Robert Garlen Cast: George Miller's 2009 Justice League Mortal

Robert Garlen Cast: George Miller's 2009 Justice League Mortal

My Take on the Once planned Justice League Mortal, film that would have brought DC's most notable super heroes together for the first time on the silver screen live action style

(First off I would like to note that the information used for the character bios is all rumored and is not confirmed information, The only reason there is a set cast is because there were people officially cast in the roles. Second when I cast these scripts, I try to stick to the spirit of the script and it's characterizations, not the spirit of the comic book characters. I am attempting My hand to cast someone else's vision so this is mainly my own ides inducted into someone's ideas. So when critiquing this cast I hope you take into account I'm not casting YOUR Justice League Mortal, or DC'S Justice League Mortal, I'm casting GEORGE MILLER'S Justice League Mortal, while largely betraying the official cast due to poor taste. This is me acting as George Millers Casting Director had this happened in 2009. If you have a choice of your own for any character Please DO NOT post it as comment on this cast, but create a cast of your own so the world might see it properly displayed and not Displayed as a secondary comment on my cast. Each person's cast deserves it's own viewing, not someone else's.)

Composer: A film score (also sometimes called background music or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film. The score forms part of the film's soundtrack, which also usually includes dialogue and sound effects, and comprises a number of orchestral, instrumental or choral pieces called cues which are timed to begin and end at specific points during the film in order to enhance the dramatic narrative and the emotional impact of the scene in question. Scores are written by one or more composers, under the guidance of the film's director and/or producer, and are then usually performed by an ensemble of musicians – most often comprising an orchestra or band, instrumental soloists, and choir or vocalists – and recorded by a sound engineer.

Thomas Newman (Notable Works: American Beauty, Cinderella Man, Jarhead): A Great and notable composer, who has created dynamic themes that inspire and delve into the heart and themes of what films he is composing.

Director: Director: Directors are responsible for overseeing creative aspects of a film under the overall control of the film producer. They often develop the vision for a film and carry out the vision, deciding how the film should look, in other words they make their vision come to life. They are responsible for turning the script into a sequence of shots. They also direct what tone it should have and what an audience should gain from the cinematic experience. Film directors are responsible for deciding camera angles, lens effects and lighting with the help of the cinematographer and set design with the production designer. They will often take part in hiring the cast and key crew members. They coordinate the actors' moves, or blocking and also may be involved in the writing, financing and editing of a film.

George Miller (Notable Works: Mad Max, Lorenzo's Oil, Happy Feet): George Miller is a legendary director. He made a post apocolyptic anti-hero/Police Officer a cultural Icon and gave Mel Gibson a huge boost in his career. Originally hearing him being signed onto direct Justice League Mortal I was enthusiastic, While I didn't like his cast I thought he would have proven me wrong and did a smashing job.

Screenwriter: Screenwriters are responsible for researching the story, developing the narrative, writing the screenplay, and delivering it, in the required format, to Development Executives. Screenwriters therefore have great influence over the creative direction and emotional impact of the screenplay and, arguably, of the finished film. They either pitch original ideas to Producers in the hope that they will be optioned or sold, or screenwriters are commissioned by a producer to create a screenplay from a concept, true story, existing screen work or literary work, such as a novel, poem, play, comic book or short story.

Kieren and Michele Mulroney (Notable Works: Sunny and Share Love You, Paper Man, Justice League Mortal): Since they were officially hired, this was my last officially used choice that I was going to go with, just out of respect for them having actually pitched a script that almost got made, Something i can really respect and made a basic story that could have been a great script for all we know.

Clark Kent/Superman (Height: 6' 3", Age: 30's): Earth's greatest protector, He is mild mannered Clark Kent who, when trouble occurs, changes into Superman who battles for the forces of Truth and Justice. He is the most influential of the Justice League, often being seen as their Leader. {Note: Not Intended to be the same Superman from Superman Returns}.

Alexander Skarsgard (Height: 6' 4", Age: 33 {As of 2009} Notable Works: The Last Drop, Kill Your Darlings, True Blood {Series Regular}): I know that he's famously used for Thor. I get why, and It was a small factor in me actually casting him as Superman. I think He is a really good actor, I may not want to see him as Thor, but that doesn't mean I can't see him as Thor. I think he could very well play a interesting and through provoking Superman especially if it's not the same Superman From the Singer/Donner Films.

Bruce Wayne/Batman (Height: 6' 2", Age: 30's): Billionare Playboy by day, The Dark Knight Detective by Night. Batman stands as the most shady and intelligent member of the Justice League, having built the Brother Eye Satellite to monitor Each of Earth's heroes and factoring such key notes about them, including Secret Identities. {Note: Not Intended to be the Same Batman from the Nolan films}.

Colin Farrell (Height: 5' 10", Age: 33 {As of 2009} Notable Works: Minority Report, Phone Booth, The Recruit): I am a fan of Colin Farrell I think he is a really good actor, I think he could have given a Batman that was as comic book friendly but also different from Nolan's Batman. Now I am going off the original basis that this is supposed to be it's own story, and not apart of Nolan's story. I wanted to cast someone who probably could have been Batman at this time and who could have been just as good as Bale and just as accepted by the comic book community.

Wonder Woman (Height: 6' Age: 20's-30's): Princes of Themyscara, living in New York as Diana Prince she is also one of Earth's many Protectors Wonder Woman. A slight romance between Wonder Woman is hinted at.

