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Follow the beginning days of the X-Men in my fancast for 3 X-Men movies. This includes a fan cast and a plot synopsis for each film.

The X-Men are a team of mutant superheroes in the Marvel Universe. They were created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby, and first appeared in The X-Men #1 (September 1963). The basic concept of the X-Men is that under a cloud of increasing anti-mutant sentiment, Professor Xavier created a haven at his Westchester mansion to train young mutants to use their powers for the benefit of humanity, and to prove mutants can be heroes. Xavier recruited Cyclops, Iceman, Angel, Beast, and Marvel Girl, calling them "X-Men" because they possess special powers due to their possession of the "X-gene," a gene which normal humans lack and which gives mutants their abilities. Early on, however, the "X" in X-Men stood for "extra" power which normal humans lacked.

20th Century Fox obtained the film rights to the characters in 1994, and after numerous drafts, Bryan Singer was hired to direct X-Men (2000) and its sequel, X2 (2003). Singer left potential third and fourth films to direct Superman Returns, leaving Brett Ratner to direct X-Men: The Last Stand (2006). Critics praised Singer's films for their dark, realistic tone and subtexts dealing with discrimination and intolerance, while Ratner's film was met with mixed reviews.
After each film earned higher grosses than its predecessor, prequel films were released, starting with X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009). Directed by Gavin Hood, the film focuses on Wolverine's origin story. It was followed by X-Men: First Class (2011). Directed by Matthew Vaughn, the film focuses on the origins of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.
The film series is set to continue with The Wolverine (2013), a spin-off directed by James Mangold about Wolverine after the events of The Last Stand, and X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014), a dual sequel to both The Last Stand and First Class, with Singer returning as director.

The X-Men Film series has mixed reviews from comic book fans. Some people (like myself) like the Bryan Singer films and X-Men Frist Class, but not Origins of Last Stand. Some only like the singer films. Some only like First Class. Some people (but very few people) might like all of the X-Men films. I for one am excited for The Wolverine and Days of Future Past. The point of this article is to show you my ideas for an X-Men series and how this new series could be introduced simply and clearly.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I really don’t know exactly how this will go down. The synopsis (which can be seen here) is confusing and not thorough. All I need to say about this film is that the time traveling needs to result in the creation of an alternate timeline. This Alternate timeline will NOT be related to X-Men First Class. Trying to make an alternate timeline related to a movie that’s supposed to be in the first timeline would just confuse a lot of people. This Alternate timeline will be entirely new.

The X-Men

This would be the first movie in the new rebooted X-Men franchise. This would feature the ACTUAL first class. Magneto would be a good guy and Prof X. would not be in a wheel chair.
Plot: Charles Xavier and Erik Leshnerr. Two close friends with slightly separate ideas on humanity. They are both mutants. Too show the human world they aren't a threat they try to stop a terrorist organization in Africa lead by none other than Amahl Farouk a.k.a the Shadow King, another very powerful mutant. They can't do it alone. They assemble a team of young mutants to stop the Shadow King. The team consists of Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Hank McCoy, Warren Worthington III and Bobby Drake. When they get to Africa, they have to face creatures, soldiers and other mutants. Shadow King is under control of one of the most powerful mutants in Africa, Ororo Munroe. The mutants first attempt to fight her, but they eventually try to recruit her to their team. She is under the mind control of Shadow King. Can the X-Men stop Shadow King and free all of his minions from his spell?

After Credits Scene:
A Teenage boy sits in the living room of his house watching TV with his legs kicked up on the coffee table. Opposite of him is a girl sitting on a recliner reading a book. Magneto gets out of the car and walks past the mailbox. We zoom in on the mail box which reads Maximoff

Jason Isaacs (Age 50, 5’11, Awake, Case Histories): He would make an awesome Prof. X. He has the sophistication, the presence, and the look that Prof. X would need. I wanted to go for a younger Prof. X, but not someone too young.

Mark Strong (Age 49, 6’2, Zero Dark Thirty, Green Lantern): Mark Strong would make for an excellent Erik Leshnerr/Magneto. He could portray the good version and the bad version very well. I also went for a younger Magneto as well.

Chace Crawford (Age 28, 6’0, Gossip Girl, What to Expect When Your Expecting): Crawford has the right look and feel that Cyclops needs to have. Cyclops would be the type of guy whose always serious and doesn’t loosen up. He is the polar opposite of Bobby (Iceman).

Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Age 28, 5’8, Scott Pilgrim, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter): She is a talented actress that would make a great Jean Grey. She can play a strong character which is an aspect of Jean Grey that needs to be shown.

Daniel Radcliffe (Age 23, 5’5, Harry Potter Series, Lady in Black): I think he would make an awesome Beast. He could play the nerdy yet athletic person that Beast is. The only problem is that he is 5’5 and Beast is supposed to be big. With the magic of film it won’t be hard to make him tall though.

Alex Pettyfer (Age 23, 5’11, Beastly, I Am Number Four): Alex would be awesome in the role of Angel. He is a great actor and looks the part as well. Angel would be kind of cocky and arrogant and is the stereotypical pretty boy.

Kelly Blatz (Age 26, 5’11, Aaron Stone, Prom Night): Kelly Blatz could easily play this role. Bobby is the jokester of the group and takes almost nothing seriously and Blatz could play that role well.

Zoe Saldana (Age 35, 5’7, J. J. Abrams Star Trek films, Columbiana): Zoe Saldana was born to play this role. She would be so good as Storm. She also could sound like Storm, something that Halle Berry didn’t do. This is shown in Avatar (James Cameron, not the Nick show or M. Night however you spell his last name film). Storm would start off bad, but end up joining the X-Men at the end

Kevin Michael Richardson (Age 48, 6’0, Wolverine and the X-Men (as Shadow King, Every cartoon you can think of between 1992 and now): He did awesome in the role on Wolverine and the X-Men and resembles the human host of Shadow King. The actual form of Shadow King would be CG.

X-Men: Brotherhood

It has been 5 years since the event in the first film. Despite the success of their mission, the X-Men were not recognized for their deeds, and the U.S government said it was a black ops team that did it. Charles Xavier realizes this and calms his young mutant students down from their outrage. His best friend Erik Leshnerr could not be calmed. He felt that the Mutants had to be the dominant species and when Xavier doesn’t agree with him Magneto leaves and isn’t seen. In the 6 years Xavier has built a school out of his family mansion and the school’s students are all mutants, along with their teachers. The original X-Men (Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Angel, Storm and Beast) still go on missions when needed, but now work for the school. In downtown Manhattan, a mutant supposedly randomly attacked a group of police officers. As they took him to jail a group of mutant hi jacked the car and let him free. Professor X sends Cyclops and Beast to recruit this mutant to the school. The mutant agrees. When the mutant gets to the school Prof. X asks him about what happened. The mutant says that the officers started to attack him and he fought back and one, but the media said that I had started the fight because I’m a mutant. To confirm that he is telling the truth Prof X. reads his mind. The mutant is telling the truth. Prof. X asks him his name and the mutant replies “Logan”.
Prof. X lets Logan stay at the school even though he isn’t a student. Logan agrees and stays there. The next week the mutants make the news again. Recently there has been a series of vandalism across NYC. They all are graffiti and read in red letters Brotherhood of Mutants. The police catch a mutant in the act and that mutant fights back at the police almost killing them, but he leaves them alive. Prof. X gets suspicious and calls his old friend Erik to “see how he’s been”. Erik comes out and asks if he had seen him on the news. Erik says that he is the leader of the Brotherhood and they will be publicly making their appearance at the anti-mutant rally. Before Prof. X could tell him to stop, Erik hangs up the phone. Prof. X sends the original X-Men along with Logan and two students Kitty Pryde and Anna Marie to the anti-mutant rally the next day. Kitty and Anna go on the mission so they can see a good example of using their abilities offensively, since they both aren’t offensive at all.
They get to the rally and all seems calm until shots are fired. The crowd panics and the X-Men prepare for battle. The ground shakes franticly as a mutant named Juggernaut charges for the stage where Senator Kelly stands. Beast (who was hiding, because his appearance couldn’t be hidden since he is now blue and hairy) jumps in Juggernauts pat hand tackles him. The rest of the brotherhoods reveal themselves (except Magneto) and a battle starts. Cyclops battles Quicksilver, Marvel Girl fights Scarlet Witch, Beast fights Juggernaut, Blob chases Kitty, Anna fights Toad, Iceman fights Pyro, Angel fights Domino, Storm fights Mystique and Wolverine fights Sabertooth. While this battle goes on Senator Kelly is captured by Magneto. The brotherhood hears the news through their earpieces and retreat. The X-Men return to the school.
The X-Men and the Brotherhood are tied for Public Enemy #1. Within a week the Mutant Registration Act is passed. This bill makes it mandatory for Mutants to be registered; if they do not register they would be sent to a maximum security prison. Within the next year a new law enforcement department had been created. The MRD (Mutant Response Division) hunt down unregistered mutants. They give the captured mutants the option of registering, if they don’t except that offer they’re put in prison. The MRD is led by Colonel William Stryker. For the most of the movie there are a series of battles between the MRD and the Brotherhood, The MRD and the X-Men and the X-Men and the Brotherhood. the final battle is the Brotherhood, the X-Men and the MRD all fighting each other at the MRD maximum security prison. The X-Men win the battle, the brotherhood are incarcerated except Quicksilver, Magneto, Scarlet Witch and Mystique who is nowhere to be found.

