Results for World's Greatest Super Villain and Lantern Storm redesigns Spider-Man

Results for World's Greatest Super Villain and Lantern Storm redesigns Spider-Man

The Results are in! Who was named the World's Greatest Super Villain, by fans? Also a mini showcase from my own gallery of comic book character redesigns.

The Results are in for The World's Greatest Super Villain competition! I truly thought Zod was gonna force the other 2 to KNEEL, but sadly this wasn't the case.

The Immortal Vandal Savage obtained 4 votes in the poll.
Zod came in second with 7 votes.
Darkseid decimated them both with a staggering 30 votes, to be named THE WORLD'S GREATEST SUPER VILLAIN!

And now for your viewing pleasure, I present to you my redesign of The Amazing Spider-Man. I didn't draw it, but I did do all of the color and redesign digitally. I wanted this classic hero to have a more modern updated appearance. I decided to combine different elements from each incarnation of Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider that I liked the most to create something new and cool looking. But I also wanted to try and stay as true to the original design of the Wall crawler as possible. I made his boots higher with built in knee pads, the mask itself I wanted to look like a cross between a mask and helmet. The lenses in his mask are more like built in goggles that give him night vision as well as tinted daylight vision (so as to remove the use of the Spidey-light when in a sewer or what not). I wanted wrist bands which can store his spare web cartridges but at the same time just look like a design in his costume, so that villains wouldn't immediately try to take them out. I really liked the gloves that Ben Reilly used during his time as spider-man, but chose to put the webs on all fingers rather than just 3. To me, a design like this would draw my attention back to Spider-man comics.

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