Rebooting the DC Universe: Green Lantern & Firestorm

Rebooting the DC Universe: Green Lantern & Firestorm

Rebooting the DC Universe: Green Lantern & Firestorm

Part 5 is here, in my Rebooting the DC Universe series. In this installment, I'll be rebooting both Green Lantern and Firestorm. In my reboot, the origins of both the Firestorm Matrix and Green Lantern Corps are inner twined, stemming from the same beginnings.

Continuing with my Rebooting the DC Universe article series, this time I'll be revealing my reboot of both Green Lantern and Firestorm. The reason I chose to do these two or millions however you choose to look at it, together is because they're so similar I wanted to have their stories inner twined.

In the beginning there was nothing, the universe was a blank slate of emptiness. No light, no darkness just a void in space and time. Out of the void, a spark ignites which releases a wave of energy throughout the emptiness, filling it with both light and darkness. The first life is brought into the universe known today as "The Entity", the spark which ignited it was "The Matrix". Together the Matrix and the Entity brought more life to the universe as the mother and father of life. The two became one, what we call today "The GOD Particle".

When the universe was formed, the first creature to will itself to move became the embodiment of Will Power known as Ion, and from it all life throughout the universe gained the Will to move. Then came Fear, which was Parallax followed by the Hope of Adara, the Avarice of Ophidian, The Love and obsession of the Predator, the Wrath of the Butcher and the Compassion of Proselyte. Each one became Gods over the universe much like the ancient greek, norse and egyptian Gods of Earth. Civilizations prayed to their own entity, for the Maltusions it was all of them. The civilization which was the oldest in the universe held each entity in equal standing. Eventually, the civilization of the Maltusions split apart into factions who worshiped their own individual entity as well as the The White Entity as their creator. Those who worshiped Ion and it's power of Will became the Oan self proclaimed Guardians of the Universe. Those who worshiped Parallax and it's power over fear became known as the Controllers and so on. Eventually the power of Parallax became to much for the Controllers and they separated into smaller factions and traveled the universe seeking the illusive Grey Entity which was the opposite of Ion and represented the lack of Will Power, the first slave to the universe.

The Guardians of the Universe chose to build an inner galactic police force to defend the universe from the power of the other entities. Like dictators they promoted themselves as the Saviors of the universe, but in reality they had plans of dominating it by taking away all of emotion. Their first police force was the Manhunters who became influenced by the Grey Entity and destroyed an entire sector of the universe. Guardians explained to the people that the reasoning for this was due to a programing flaw. The Manhunters became obs-elite and were reprogrammed to became their robotic slaves and guards of the Science-cells which they used as prisons, rather than their police force. The Guardians then tapped into Ion's green light. The first Guardian to accomplish this was Krona.

Krona was originally the leader of the group of Guardians and designer of the Manhunters. As leader, Krona was placed in charge of capturing Ion in order to obtain it's power. After capturing the entity, he created what is now known as the power gauntlet. Krona became obsessed with power and used the power of the green light to travel back in time to witness the birth of the universe. It was this event which lead to the creation of the multiverse. When the other Guardians discovered what he'd done, they banished him to the Anti-Matter Universe where the grey entity had taken refuge.

After Krona's banishment, the Guardians created a collective among themselves. Telepathically linked to be of one mind and emotionless. Together they created the Green Lantern Corps as their next police force, while also making plans for a third army that would eventually conquer the universe. They used the Green Lantern Corps as goodwill ambassadors throughout the universe to manipulate civilizations into believing that the Guardians only wanted to protect them.

Over time, the Green Lantern Corps became a powerful force in the universe. Originally, only 1 per sector but as the Controllers developed a rival police force known as the Dark Stars, the Guardians realized the need for more lanterns in order to full fill their plans of cosmic domination.

The story of Hal Jordan and the other Earth bound Lanterns is left relatively unchanged with one exception. When Jordan came to the Corps and proved himself as the human lantern, a spark ignited in Ganthet and Sayd. This spark would break their link to the collective, giving them minds of their own and will power. When Carol Ferris became the Zamorans' first Star Sapphire and the emotions that were shared between Hal and Carol were realized by the Guardians, their love for each other was felt entirely by the two Guardians. The emotions between the two became contagious to the telepathic guardians and so Ganthet and Sayd to fell in love with each other.