After Credits Scene: William Stryker and Senator Kelly meet with Bolivar Trask. Trask is the weapons provider for the MRD. He shows them a few things he has been working on then finally they come to a huge room. In front of them is a 2 story high robot. Trask calls it the Sentinel.

Reprising Roles:
Jason Isaacs as Prof. X
Mark Strong as Magneto
Zoe Saldana as Storm

New Roles:

Ian Somerhalder (Age: 34, 5’10, Vampire Diaries, Lost): Somerhalder is a great actor and could definitely play a great Cyclops. Cyclops is a leader who takes everything seriously and needs to loosen up. I think Somerhalder could easily play that type of Role.

Rachel Nichols (Age 33, 5’10, Alex Cross, Criminal Minds): Nichols is a beautiful talented actress who fits the role very well. She can play strong characters and that’s who Jean Grey needs to be.

Karl Urban (Age 41, 6’1, J. J. Abrams Star Trek series, Dredd): Karl Urban would make an excellent Beast. He can play a nerdy character and a badass character, and Beast is both of those things. Beast would be motion captured.

Justin Hartley (Age 36, 6’3, Smallville, Emily Owen M.D): Hartley would make a great Angel. The same type of character he played in Smallville would be ideal for Angel.

Jake Gyllenhaal (Age 32, 6’0, Source Code, End of watch): Jake Gyllenhaal would make an awesome Iceman. He’s now more serious, but still is a source for comedic relief. Jake Gyllenhaal is good at playing those kind of characters.

Tom Hardy (Age 35, 5’9, Warrior, Bronson): Tom Hardy is the perfect choice for Wolverine. He would own the role! He can have the scruffy rough Look that Wolvie has, can act his ass off, and would be a badass with claws. One controversial thing about Wolverine in movies is his suit from the comics. A lot of people say it doesn’t work. I’m here to prove you wrong. Go here to see an amazing video of the Wolverine fighting Batman that is live action and tell me the suit doesn’t look awesome. You can also go here to see a yellow and black live action version of the suit for an upcoming video made by the same people who did the video in the link before. Both of these suits are made by a company that does fan films so a big-budget Hollywood film can do this just as well, if not even better.

Anna Kendrick (Age 27, 5’2, End of Watch, Pitch Perfect): Anna Kendrick is a talented actress who is also hot as hell! She could definitely play Rogue. She can play a rebellious loner type girl. I want Rogue to start off like that. Her only friend being Wolverine (they didn’t come together like in X-Men 2000, but they’re friends)

Dianna Agron (Age 27, 5’6, I Am Number Four, Glee): Dianna Agron could play Kitty well. Kitty isn’t a rebel like Rogue, but she’s willing to take risk. She’s a strong willed woman, but her only insecurity is her power and she feels that compared to other mutants she’s weak. Dianna could easily play this role.

Aaron Taylor Johnson (Age 23, 5’11, Kick-Ass 1 & 2, Godzilla (2014)): ATJ would make an awesome Quicksilver. He’s talented and has the look down. Quicksilver will be like his representation as seen in Wolverine and the X-Men.

Emma Watson (Age 23, 5’5, Harry Potter Series, The Perk of Being a Wallflower): Emma Watson would be an excellent Scarlet Witch. She has this sophistication that Scarlet Witchshould have and she is pretty.

Joe Manganiello (Age: 36, 6’5, True Blood, Magic Mike): He would make an excellent Sabertooth. He’s tall, he’s ripped and he is badass. I’ll let these videos take it away

Kevin Durand (Age: 39, 6’6, Resident Evil: Retribution, Real Steel): Kevin Durand would make an excellent Juggernaut. He’s built, tall and a badass. Yes he was in Origins, but who cares.

