"Roswell Conspiracies" The Movie #1

"Roswell Conspiracies" The Movie #1

The first of three fancasts based on the BKN cartoon.

In 1999, as the days of Saturday morning cartoon blocks began to decline, BKN debuted a fairly obscure cartoon series that could be best summed up as "X-Files in cartoon form" meets the "Men In Black" cartoon. The show's name was "Roswell Conspiracies: Aliens, Myths, and Legends".

(Info courtesy of the dreaded Wiki.)
"On the show, the Roswell UFO Incident which is part of a conspiracy theory (that many real life people still hold to this day) is portrayed as being a man made phenomenon. It was set up by humans to deflect popular attention from the truth. The unidentified flying object was a prop; the body of a little green or grey man was a dummy; the witnesses to the crash were plants; as were the Air Force investigators. In fact the whole shadow world surrounding Area 51 was nothing but a distraction from the fact that the aliens had landed long ago and there were known incidents of their desire to attack, assimilate and/or destroy the human race.
These known incidents could be found in legend, myth and folklore of beings so strange and alien that they became the fabric of what human beings thought of when they thought of being frightened; vampires, werewolves, banshees, manitou, evil spirits...etc. As human beings progressed into the Industrial Age the attacks seemed to lessen, but recently they'd begun to go on the rise.
The story begins as Nick Logan, a bounty hunter, gets tapped to hunt down what he thinks is a regular bounty, but things don't stay regular for long. When his next bounty turns out to be a very unusual girl, he soon finds himself involved in something both incredibly outrageous but also potentially satisfying. There are aliens among us and he can possibly play a part in helping to protect the earth. His new circumstances could also help him discover the truth behind his biological father's disappearance. Raised and trained by a stepfather in the know, Nick is one of a few human beings born with an innate sense of seeing through alien deceptions; most of the aliens can morph into human form at will. This ability gives him a unique advantage. In time he discovers his father and grandfather shared this advantage too.
Nick ends up teaming with Sh'lainn Blaze, a rogue Banshee [and the same girl he was sent after] who wants to be the bridge that helps humans and her species co-exist on the planet together. The Banshee haven't fared well in an age of cold iron and Sh'lainn seems aware that they are plotting some form of 'final' solution. Together they become agents under James Rinaker the current Executive Officer of The Alliance, an international agency responsible for keeping the secret from the public and keeping the aliens in check by preventing the more aggressive and volatile ones from hunting human beings."

In basic terms, here are how each of the main alien races are depicted:
A race of teleporters who live in harmony with the Earth, but are poisoned by humanity’s growing dependence on electronics. Banshee can predict when someone will die, and can fire energy bursts or fly. They are most well known for their ability to produce piercing shrieks. They also have lifespans ranging for hundreds or thousands of years, and have been on Earth since they landed in Ireland around 527 BC. This race is in constant warfare with the Vampire Empire, which is fundamentally their ideological opposite - draining life and using technology. One interesting trait is that a banshee can initiate a deep mind probe into another person to retrieve lost memories. However, such a process will form a permanent bond between their life forces. This can be considered as the banshee version of marriage. Sh'lainn and Nick form this bond in order for him to regain his lost memories. As evidenced in one episode, a Banshee who spends too much time around technology contracts a sickness known as the "Iron Death", which causes her to go wild as she transforms technology into organic material and directs it against others. Though initially deemed incurable by Mab, her daughter later reveals that an Ur stone can counter this sickness. A Banshee is also weakened when in space, due to her power being drawn from the Earth. The race is tied to the Tree of Light in their hidden lair, and its destruction would also bring about the deaths of every Banshee.

The Conduit is a confederation of members from many different alien races. Its main purpose is to safely move aliens throughout the planet and relocate survivors of the inter-species wars. Colonel Walter Logan was an influential force in negotiations with the Conduit, until he apparently set off a bomb at a Conduit safehouse, killing dozens of aliens. The Conduit is considered an enemy of the Global Alliance. It is eventually revealed that the bombing of the safehouse was caused by a Shadoen agent posing as Walter, as an attempt to destabilize relations between the Alliance and the aliens.

Lycanthrope (aka Werewolves)
Sentient, humanoid wolves that have the biological ability to change their appearance into human form. The Lyncathrope used one of two EMP charges to reverse the magnetic polarity of the Yeti homeworld. They are the slave masters of both the Sasquatch and the Yeti. Lyncathrope have an eight year life span, and because of this they grow at an incredibly accelerated rate compared to humans. They are very close to their father or paternal figure treating to look like him when they are growing.

