[OAU] Title Release Dates And Continuity

<font color="red">[OAU]</font> Title Release Dates And Continuity

This is a list of the titles that have, I emphasise; HAVE, to be done by the first week of April of this year. Please use this time to set continuity between these titles straight within their respective universes. Sorry if I seem like a douche, this just seemed like an issue that needed addressing

A lot of people are wondering about the release dates for certain titles and whatnot, so, to make things easier, the following list details the titles that will be released first, when they must be submitted by and method of submission. In order to submit the finished product, email it to the below email address:

[email protected]

You WILL be credited for your work and any of your other work, be it fan art or fan scripts, will be hyperlinked in the article. THIS IS A NON-PROFIT PROJECT. No money will be earned by any person partaking in this project and no profit will EVER be made from this project. This is entirely user generated.

All finished scripts/novels/comic strips should be submitted in during the first week of April of this year. Any titles that may clash with another title are presented in blue (based off the Who's Who article). If you are writing one of these titles, discuss any continuity issues that may arise. If you're planning a spin off/solo series/prequel for a character who is traditionally part of a team, wait until the team has an established continuity to build off of before you go writing a story out of context. Pleas note: ONLY THE FIRST ISSUE IS REQUIRED FOR APRIL. The following titles will be the first titles in the OAU line-up:


- Superman:
Writer: Alphadog
Art: TheStarLord

- Batman:
Writer: Alphadog & SotoJuiceMan collaboration
Art: TheStarLord

- Flash:
Writer #1: AxlComics
Writer #2: SonGoku

- Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner):
Writer: EddieBrock
Art: EddieBrock


- Spider-Man (Peter Parker):
Writer: RedHood
Will be in script format.

- Wolverine:
Writer: WeaponX93
Will be presented in script/novel form.

- X-Men:
Writer: DEVLIN712
Art: Unnoccupied

- Hulk:
Writer #1: JamesMann
Writer #2: SilverHawk
Art: CasanovaRodeo

- Silver Surfer:
Writer: NovaCorpsFanGonnaFlipYa
Art: Doopie


NOTE: If the script has not been drawn you can send it in anyway. These titles have been chosen as they are self-contained characters that do not require straying from their own branch of the universe. If you would like your title to be a part of this list, feel free to ask me. Use this time to set continuity straight amongst these titles, that means list of characters being used and time frame. DO NOT GIVE THIS ARTICLE THUMBS UP FOR THE PURPOSE OF EDITING THE LIST.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it has made the goal a bit clearer for now. If certain writers/artists no longer show an interest, their slot will be filled with another title until they finish their own title. If stories clash, DO NOT ARGUE. If the title is not in the article, then it can be altered between now and time of release to better fit the continuity.

If this feels like we're rushing you, we apologise. This project picked up speed fast and it's difficult to cope with the influx of stories, character designs and ideas. If an agreement cannot be reached between two contributors, both stand to be removed from the group. If we can't work as a team, there's no point of working at all. Finally, if you aren't using an artist, let me know and I'll see if you can also fit in the line-up. My Silver Surfer will be the first to be replaced if a more popular character is in no need of an artist.

- batmor
- NovaCorpsFanGonnaFlipYa
- Objectivelybiased(?)

This article was submitted by NovaCorpsFanGonnaFlipYa. If you have any issues, ask about them! Sorry if I seem like a dick, but we need to kick things into gear now. Another moderator would also be greatly appreciated to watch over the DC aspect of things. Moderators should try and gather continuity points and email them to the CBM OAU email account or summarise them in the Skype group.

Thanks for taking the time to read this guys. Again, sorry if I come across as a dick,

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