Phase 2 and 3

Phase 2 and 3

What I think will go down story wise for Guardians of the Galaxy and Avengers 2 and I finalize my story down for what I want adapted for Avengers 3.

Marvel Phase 1 was epic and Phase 2 will be even more epic. Phase 2 will focus on the more cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, namely Guardians of the Galaxy and The Avengers 2 or as I would like to call it (if I had the choice) The Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. Here is what I think it will be story wise for Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers 2 and what I want story wise to be for Avengers 3.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I think that Guardians of the Galaxy should adapt certain things from, Thanos Imperative. But, mostly should obviously have the origin of the team. The most crucial members are Star Lord, Drax the Destroyer and Gamora. The story should focus on them the most. Star Lord is the leader of the group but Drax the Destroyer and Gamora are in a sense more important because they each have a past with Thanos, The Mad Titan. I feel it should be a stand alone film, it just feels like it would make the most sense.

The Avengers 2

The Avengers 2, as hinted above, should have the storyline basis of The Infinity Gauntlet. It would be an epic way to end Phase 2 and again, it makes the most sense. The Avengers team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy to face Thanos.I know the GotG wasn't in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline but that's why it's the basis of the movie. Whether you like Thanos or not (I do) the storyline was epic and the translation would be even better.

Avengers 3

I feel the cinematic universe should continue on, but not for The Avengers. I feel the perfect, epic ending that The Avengers deserve is the Marvel Civil War. If Avengers two is a big enough success and well recieved by the auidence, also if the marketing for a Civil War movie (final Avengers film) is good, Avengers 3 could be the biggest superhero movie since, well.. The Avengers. Sure they'll have to change certain things for it to work if they don't have the rights to certain characters. But, I feel it could work very well.

These are my opinions and ideas. What are yours? Comment below and be respectful.
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