Jamie Bell (Age: 27, 5’7, Man on a Ledge, The Eagle): Fans want him for different roles, but I think in this one he’d be able to showcase his skill as an actor and embrace the chaos Toad brings to wherever he is.

Jake Abel (Age: 5, 6’1, I Am Number Four, The Host): Jake Abel could play Pyro very well. Pyro would be the jerky, bad boy type and would do what he wanted to do instead of hat he was told to do.

Mila Jovovich (Age: 7, 5’9, Resident Evil Series, The Fifth Element): Jovovich would make an excellent Mystique. She’s sexy, and has this presence that just screams Mystique to me.

Rooney Mara (Age: 28, 5’3, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Side Effects): Rooney Mara would be awesome in this role. She has the mysterious feel to her that I want Domino to have. She also has this gothic quality that fits Domino.

Ethan Suplee (Age 37, 6’1, My Name is Earl, American History X): Yes I know that Suplee is not overweight anymore, but he can gain it back. If he’s not willing to then CGI or a fat suit could help him out. Whatever they did to Blob in Origins double it.

Dennis Quaid (Age: 59, 6’0, Vegas, At Any Price): He would be an awesome William Stryker. He has the attitude and the acting ability to do so. He can also play someone determined in their cause and who fights for his opinions as seen in Footloose.

Gary Oldman (Age: 55, 5’10, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy): Gary Oldman just came to my brain. His name popped in my brain when I was trying to cast Senator Kelly. I just believe that he can play this role very well

Paul Blackthorne (Age: 44, 6’4, Arrow, The Dresdend Files): Blackthorne just seems like he could play this role. He can play a character determined to stop the mutants, like on arrow he is determined to stop Green Arrow.

