Rockerdude's Rap Battles: Fox McCloud vs. Rocket Raccoon

Rockerdude's Rap Battles: Fox McCloud vs. Rocket Raccoon

Star Fox series protagonist faces off with fan favorite Marvel character Rocket Raccoon in a battle of raps to decide who is the better space hero. Who wins? You decide!

Fox McCloud here to create a verbal ka-boom
I’ve got my targets set, and their on a raccoon
I’m the greatest of all space-bound defenders
Go against the Star Fox Team? You better surrender
You’re from a quadrant called Keystone? I think that’s a type of beer
The power of my Arwing fighter will leave you rattling in fear
I gained my skills on my own, you got yours through science
I’ll burn you alive with my fighter’s loaded missile guidance

This little fox thinks he can beat me? Ha! What a laugh!
I’ll gun your red ass down and then I’ll rip you in half
I’m part of the almighty team, the Guardians of the Galaxy
I’ve got Star-Lord and Groot, and you’ve an annoying toad named Slippy
I’m a major player in Marvel comics, and I’ll soon be in a movie
You’d fit right in with all of Halfworld’s loonies
Just like your Arwing, you’re about to take a dive
I’ll chew on your corpse’s skull and then I’ll skin you alive

Easy Rockey boy, no need to get so mean
You beating me is just your silly wet dream
Will you ever be as popular as me? Hell no!
Because hardly anyone knows you, while I’m a staple of Nintendo

Your tactics are kid’s stuff compared to mine, so stop it
Last night, I showed Krystal the reason they call me Rocket
Why don’t you go and give your little buddies another spoon?
You should have thought twice before stepping up to a raccoon

Who won? You decide!
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