Alexa Davalos (Height: 5' 8", Age: 27 {As of 2009} Notable Works: Angel {T.V. Series Seasons 2002-2003 Episodes: Ground State, Long Day's Running, Players}, The Chronicles of Riddick, Defiance): I have wanted Alexa as Wonder Woman since i first got interested in the character. I Like Alexa as an actress I see her as having a lot of the stronger features that makes her a great choice for Wonder Woman. As far as films are concerned i think she would be perfect shes currently a young 30-31 so she's young enough to franchise for about 6 movies so you can do 3 Wonder Woman and 3 Justice League. I cast her as this Wonder Woman because I think she feels as young as I could imagine the character being.

Barry Allen/The Flash (Height: 6', Age: 40's): Police Forensics Examiner dating the beautiful Iris West, have a strong friendship with her nephew Wally, Barry is the Super hero known as the Flash.

David Boreanez (Height: 6' 1", Age: 40 {As of 2009} Notable Works: Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel {T.V. Series Supporting/Lead Characters}, Bones {T.V. Series Regular Supporting}, Mr. Fix it): I chose David because of how well his character is portrayed in Bones, and because he was at 40, so he had the feeling of an character with a long stand establishment, but could still do physical movements. As an actor I think he could bleach his hair and just step into the role and really play. Not to mention it's always good to bring an actor who has a cult following behind him.

Wally West/The Flash (Height: 6', Age: Teen's-20's): Barry's Unofficial Nephew in law, whom Barry is grooming to be the Flash once Barry retires. But after the Nanobot attack Barry goes into hiding at the Fortress of Solitude along the rest of the Justice League. Barry sends Wally to research Maxwell Lord. Wally is able to hack and discover all of Lord's Secret, even his real identity.

Garrett Hedlund (Height: 6' 2½" , Age: 25 {As of 2009} Notable Works: Friday Night Lights {Film}, Four Brothers, Death Sentence): Garret is an actor who I've been a fan of since Four Brothers. He's a great young actor who could have done this role with all the charm and fun that the character demands. I know this is a highly unoriginal choice, and i regret that, but i feel like he's a good choice for what the story needs.

Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Height: 6' 1", Age: 30's): King of Atlantis, Aquaman is greeted by The Justice League once they discover they're are being attack and Joins the reigns of the group in order to protect his friends, his family, and his kingdom.

Andy Whitfield (Height: 5' 11", Age: 38 {As of 2009} Notable Works: Gabriel, Packed to the Rafters {T.V. Series, Season 2008, Episode: All in the Planning}, McLeod's Daughters {T.V. Series, Season 2008, Episode: Nowhere to Hide}): If he was still alive he would be my go to Aquaman. But it's tragic what happened to him. I have a lot of respect for him. I think he would have been a smashing Aquaman. He's got the look of a king and the talent of a highly trained actor.

John Stewart/Green Lantern (Height: 6' 2", Age: 30's): Time has passed and former Green Lantern Hal Jordan has been dead. The Ring has chosen former marine, current Architect John Stewart to replace him. John has been a long standing member of the League since, proving his value as a team member time and time again.

Idris Elba (Height: 6' 2-3/4", Age: 37 {As of 2009}, Notable Works: The Reaping, 28 Weeks Later, American Gangster): Again I ask you guys to forgive me for my unoriginality but this is another choice of right man for the right role. I didn't really want to use Common, because he just doesn't feel like the right actor for the job. Idris is an ever changing chameleon of film and honestly I feel confident no matter what role he is.

J'onn J'onnz/Martian Manhunter (Height: 6' 7", Age: Unknown): J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter, in his civil identity as Colorado police detective John Jones uses his psychic powers as a way to solve major crimes.

Peter Mensah (Height: 6' 3", Age: 50 {As of 2009} Notable Works: Jason X, 300, Avatar): Peter is an actor who I've felt for the longest time has been born to play the Martian Manhunter, he's got the deep voice and resonating features that really make him the ideal choicw for The Martian Manhunter.

Iris West (Height: 5' 6", Age: 30's-40's): Barry's Girlfriend/Wife {Not sure which they went for in the script} And Aunt of Wally West.

Christina Hendricks (Height: 5' 7", Age: 37 {As of 2009} Notable Works: The Court, The Big Time, Hunger Point): I am a fan of Christina Hendricks, She's a lovely actress and rumored to be a big sweetheart on set. I think she could be a nice addition as Iris.

Maxwell Lord (Height: 6' 1" {Estimated}, Age: 30's - 40's): In the Cold War, The Government experimented on drug-enhanced psychic children, causing the death of them all, except one boy known as Jonah Wilkes, who has survived, and has grown up to become Maxwell Lord. As Maxwell Lord he is a noted Telecommunications Mogul and close friend to Bruce Wayne.

Timothy Olyphant (Height: 6', Age: 42 {As of 2009} Notable Work: Dreamcatcher, Live Free or Die Hard, Stop Loss): Honestly He was great in Live Free or Die Hard and he really did play the perfect rendition of Max Lord. Honestly for the character in general he is Perfect for it.

Talia Al Ghul (Height: 5' 8", Age: 30's): Batman's former lover Talia Al Ghul, daughter of Ra's Al Ghul, a eco-terrorist that Batman defeated many years prior. Thalia betrayed her father to help Batman, but he left her claiming that love would get in the way of his crusade, and she swore revenge against him.

Maggie Q (Height: 5' 6", Age: 30 {As of 2009} Notable Works: Dragon Squad, Mission: Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard): I wanted an actress who was very different from Marion who would become Talia, but also so obviously different looking racially from Liam that it would hammer home the idea she has nothing to do with that franchise and this is a seperate one. But I also wanted someone would be an eloquent and lovely rendition, someone fresh, flexible and decent. I think Maggie would have been a very comic accurate and very inspiring Talia, she certainly has the looks and physical standard for the role.

That concludes my take on the lost and forgotten DC Movies that were Almost made.
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