Robin in The Nolanverse

Robin in The Nolanverse

How Nolan can avoid the mistakes of previous movies with Robin (*cough cough* Batman & Robin and Batman Forever cough*)


Preferably set half a year or so after the events of TDKR, the film entitled "Gotham Knights" would be the introduction for numerous Batman villains but more notably, The Boy Wonder, Robin.

The film starts with Bruce Wayne (still hopefully feeling the effects of a bad back if TDKR pulls through) lounging around on his couch. He turns on the TV and begins watching the news, just as CNN reports that Batman successfully put away a masked gunman last night and that the streets of Gotham are looking a lot cleaner once again. Alfred enters with breakfast and tells Bruce that he can't spend all day lounging around doing nothing or else he might never fully recover from his particularly bad case of "Lazy-itis". Bruce smirks, but it is unclear as to what he's laughing at, Alfred's humour or (EASTER EGG) that the news reporters are all laughing because the gunman apparently told Batman to "Hush" before attempting to gun him down and consequently getting a mouthful of Bat-Fist and a hell lot of jail time. Alfred smiles as well but promptly switches off the TV and hands Bruce a leaflet for a circus performance that's happening that evening. Bruce eventually accepts the offer and decides to attend, especially since he loves a good trapeze.
9 year old Dick Grayson is back stage getting ready with his parents for their death-defying acrobatic act, "The Flying Graysons". He's super nervous, so his father kneels down on one knee and tells him two always be brave because the darkest night comes just before the dawn. He's referring to a scene seen previously, where the ringmaster tells Dick's parents that if they perform well there may be a spot in a bigger circus (Cirque du Soleil style). However, what Dick and his family don't know is that gangster Tony Zucco, one of the mobsters who captured with Lau's assistance in TDK and was let free after Harvey Dent's crimes were revealed (supposedly) in TDKR, had overheard this proposal and consequently cornered the ringmaster, telling him that if 'The Flying Graysons" don't stay, they will all die (as Zucco has a stake in the circus's ownership and doesn't his biggest source of income to move) . Bruce is in the audience as a guest of honour, simultaneously completing a business transaction to fund a cryogenics research facility in Gotham (Mr Freeze anyone?). The ringmaster frantically tries to reach the Grayson family, but bumps into Bruce Wayne in his haste. Bruce notices his distress as he runs off and follows him. The ringmaster arrives moments to late as the Graysons have literally just reached the top of the ladder and Dick's father and mother are preparing to open their act with their trapeze act. THe ringmaster looks around frantically and sees Zucco, drawing his finger across his throat sadistically and giving orders to two of his thugs. The thugs step into the shadows below the trapeze and subtly wear down the support ropes until they're being supported by the finest of threads (to make it look like and accident if and when investigated). Then Zucco and his men disappear swiftly. Bruce comes around the corner just in time for he and the ringmaster to look on in horror as "The Flying Graysons" unknowingly fly to their deaths. From above, Dick shakes with fear as his parents fall, terror and the rope snaps and then disgust, revulsion and horror as his parents mutilated bodies crumple on impact with the circus floor. Panic breaks out as people scream, run and gasp in horrendous shock at the atrocity before them. Bruce calls Commissioner Gordon to alert him about the situation.
Later on the circus arena is cordoned off by the GCPD as they investigate the "accident", as it appears to be. Batman arrives and subtly investigates the scene of the crime, deducing that Zucco is responsible from the fingerprints of his associates on the rope and a small "interrogation" of the ringmaster. Deciding to try and get a better view of the crime from above, Batman climbs the ladder that the Graysons climbed moments from their demise. He then finds Dick, crying in the corner of the stand, and comforts him. He tells Dick he's going to take him to stay with "a friend". Dick falls asleep in the Batmobile and is deposited on the sofa back at Wayne Manor. When he wakes the next morning, Bruce welcomes him to his home and promises to look after him for a while. Days pass and Bruce sees some of his younger self in the boy. Predictably, he becomes attached (as observed by Alfred) and takes him in as his ward.
CUE MONTAGE!! 5 years go by as Bruce vigorously trains Dick in numerous forms of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, supposedly so that Bruce won't have to worry all the time about Dick's immediate safety. Dick performs way above the average for his age, secretly driven by his rage and thirst for justice toward Tony Zucco, who was revealed publicly as the man behind his parents deaths after Batman begins to hunt him down. However, Batman is unsuccessful due to Zucco finding protection from Roman Sionis, competitor of Wayne Enterprises and secret mobster/drug-lord under the guise of Black Mask. Batman becomes angered by his inability to put Black Mask behind bars, as he knows Sionis's disappearance could plausibly be linked to Wayne Enterprises.
When Dick is around about 14/15 (a good age to start with as this is commonly when a boy starts to mature and look at the world through more adult eyes), he is on a trip to Wayne Enterprises with Bruce for a fundraiser. Bruce becomes a tad tipsy and begins to flirt with his entourage of beautiful women. Dick feels ignored and bored and makes his way up to see Lucius Fox, who he has become good friends with over the years. Fox isn't there but his office door is left ajar. Dick, doing the stereotypical teenage thing, becomes nosey and decides it wouldn't be that bad if he were to take a peek at the latest Wayne tech inside. Dick advances towards Lucius's desk and schematics for the Batmobile/Tumbler are left and the desk (much like those found by Kyle Reese in TDK). Dick pockets them and stealthily exits.
When Bruce and Dick arrive back at Wayne Manor, Dick confronts Bruce about the schematics for the Batmobile, believing that Bruce is some sort of benefactor for The Dark Knight, financing his heroic escapades in the shadows. Dick deduces that because Bruce's parents were victims of the scum of Gotham, Bruce wishes to see this scum removed from the face of the planet (much like Dick's own feelings toward Zucco) and finances Batman as a means of doing so. Much to Dick's confusion, Bruce smirks and remarks that he trained him too well. Bruce walks off in the direction of the bookcase in the study and removes the head of a statue near by. Dick remarks that this is beyond cheesy and that they must be going to Bruce's secret panic room. Then the bookcase slides back, (cue Dick's jaw hitting the floor). They enter the lift and descend into the Batcave......


Bruce Wayne/Batman=Christian Bale

Alfred Pennyworth=Sir Michael Caine

Lucius Fox=Morgan Freeman

Dick Grayson (age 9)=Chandler Riggs

Dick Grayson (age 14/15)=Logan Lerman

Tony Zucco=

Commissioner Gordon=Gary Oldman

John and Mary Grayson=Leonardo Dicaprio and Natalie Portman

The Ringmaster=David Suchet

Mr Freeze=Ralph Fiennes

Roman Sionis/Black Mask=Liev Schreiber

Hush=Ben Foster

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