RAWRG Reviews Marvel's The Avengers

RAWRG Reviews Marvel's The Avengers

I just saw The Avengers and I have to give Joss credit. See what I have to say about this awesome assembly! (SPOILERS AHEAD)

I just saw Marvel's The Avengers at 7:00 p.m. and waited in line for about 2 hours and I'm glad to say that it was totally worth the wait! Sure there were some annoying people who couldn't shut up, but I was still able to enjoy the movie.


Let's start with the tunnel chase scene, this was one of my favorite scenes from the movie Cobie was just AMAZING!!! She showed everyone who said she would be a bad Maria Hill!!! I thought it was just awesome how she drove in front of Clint and shot out her window, even though they did manage to escape.

Now for the Helicarrier scene, Black Widow and Hulk were amazing! Mark Ruffalo really was the best Hulk there was. The Hulk vs. Thor scene was awesome too! Hulk tried to pick up the Mjolnir, but he never was able to. Thor and Hulk were good as a team, but I'll get to that.

Coulson's death... :( I shouted his name out when he died and Loki really showed how evil he was in that scene. Coulson's death made me sad, but he really was funny during that scene when he shot Loki.

I want to get straight to the battle scene that everyone was waiting for. You really get to see the Avengers work as a team in this whole scene. Captain America was a great leader, but I also wanted to hear the classic, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE!. Hulk and Thor were hilarious, Hulk tries to give Thor a pat on the back, but he ends up blowing him away! Hulk was badass in this one scene, but I really don't want to spoil it. Iron Man saves New York by bringing the nuke to probably the Chitauri mothership and destroys it therefore killing all the aliens.

The team thinks Tony is dead but Hulk wakes him up. Thor brings Loki back to Asgard by using the Tesseract and the team goes their seperate ways. Maria Hill asks Nick Fury what would happen if this would happen again.

The mid credit scene is The Other played by Alexis Denisof telling Thanos that to challenge them is to court death and Thanos smiles and I nearly pissed my pants.

I stayed through the credits and saw the second after credits scene and its basically the team eating shawarma after the battle.

My rating for The Avengers is 4.5 out of 5 :) Avengers is in theaters NOW!
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