RunDTC Presents: The Tim Tebow Movie!

RunDTC Presents: The Tim Tebow Movie!

Before people start griping about this not being a CBM fancast, please let me defend myself first. It's original, it's well thought out (not a bunch of pictures thrown together), and I'm not reporting it as news, so what's the harm. No one is forcing you to read this. So, here we go, I hope you enjoy.

It took me awhile to find the right actor for Tebow but I finally did. Pine has that "pretty-boy" quality that Tebow has, he's good with drama and humor, and just a solid actor. Pine would give us a good big-screen portrayal of Tebow.

Steenburgen and Hurt are both good, veteran actors who would give solid performances as Tebow's parents.

I think sometimes people forget how good of an actor Val Kilmer is (if you haven't watched Tombstone, go do so NOW!). I think Kilmer would be a scene-stealer as the Hall of Fame quarterback (and Tebow doubter).

The coach who drafted Tebow, McDaniels was very high on Tebow. Lucas bares a resemblance to McDaniels and would do well.

Current Broncos coach John Fox can be serious or quite humoreous. Morse can handle both well, a strong presence for any dramatic scene involving him and Kilmer.

Cranston is a superb actor but seems to have left his comedy roots behind. After spending the past few years playing serious characters, Cranston could easily remind everyone of how funny he can be. Lawrence would be a great counter to Cranston's occasionally biased Tebow praise.

The guy who lost the starting job to Tebow (who was eventually waived), Edgerton would give a good performance for the downtroden Orton.

Three solid actors as three of Tebow's more prominent teammates.

This is pretty self-explanatory.

Bacon and Damon would both be great as these two New England mainstays.

I hope you enjoyed this fancast. And yes, my next ones will all be CBM related. Until next time!
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