The two guardians realized the wrong that the Guardian Collective had been planning, and chose to go off on their own secretly building their own force to work along side the Green Lantern Corps and the Star Sapphires in order to protect the universe from the Guardians' conquest. They chose to find Adara and ask her for access to the blue light of hope. The Blue Lanterns were then born and their light increases the power of both the Green Lantern Corps and the Star Sapphires because both Will Power and Love are strongest when there's hope to help them along.

Now let's move backwards a bit. Before the Maltusians split apart into factions, The White Entity foresaw the Maltusians eventual war over the power of the entity gods and created a home around itself to where it could remain unnoticed until the time came for it to reveal itself. The home it created was Earth, the planet which gave birth to all emotion and power. The Matrix remained with the White Entity as it's protector, in order to keep it's power from falling into the hands of the Maltusians.

Eventually, The Matrix found 3 humans to give it's power to. The 3 who were pre-destined long before they were born to become Firestorm. The first to receive the power of the Matrix was Prof. Martin Stein. Stein received the power when he discovered the GOD particle in his laboratory. Five years later, College student Ronny Raymond was transformed into Firestorm when he found his way into a nuclear test sight. Martin Stein as Firestorm attempted to save the young student before a blast was set off. However, the blast activated the Matrix within Raymond and he to became transformed into Firestorm. High school student, Jason Rusch would become Firestorm when during an accident near a Nuclear Power facility caused a meltdown and the radiation leaked activated his dormant matrix. Each of the 3 Firestorms only had access to a small portion of the Matrix's power, but could merge together to create The Fury, which had total access to the power of the Matrix.

Any time a Firestorm transforms near a user of the emotional spectrum such as a Green Lantern, the two merge to become Lantern Storm, an entity who's power exceeds that of The Fury and Ion. The Lantern Storm has full access of both the Matrix and unlimited access to the Green Central Battery. When the 3 Firestorms fuse with all of the Green Lanterns of Earth as well as the Earth bound Star Sapphire, a magnetic pulse from their combined power is cast out through the universe in a single second which pulls the 7 entities Ion, Adara, Predator, Parallax, Ophidian, The Butcher, and Proselyte into the being to create a new entity which has the power to awaken the White Entity from it's slumber.

The Grey Entity is used by Krona to create an Anti-Lantern Corps. Krona uses it to release himself from the Anti-Matter Universe and manipulates a small faction of Controllers into creating the first wave of this Anti-Lantern Corps known as the Anti-Green Lanterns. The power of the Grey Entity overloaded those who were chosen to be AGLs and they eventually exploded during battle. Krona realized the reason for this was because the chosen had access to some emotion or will power and were not true slaves. He used the power to take control of the Manhunters who as robots lacked emotion and will power. He sent the Manhunters out as his second army to battle the Green Lanterns and the Guardians who banished Krona. Eventually, when Sinestro created his Sinestro Corps, Krona would send the Manhunters to assist the Sinestro Corps secretly as worrier batteries for the corps. Krona would even use them to manipulate the Cyborg Superman.

In present time, Krona secretly works behind the scenes continuing to control the Manhunters. He faked his death at the hands of Hal Jordan and is working on a new Anti-Lantern Corps beginning with the newly reborn Alexander Nero and Joe Gardner (the clone of Guy). Krona collected their remains when he had control over OA and used them to create new bodies for them. Once the bodies were re-established, Nekron released their souls from the realm of the dead after a deal he struck with Krona. The souls were filled with death and thus emotionless, they had been enslaved by Nekron for what seemed like an eternity and so their will power was completely drained. When they were resurrected, they were emotional zombies for Krona to give Anti- Lantern rings too.

When the Black Lanterns invaded the universe, and Death Storm was forged out of the Firestorm Matrix when it became infected, a new Matrix was forged. The Deathstorm Matrix grew and became self sustaining. Using the black ring of Nekron it created a body for itself and became the complete opposite of the Lantern Storm. Where Lantern Storm could awaken the White entity, Deathstorm could open the gateway to release Nekron and the Black Lanterns upon the world. The ring which created Deathstorm was the ring which Black Hand forged using the skull of the clone of Batman.

Krona's plans are now coming full circle and will soon be realized after the Guardians unleash The Third Army.
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