This movie takes a slightly different approach on the storyline, but not as drastic as Last Stand. Here it goes
It’s been 3 years since the events of the last Film. At the end of the film Senator Kelly escaped during the battle between the MRD, The Brotherhood and the X-Men. Since then giant robots called Sentinels have been hunting unregistered mutants along with the MRD. Senator Kelly ran for president and won the year after the events of the second film. One of his first was to make a space where the mutants could live in peace amongst other mutants as long as they were registered and didn’t cause any harm. He called this place Genosha. Many Mutants went to Genosha, even some of Xavier’s students, but most of them stayed loyal. Xavier made it mandatory that all of his students were registered and he said that the X-Men would no longer go on missions and President Kelly let them live in peace. The sentinels were taken offline.
Magneto is the ruler of Genosha. He has “gotten rid of his evil past” and decided to live a life of peace. The members of his Brotherhood were all freed and could live in peace on Genosha. Everything was looking good for the mutants.
One day the X-Men wake up and Jean had disappeared. The surveillance camera’s had been hacked into and they had no footage of what happened. Wolverine uses his senses to track where jean went. Her trail stops outside the gates of the school. Wolverine concludes that whoever took her left by air. The X-Men continue to do what they can to find Jean.
Back on Genosha Scarlet Witch lives a normal life with her Father and her brother. One day Magneto and Quicksilver bring her to a secret underground bunker on Genosha. They show her that they have Senator Kelly in prison. They tell her that President Kelly is really Mystique. She is outraged. She truly believed that her Father had stopped his evil acts. Magneto says that he was never evil in his eyes. Magneto tells her that his plan is to Make the sentinels attack Genosha to start a war between the Mutants and the Humans. He starts this war so that eventually the Mutants can win and they will be in control. Since he controls both sides it’s inevitable that they would win. Scarlet Witch leaves. She then sends a message to Beast telling him that the Sentinels would be attacking Genosha. Beast gathers the X-Men and tells them the news. The X-Men head off for Genosha.
At Bolivar Trask’s laboratory Senator Kelly tells him to put the Sentinels back on line. Trask refuses. Kelly takes out a gun points it at Trask and tells him to put them online. He then reveals himself to be Mystique. MRD agents who work as Trask’s bodyguards attack Mystique, but she takes them all down easily. Trask puts them online and they set a course for Genosha. The X-Men run into the Sentinels on the way to Genosha and the Sentinels shoot them out of the sky. The X-Men land on a small island off the coast of California. They call for the X-Men at the school, but they don’t get a response.
At the school there is an attack from Magneto’s Mutants. Magneto knew that Scarlet Witch would tell the X-Men their plan and new that the X-Men would be gone. The student Mutants try to fight back, but are overwhelmed. The mutants practically destroy the school and they take Prof. X with them.
Meanwhile at an unknown location Jean wakes up on a table. She is in the center of a big room. There are pillars to her left, right, in front of her and behind her. Between each pillar are torches. Out of the shadows steps a girl with Blonde hair. She is wearing a white dress. Her name is Emma Frost. She tells Jean that inside of her is a creature very powerful. She calls it the Phoenix. She says that the Phoenix force has been in her since she was born and that it grows as she does and once it reaches maturity it takes over its host and causes much destruction. It has planted itself in telepathic mutants since mutants first appeared on earth. Out of the shadows step more people. She says that they are the hellfire club and that their mission is to find the Phoenix force and to stop it before it causes any trouble.
On Genosha Magneto announces his plans to the mutants. They all agree to his plans. The sentinels land on Genosha. They destroy certain parts. The sentinels then stand in place and the mutants destroy them. It creates the illusion that Genosha was actually attacked. President Kelly calls a press conference. He says that Magneto had sent numerous threats to him and his only choice was to attack the mutants. He says that the mutants and the humans are at War.
The mutants from Genosha sent to the school return to Genosha with Xavier. They hook him up to a machine similar to Cerebro. The machine shows a #D holographic projection of the world and gold dots appear where mutants are. They use this to recruit Mutants across the world for the war. They find the X-Men on the island. Magneto sees this as an opportunity to recruit them. He sends Quicksilver, Pyro and Domino to the island to bring them to Genosha.
They take Xavier off of the machine. Xavier tries to get a mental connection with Wolverine. He talks to Wolverine on the astral plane. Xavier tells Wolverine what they had done to the school. He tells Wolverine to not tell anyone and that he would tell the rest of the X-Men. Xavier tells them. Once they land on Genosha Magneto greets them. He tells them that he knows that they know Magneto’s plan. Magneto tries to recruit them. They refuse. Magneto welcomes them to stay for the night. The X-Men tired and wounded say yes.
Back the Hellfire club Jean tries to piece together the situation. Emma tells her that she has to break the barriers keeping the Phoenix in and she has to let it free. Since the Phoenix needs a host they believe that if it is set loose into the atmosphere it will disappear. Jean says she won’t do it unless she speaks to Xavier. Emma Stone knocks her out telepathically and puts her on the table she was on earlier. Emma tells the rest of the Hellfire club that she has to break the barriers herself. Emma enters the astral plane with Jean. Emma disguises herself as Xavier and tells Jean that she has to open the barriers are bad things will happen. As she opens them she hears Xavier’s voice telling her to stop. The Xavier on the astral plane with her tells her to continue. She realizes that Emma is proposing as Xavier and she knocks Emma out of the plane. Emma comes back to reality. She tells the hellfire club what was happening. They hold her down and Emma says that she has to go and stop Xavier from sending her the message so that the process can proceed. Sebastian Shaw tells her to go and says that all five of them will try to get her to break the barrier so they can contain the Phoenix. Emma says that they were supposed to destroy it. Shaw says that if he can control the Phoenix he will have all power. Emma says that he can’t control the phoenix. Sebastian commands her to go stop Xavier or she will be the first to be killed by the Phoenix once he controls it. Emma telepathically finds the location of Xavier and goes off to find him.
AS the X-Men sleep Xavier comes in to contact with Wolverine. He tells him his location. Wolverine sneaks out and finds Xavier. When Wolverine gets their Xavier, The X-Men and Emma Frost are there to greet him. Emma tells the X-Men about Shaw’s plan to control the Phoenix. Emma admits to being the one that took Jean. Cyclops and Wolverine both are angered at this. Xavier tells them to calm down. She says that now that she sees Shaw’s real intentions she wants to stop him. Magneto and the Brotherhood come down and try to see what’s happening. Emma tells them and asks if they would join them. Scarlet Witch joins, but the others don’t. The X-Men prepare to leave for the Hellfire Club.
Meanwhile at the hellfire club Emma’s Cuckoos are trying to open the barrier containing Phoenix in Jean’s mind. They successfully open the barrier. All of the cuckoo’s eyes fill with fire. Fire comes out of their eyes and wraps around their bodies. The phoenix has consumed the cuckoos and has been released from Jean. Shaw commands the Phoenix to burn Genosha to the ground to end the conflict between humans and Mutants. Phoenix gets to Genosha. The Phoenix destroys everything and everyone in its path. The mutants on Genosha all fight against it. The X-Men along with Emma go to the Hellfire club to get Jean so that the Phoenix could be contained again. Once they get there The Hellfire Club fight the X-Men. The X-Men are losing, but Jean wakes up. She sends a huge psionic blast at each one of the Hellfire club members knocking them all out. She leaves with the X-Men and Emma.
They reach Genosha and most of the mutants are dead or have passed out from using their powers too much. When Jean steps out of the plane the phoenix automatically leaves the cuckoos and enters Jean. Jeans body is surrounded in a shroud of fire. She rises up in the air and there is a huge flash. Then in her place is the phoenix with her inside. Phoenix gives a whole speech about how Jean Grey is gone and how Phoenix will destroy the X-Men since they are in the way of its plans.
Phoenix sends a blast at them sending them all flying backwards. Storm fires lightning at her, but it does nothing. Cyclops laser do nothing either. Wolverine runs for the phoenix as he gets closer his suit starts tearing and his skin. He retreats as his skin and hair grows back. Iceman tries to extinguish Phoenix’s fire with his ice, but the ice melts before it could even reach Phoenix. Scarlet witch tries firing blast her, but that does nothing as well. Phoenix continues to destroy Genosha. Xavier tries to mentally part Phoenix and Jean, Phoenix blocks Xavier out. Jean tries to fight Phoenix off. Jean tells Cyclops to kill her. Cyclops refuses. Jean says to hurry and do it. Jean lowers Phoenix’s defenses for just enough time for Cyclops to kill her. Cyclops sends the most powerful blast he can at Jean. Jean falls to the ground. The Phoenix comes out of Phoenix and shoots up into the sky. As it gets higher it starts to disintegrate into nothing. Cyclops goes over to Jean picks her up and screams. He shoots a huge laser blast into the sky.
The next day they burry her. Jean’s parents show up and say that they never should’ve left her with Xavier. Genosha is now covered with tombstones for all of the mutants that died. Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver leave. The X-Men leave as well. There is a sequence of a number of mutants from Genosha taking refuge to Mutant Town, an area of New York closed off for Mutants to live. Emma Frost asks Professor Xavier if she can stay with the X-Men. Some X-Men trust her, some don’t. Finally there is a shot of the school being rebuilt on the same island that the X-Men had crash landed on earlier in the film.

