POEM: Ode To A Herald

POEM: Ode To A Herald

On top of writing scripts, I also dabble in a bit of poetry from time to time. Up until recently, I'd never written one based around comics but then I wrote this tribute to the Silver Surfer. Hit the jump to check it out.

Ode To A Herald

Swiftly he soars along the spaceways
Watching, observing, no cosmic evil escapes his gaze.

Born from a heroic mutiny
No starbound villain can escape his scrutiny.

Once trapped on our world, now he is free
Yet he keeps our champions ever in close company.

Once but a man of highly strong morals
Now, he is amidst the most treach'rous of quarrels.

When wars were waged and blood stained the stars
He has fought on, he still bears the scars.

A sentinel of the cosmos he has witnessed it all
Great Celestials and living planets, seen whole empires fall.

Amongst Gods and demons, they call him petty and weak
Amongst mortals and men, they call him odd and a freak.

But onward he strives unerring in his ways
Ne'er shall he stop, till the end of his days.

Call him a God, a hero, whichever you may prefer
He is known to all; as the Silver Surfer.

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