The Shadoen Multitude is a highly advanced hostile species that devote themselves to the enslavement and/or destruction of other races. They attempted to conquer Earth during the 15th century but their fleet was repulsed by a long range weapon sent to Earth by the Titani [the Titans of Greek myth]. Contrary to races such as the Lycanthropes-who have an innate mimetic system-or the Vampires-who use holographic technology-the Shadoen are not shapes-hifters. In order to acquire the target race's appearance, the Shadoen imprint their DNA and memories on a human clone, in so becoming an exact replica of the victim (which is also why Logan's eyes can't detect them). After the assimilation, the Shadoen can not freely morph to its former original shape, having to maintain the target guise or forfeit it by triggering a Shadoen DNA bomb. Once activated, the DNA bomb restores the agent to its full fledged Shadoen form, permanently destroying the previous target guise in the process. This ability has permitted the Shadoen to successfully infiltrate human race. The Shadoen are by far more powerful and resilient than the other alien races seen on the show; they also possess a mild ability of regeneration, and their blood has a poisonous effect if ingested, as witnessed in Episode 10-Chupacabra. Another fact, revealed in that same episode is that the Shadoen Multitude has an aversion to oxygen, which is one of the reasons why they intend to level the Earth's forests. Their second invasion is thwarted by the efforts of the new alien-human Alliance. First appearance: Episode 14-The Conduit (Part 2).

The Dark Empire of the vampires is broken into families, each acting with a certain level of autonomy. True to legend, vampires can be killed by direct exposure to sunlight. However, wooden stakes do no more harm to a vampire than to anyone else. The Vampires are mainly a technological race, which doesn't have any regard for nature, often clashing with the Banshees. The Vampires also have a tendency to use the Banshees as "batteries" for their machinery. Several major vampire families, headed by Hanek, created the multi-national corporation Intracom, which they use to fund their wars against the Banshee and the Alliance. Vampires possess basic shapeshifting technology permitting them to change their appearance into human form. A vampire's real form is a large, yellow snake with arms, and a round, human-like, hooded head. Vampires possess a venom that allow them to enslave other races for short periods.

Often referred to as an “abominable snowman”, the Yeti live high in the mountains of the Himalayas. The Lyncathrope destroyed the magnetic polarity of the planet, and took them as slaves. When the Lycanthrope neared Earth, the Yeti overpowered their captors and escaped. Agent Ti-yet is a member of the Yeti race, and his status in the Alliance is necessary due only to the knowledge he has of a Lycanthrope secret weapon."

I picked up the first boxed set for the show last month, and was blown away by how this was yet another underrated 90's gem of a cartoon. The writing wasn't dumbed-down at all, the art was nice and slick, and it offered a great twist on some of the oldest myths known to humanity--I mean think about it, vampires, werewolves, zombies, and even the creatures of Greek myth all being actually aliens or their devices from outer space is a pretty good story element. Here's hoping volume 2 eventually comes out...anyway, I just thought that this would make a decent sci-fi mystery thriller, and here's how I see it working:
-Director would be J.J. Abrams, who's had quite a lot of sci-fi under his belt thanks to Lost and the '09 Star Trek film.
-Screenwriter would be Joss Whedon, as this show seems like it would have been something he'd done if it was live-action (in terms of characterization).
-A producer and screenwriter would be the show's original creator, Kaaren Lee Brown.
-In terms of the plot, for this first movie (of three), it would depict Nick meeting Sh'lainn and joining the Alliance, the two of them going on their first mission where they recruit Ti-Yet to the group, and seek to stop the Lycanthropes' leader, Ruck, from detonating the EMP bomb. This first movie would introduce the Banshee, Lycanthropes, and Yeti, while movie #2 would introduce the Vampires and #3 would introduce the Shadoen.

And now, my cast for the first movie:


"A former bounty hunter and now newest Alliance Agent, as part of their Detection Division. Logan's father, Walter, disappeared during an unexplained alien encounter at Roswell, New Mexico; his grandfather was one of the original members of the Alliance. Nick was raised by his stepfather never knowing at the time that his 'play time' was secret training to fight aliens. Nick is capable of seeing through alien illusions. Nick is a rogue within the Alliance, seldom following procedure and taking many actions upon his own accord. Nick spends most of the series looking for his kidnapped stepfather and searching for information on his real father's disappearance."
Misha's experience on Supernatural is what let me to casting him, and I'm sure a lot of people here say he can rock a trench coat very well--a lot of people fancast him as the Question as a result.

"A rebellious member of the Banshee clan, a race of aliens that landed in the British Isles around 527 BC. She, like her kind, possesses the ability to predict when someone will die. She can also levitate and emit energy streams. She's been targeted by Queen Mab. She becomes a new member of the Alliance and Nick's partner. As the series progresses it is clear that Nick and Sh'lainn develop a relationship. She ultimately bonds with Nick when she brings his lost memories to the surface."
I feel that Emma could use a way to break from the fantasy genre (exemplified by a certain boy wizard-based franchise), and "Perks of Being a Wallflower" was a start--this would let her get her feet wet in the sci-fi genre. I also think she'd be able to pull off Sh'lainn's Irish accent.

