PHOTO MANIPS: Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Captain America WWII Concepts, Plus Thor!

PHOTO MANIPS: Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, Captain America WWII Concepts, Plus Thor!

Updated Again, Cowl Hawkeye Movie Poster.
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye..4 versions!!(UPDATED with Movie Poster)
Captain America: Red boots and gloves, WWII realistic uniform, and everyones favorite pointy shield...YES THE POINTY SHIELD!!!(Helmet wings all around)
Brad Pitt as Thor, scale armour legs, new cape, helmet.

My feeble attempts at coding have been rectified. Beware...Manips Galore! Click on images for a smaller or larger view...both will be an option. Sorry in advance for the size and possiblity of additional clicking.

Warm-Up Captain America: Just a simple manip done early on when the concept art was released. Face it cap needed wings on the helmet, and who doesn't want to see red boots and gloves. A bigger star was added as well.

Cap Round-One: Captain America's first costume absolutely has to be WWII era. This was a fairly difficult and time consuming manip. I tired to make it as realistic as possible using only items Steve Rogers might find on a WWII army base (1940s football pads, standard issue army sweater, pants, belt, and as a little easter egg the Rocketeer Jacket is the blue half jacket a la Director Joe Johnston), "The A", wing, and star are meant to appear as if Steve painted them on right before battle. Helmet and face guard were fixed to mimic Ultimates V.1 more accurately.

Cap Round-Two: After much demand the pointy shield was finally added. I also threw in some knee guards, and hip holster sling, and a k-bar strapped to his boot.

Thor Round-Three: As stated in the preview the first Thor is as if Brad Pitt portrayed him, the next two (Chris Hemsworth)depict Thor with and without a feather winged helmet. All have been modified to have scale armour legs, front cloth, and a new cape.

Hawkeye Grand-Finale: Hawkeye is by far my favorite Avenger and I believe Renner is perfect for the smart-a$$ archer. Below are 4 manipulations (changes in the face) of Hawkeye as I think he could potentially appear on the Silver Screen. The costuem was inspired by his involvement as a shield agent. I focused on using archer accurate gear and incorporating ques from his original costuem (loin cloth, scale mantle, open sleeve, and crusader esque boots). I really hope you like these, I spent the most time on these and think they really turned out well. (The Ultimate/ Ultimatum verson has a skull-bandana mask, I felt it was more imposing and something Clint might just try and pull off). Enjoy!

Hawkeye Grand-Grand-Finale: Who doesn't want a movie poster?? C'mon...

Hawkeye Grand-Grand-(Grand??)-Finale: Cause I like the Cowl version the best as well...

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