1 Continuity is key

You might have the coolest, most original idea for a Superman story ever made, but if it doesn't fit continuity, you're gonna have to change it. If things are going to go well we need to keep things in line. So if Wolverine has metal claws in WW2 then he shouldn't have bone claws in the present day.

#2 The Group

To sort out/contain the continuity problems, we've set up a group based on Skype for discussing stories and possible clashes. If you aren't in the Skype group, you aren't in OAU cannon. This is the only way that we can keep everything the way we need it to be. It might sound harsh, but Skype is free, easy to use and available on almost everything nowadays.

#3 Releases

ALL titles published within the OAU will be published through this account. It helps us coordinate release dates and who is writing what. Don't worry, you will be heavily credited and hyperlinked for all of the work that you do; AThis is a nonprofit group, ad revenue will NEVER be used on the OAU account and I plan on making nothing from this.

#4 Contributing

If your interested in joining the OAU get in touch with me via either my account or this account. I should get back to you within a few hours. Moderators will be available soon so there will be a wide range of contactable options.


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