"The head of the Alliance and the executive responsible for staging the Roswell Incident. Rinaker is committed to protecting humans from the aliens among them and to preserving the secrecy of the Alliance—at any cost. Throughout the series Rinaker's agenda is to wipe out hostile alien factions and makes alliances with his enemies whenever it involved weakening another foe. This served only to further divide and weaken the alien factions." He also has a deep, dark secret that would be revealed later in the show's run--or in my fancast's terms, the third movie...
Chris Cooper is no stranger to the military-type in film, and I think he could absolutely nail Rinaker's no-nonsense, secretive nature down pat.

"He is the leader of the S.T.A.R. teams and Rinaker's right hand man. His cover ID is as the sheriff of Roswell. He is very skillful in combat and in the use of weapons. Trueblood's father was also one of the original members of the Alliance. Trueblood became the chief of his tribe following a Lycanthrope attempt to eradicate another alien race. He fights honorably and although he normally obeys Rinaker, he will take matters into his hands if he feels Rinaker's orders risk the lives of others."
Phillips is a very decent actor who I believe could play Trueblood with pride and ease.

"Recruited from Egyptian National Security, Nema is a weapons specialist who is paired with Fitz in the Detail Unit. Very logical and practical but with enough of a sense of humor to play Fitz's straight man in their friendly snarking. 'Fitz' is an ex-CIA agent with a wild imagination and the ability to convince anyone of anything. Fitz's assignment in the Detail Unit is to cover up any and all evidence of alien activity or the existence of the Alliance. Despite his job he's not fully trained for combat, and he comes across as easy going and slightly goofy."
It took me a while to figure out who could play these two, and finally inspiration struck--Mendes for her minor role in "The Other Guys" and Tudyk for his character in "Transformers: Dark of the Moon". I think these two would be great playing the Scully and Mulder of the team--if Scully and Mulder were used-car salesmen. (Also, as to the matter of casting Mendes as someone of Egyptian descent--look at Cote de Pablo on NCIS, she's from South America and plays an Israeli.)

"A Guardian among the Yeti. He was responsible for the safety of his people and protecting their most valued possession from their sworn enemies. He eventually becomes integrated as an agent of the Alliance and becomes a great friend to Nick. First appearance: Episode 3-Mountain Retreat."
Momoa's got the height, and with some mo-cap, would be good enough to play this guy--this isn't Harry of the Hendersons, I'll tell you that...

There are also a few other Alliance members and allies to Nick whose pictures I unfortunately couldn't find, but I do know who I would cast:
-Hector Elizondo as Prof. Antonio Alascano--"The section head among the scientists who develop the weapons, gadgets and vehicles used by the Alliance."
-Edie McClurg as Dr. Marina Petrovic--"The Alliance pathologist, an eccentric woman who has the task of eradicating alien viruses or find antidotes to vampires poisons."
-Angie Harmon as Ms. Smith-Heisen--"The liaison between The Alliance and the government, acting as sort of a director, but not superior to General Rinaker."
-Larry the Cable Guy as the voice of Kraker--"A close friend of Nick and his informant from his days as a bounty hunter. A very skilled hacker, he is very useful as a source of non-Alliance tainted information."
-Harvey Keitel as Nathan Boyer--"When the real Walter Logan disappears in 1979, Rinaker appoints Nate to pretend to be Walter Logan. He comes to love Nick as if he were his own son, and without Rinaker's knowledge, indirectly teaches Nick to combat aliens such as Werewolves and Vampires. When Nick is grown up, Nate retires as an agent but continues to pose as Walter Logan and is admitted into a retirement home due to his heart condition. When Nick's memories begin to return Nate reveals that he is actually Nick's stepfather."

Villains for the first film

"The leader of the Banshee Clan. Almost a counterpart to Rinaker, she's determined that her people should survive and thrive on Earth-even if it means sabotaging and retarding human innovation, for technology is poisonous to Banshees. Mab banishes Sh'Lainn from their clan for joining the Alliance, also branding her as a traitor and target." (Oh yeah--for those of you who read Romeo and Juliet, NOW you know who the Queen Mab Mercutio refers to is.
Anyway, I thought Theron (with an Irish accent) would be elegant and devious as Mab, as she already has played an evil queen (in last year's Snow White and the Huntsman).

"The werewolf pack leader. Relentless, resourceful, and a cunning liar, he takes any opportunity to continue his people's war with the Yeti. His only family is his son Athos, with whom he doesn't get along well - because of Athos' appearance and ideology." Ruck would act as the main villain for the first movie, but would later become an ally in the third one.
Ruck's human form has green hair and a green goatee, so I figured Reedus could do both forms, with the werewolf form via mo-cap. Reedus already looks rogue-ish and has played them from time to time, so it was no difficult task thinking of him as Ruck.

And that is that for movie #1! Here's a little teaser of what's to come in the next two fancasts:

For those of you just learning about the show via this, check it out--it's a very well-written show that only had one media tie-in a video game, but don't let that stop you from enjoying it. The volume 1 box set can still be found, and all 40 episodes are on youtube. Anyway, for taking the time to view this--ladies and gentlemen, MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND:
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