Phase 3 Part I

and Beyond...

As Phase 2 is about to start we have to think about Phase 3 and what it will bring. The so using the new info we were told about I have made a few predictions and thoughts on how phase 3 and beyond should go.

First of all there are 3 movies i want to be in Phase 3:

Dr. Strange
Black Panther
Planet Hulk

Recently Stan Lee told us that strange and panther would be getting a big screen debute. So let`s start with doc strange.

I did`t know that much about the character and just how awesome he was until the animated movie came out. It was in my opinion the best of marvel`s animated films and it opened my eyes to the possibilities. The movie has been in developement for some time and it fits the tone I think Phase 3 should be. A rumor said that Dr. Strange would have a part to play in Thor: The Dark World. I want to belive it but only time will tell. If this is true it could go like this:

Dr. Strange injured at the end of the movie with a dicease that is powered by dark magic. It would infect his brain and he would not be able to do his research. He would scower the globe trying to find a cure while meanwhile odin`s trophy room was destroyed in tdw and the relics are just floating out in space (that`s how thanos gets the infinity gauntlet) and the eye is found by a group that has been searching for it for years.

But an evil force that has lurked in the brains of humans seeks it. The ancient one says that the eye cannot be guarded unless a new sorcerer is crowned with the task of protecting earth. The ancient one says it must be a human and sends his son to seek out the chosen one.

Strange is chosen and goes on journey to find out a way to give his mind peace and in doing so he learns that the thing that is in his brain was nightmare and battles him and his forces throughout the film.

That will be the main plot of it.

Black panther will be disscussed in part 2 but for now I will talk about the different tones I think phase 3 could have.

there are 3 tones it could be

magic and culture
superhero takeover
and civil war

The magic and culture part of it would be like strange and panther. It would be less dark and gritty than the other tones. Superhero takeover is like this: "the world is filling up with people that can`t be matched or conquered." Nick Fury said something like that in The Avengers. It`s true the mcu keeps expanding and adding supers. By phase 3 there could very well be more than 20 super people in the universe. The world would be no longer a realistic world. There will be more villans too and that would mean there would be more people in danger.

And last and in my opinion least we have the civil war. I don`t really like the idea but it could work. The goverement could be getting angry with S.H.I.E.L.D. and force them to make the supers register.

So that`s it for this part. In part 2 will cover the issue of sequels and and how ant man will fit in. so entil next time my fellow fans. Leave your comments and conserns in the usual place!
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