Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie: The Legend Of Chaos

Sonic The Hedgehog The Movie: The Legend Of Chaos

Fancast for the first of a trilogy.
EDIT: I changed my pick for Eggman

My Sonic the Hedgehog will be a live action CGI hybrid movie like Transformrs. Ok here it goes...

Sonic the Hedgehog - Ryan Drummond

This guy is Sonic! He voiced him in Sonic Adventures 1 + 2 and has the right amount of energy to play him. Look him up on YouTube to see what I mean.

Miles 'Tails' Prower - Josh Hutcherson

Ok so every voice actor of Tails in the games and shows either is a girl or went through puberty and lost their Tails voice. This guy is 17 so he already passed puberty but still kind of sounds like a kid.

Knuckles the Echidna - Adam Baldwin (This pick is credited to HailToTheKingBaby)

This was not who I originally chose but this is the perfect choice. Many thanks to HailToTheKingBaby.

Dr. Eggman - John Travolta

Ok, so I originally casted Bill Murray for this role but the more I got into my script the more I realized he wasnt the ideal pick. Travolta in my opinion is. He has played the villain before and doesnt mind going bald for a role.

Amy Rose - Amy Poehler

I dont know about you guys but I find Poehler's voice annoying but that's what makes her perfect as Amy Rose. Amy Rose was always the annoying tag along who followed Sonic because of how much she loved him.

e102 Gamma - Peter Cullen

Peter Cullen has played plenty of robotic machines like Optimus from Transformers and K.A.R.R from the new Knight Rider. He will be great in my opinion as Egmman's robot.

Tikal the Echidna - Tara Strong

Tara can voice any character boy or girl it doesnt matter im sure she will be great as this role. The most recent role she has played is Harley Quinn in Arkham City.

Director - J.J. Abrams

Who else can make a fun action movie with lots of memorable characters than J.J.?

I hope you guys like my picks. The next thing I'm working on is the script to this movie so check that out soon.
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