Should Apocalypse be in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Should Apocalypse be in X-Men: Days of Future Past?

Why the ancient mega-villain might be too much too soon.

I ask the question because it wasn’t long ago that reports came in about FOX possibly jumping on the ‘shared cinematic universe’ train that Marvel so masterfully pulled off, and DC/WB so desperately wants to imitate. Producers insist that X-Men is just as rich, with just as many characters to pull off an expanded universe of their own, through multiple films. And they are completely right.

But if that’s the case, what role does Days of Future Past play in this plan? Is this the movie that course-corrects an admittedly muttled continuity with the existing films? Is this the feature that kick-starts a grander master plan? Either way, if Apocalypse is the villain, they might be (pardon the expression) blowing their load too soon.

Why? Because the mutant known as En Sabah Nur should be the end game. It’s like Superman fans asking for Darkseid in the first movie. Imagine if Avengers lead with Thanos from the start? Apocalypse is the type of villain that leaves the audience asking, “Where do we go from here?” He’s someone you build to, and with a name like Apocalypse, that should be a given. The ancient mutant comes rich with fascinating powers, intriguing agendas, and an ominous set of Four Horsemen. I think about Silver Surfer and Galactus, and how the Fantastic Four sequel kind of botched that. Speaking of diarrhea clouds, Parallax in Green Lantern was came off just as bad.

This brings me to my next point~ No, Singer is not going to make Apocalypse a smoke monster~ But considering his movies have been more grounded- most characters wear suits (either with tie or with leather) I wonder how exactly he even pulls Apocalypse off. This is a more fantastical character in the X-Universe, and I know those decisions go into what characters they even decide to use in the movies. I suppose it is heartening to know Singer is considering full-CGI characters, This will be a big shift for him, so I hope he can pull it off.

Lastly, Days of Future Past, as a story, is more strictly about the worst-case scenario from mutant persecution. Apocalypse’s ‘survival of the fittest’ m.o. is a whole other set of themes that shouldn’t be shoved in here to clash with that. That’s enough material to stand on a movie of its own. Think about how X3 failed to juggle both the Phoenix and the Cure storylines (and everything else going on), instead of focusing on just one major plot.

Between the assassination attempt on the President, Bolivar Trask, Henry Gyrich and the Sentinel program, mutant slave camps, and establishing the worlds and rules of friggin time travel, there will be more than enough going on in the new movie. Don’t make the mistake of crowding things again just because fans want Apocalypse, who doesn’t really factor into this plotline as much as they remember anyway. I mean, they could go “Age of Apocalypse”, which is basically a reverse scenario take on Days of Future Past (instead of mutants hunted to extinction, what if they became the dominant race after all?) But again, that goes back to what I’m talking about in the first place: It’s too much, too soon.
Pace yourselves.
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