After Credits Scene: The screen is black. You hear a woman screaming then the cries of a baby. You then see a 19th century man holding a baby in his bedroom. He gives it to its mother. He asks “What are we going to name him?” he asks “Nathaniel” she answers. We zoom out of the house. Across the road from the house is a man wearing a long dark cloak. The shadow from the cloak’s hood covers most of his face, but you can see the area right below his nose. His skin is grey and his lips are blue. He smiles…

Recurring Roles:
All the characters from the past movie that are in this reprise their roles.

New Roles:

Charlize Theron (Age 37, 5’10, Snow White and the Huntsman, Prometheus): Charlize Theron would be amazing as Emma Frost. She is beautiful and a great actress who can play good and evil very well.

Clancy Brown (Age: 54, 6’4, The Shawshank Redemption, Highlander): Clancy Brown is older than Sebastian Shaw appears (key word appears), but Clancy Brown would make an amazing Sebastian Shaw. He has such a commanding and powerful voice and presence that fits Shaw. His role as Lex Luthor on Superman: TAS is really what convinced me to choose him.

Kate Beckinsale (Age: 9, 5’7, Underworld Series, Van Helsing): I got this idea from fellow CBM member MrSuperheromoviefan, this is an awesome choice. Beckinsale would be a great Selene. In case you confused Beckinsale is on the right.

Armie Hammer (Age: 26, 6’5, Lone Ranger, The Social Network): Yes Armie Hammer is getting a bad rep after lone rangers, but he still would make a great Colossus.

Jason Momoa (Age: 33, 6’4, Conan The Barbarian (2011), Game of Thrones): Jason Momoa would bring the bad-assness to Thunderbird that he deserves. Jason Momoa would own this role and is of Native American descent.

Elijah Wood (Age: 32, 5’6 , Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Maniac): Elijah Wood is a great actor and fits Nightcrawler very well.

So that’s it. Comment your thoughts and give me feedback. If you want to see another fan cast for a second trilogy that is the follow up to this tell me. If I get a lot of good feedback then I’ll definitely do it, but I just want to know if people who read this will read part 2. See ya !!!
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