Sandra Bullock Desperate to be Wonder Woman - Undergoing Breast Augmentation

Sandra Bullock Desperate to be Wonder Woman - Undergoing Breast Augmentation

The Academy Award winning actress has decided to go under the knife to guarantee her role in Warner Bros. next superhero movie. Could this be because of recent marital woes?

UPDATE: 4/1 - If you haven't figured it out by now, this "article" was an April Fool's day joke. Psyche!

Hot off an recent endorsement from TV’s Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, that Sandra Bullock would be her pick to play the Amazon on the big-screen, the Academy Award winning actress has been spotted at a well-known clinic which specializes in breast enhancement surgery.

While family members of the star have expressed some concerns that this new "development" may have something to do with adulterous hubby Jesse James' affair with Michelle "bombshell" McGee, who has implants herself, a close friend of Bullock, Kimberly Becile, confided in CBM...

"She told me that she was willing to get a boob-job for the Wonder Woman role, but only decided to proceed with plastic surgery after Lynda Carter's endorsement--in order to guarantee that she'd get it. She is currently negotiating with the studio." and... "This is not a knee-jerk reaction to her recent marital troubles."

A visitor to the Richard K. Uvula Center in Reno, Nevada snapped the above picture of Bullock checking into the facility this morning. The Center is renown for its cosmetic surgery procedures designed (and priced) for the older, Hollywood elite who require short recovery periods.

CBM has spoken to several Warner Bros. representatives this morning, all but one declined to comment specifically except to express, "We support Mrs. Bullock's decision to better her self image, but cannot comment about the stage of negotiations for Wonder Woman'."

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