Soundtrack Stories: Luke Cage

<b>Soundtrack Stories</b>: Luke Cage

Ever listen to a song and say “This could fit well in to a ___ movie”? I certainly have. This article expresses the story I’d like to see in a Luke Cage movie (possibly even in the Netflix show) using songs I think should be a part of the soundtrack. Sit back, put your headphones in, crank up the volume, and most importantly enjoy!

Every movie has a soundtrack. Well at least to my understanding they do. A soundtrack makes or breaks a movie. Whether it’s filled with current dance hits, songs especially made for the movie, or cinematic orchestral music, the best ones all need them. Some soundtracks stand out like the one for Django Unchained or the Great Gatsby which I highly recommend. Some fit well, some don’t, but the best soundtracks often accompany great movies.

I wanted to write an article on one of my favorite comic book characters Luke Cage, but I wanted to do something different. I decided to mix my love for music and movies and put them in to this article. My story is less a superhero story and morel like Boyz n Da Hood/Juice starring a guy with super human strength. That’s what it should feel like. Personally I’d get Antoine Fuqua, the Hughes Bros, John Singleton, or Spike Lee too direct. I think that shows you what type of movie it should be. So sit back, relax, put your headphones in, crank up the volume, and I hope you enjoy this soundtrack story…

“They tryna lock [racial slur]s up/They tryna make new slaves/See that's that privately owned prison/Get your piece today/They probably all in the Hamptons bragging about what they made”

New Slaves – Kanye West: This is the first song in the film. It plays while our main character, Carl Lucas, is in prison. While the song plays it shows the conditions he’s under in the private prison he is being held at. The song is gritty, angry, and expresses the feeling Lucas has in a way that he would.

“Drug dealer chic, I’m wondering if a thug’s prayers reach”

No Church in the Wild – JAY Z & Kanye West: This song despite not having the exact message of the movie still fits in very well. This song would play on a scene showcasing Luke’s dark past that led him to where he is now. Despite being framed, if he hadn’t gotten in to crime he wouldn’t be there at all. The tone of the song reflects this perfectly.

“I feel it in my bones/Enough to make my systems blow/Welcome to the new age, to the new age(2x)/ Whoa, Whoa I'm radioactive, radioactive(2x)”

Radioactive (Remix) – Imagine Dragons (feat. Kendrick Lamar): This would take place during the scene where Mr. Lucas gains powers and escapes the prison. He is chased down through the island where the prison is located. He comes to a cliff on the shore and the police shoot at him. He is hit and he falls down about 100 feet in to the ocean. He is thought to be dead by the police. I think this song is perfect. The metaphor set throughout the entire song about being “radioactive” can be applied almost literally to the current situation. I love this song and I think it fits with the soundtrack of this movie amazingly.

“I got animosity building, it's probably big as a building/Me jumping off of the roof is me just playing it safe”

Good Kid – Kendrick Lamar: I love this song. It would be played when Carl Lucas returns to his home and realizes how bad it’s gotten in just the few years he’s been gone. He sees even more gangbanging, crime, and overall poverty than he ever has seen in his area. He hates that and wants to fix it. When he reaches his old home he decides to start going by Luke Cage instead of Carl Lucas, considering Carl Lucas is “dead”.

“The way you look should be a sin, you my sinsation”

Devil in a New Dress – Kanye West: This song is played during a seen where Luke meets a girl named Harmony Young. She’s a beautiful girl that shows interest in Luke. This song fits the situation well and has a nice groove to it.

“I guess every superhero needs his theme music/No one man should have all that power/The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours/Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power!”

Power – Kanye West: This song would begin to play when Luke begins to test out his powers and help the city by stopping crime with them. It would play during a montage of him fighting crime for a couple weeks, maybe even months.

“Who wants that hero love that saves the day, anyway?”

Part II (On the Run) – JAY Z and Beyoncé: This song would play after a scene where Luke stops the mugging of a woman outside a restaurant he took Harmony Young too on a date. He showcases his power and Harmony is astonished. He explains his past to her and how he got his power. He expects her to run away in fear, not want to be in a relationship with an escaped convict, or make some excuse to leave, but she doesn’t care. Just listening to it as I write this I didn’t even realize how perfect this song fits in. If you did not listen to one song in this article listen to this. The lyrics fit perfectly. “I don't care if we on the run, baby as long I'm next to you” “I'm an outlaw, got an outlaw chick. Bumping 2Pac, on my outlaw shit” and more. This song would actually play during ***** *** ****!!!!! The next morning Luke wakes up and Harmony is sitting in his bathroom crying. He asks what’s wrong and she tells him that she was paid by his old friend (turned enemy) Willis Stryker to keep tabs on him, but she ended up really liking him.

“Only wish to breed I explode into a million seeds/ Y’all remember me/Legendary live eternally/Bury me in pieces cause they fear reincarnation/[racial slur]s screaming peace cause they fear when my squad face ‘em/Take them to places, stake they face then erase ‘em and brake ‘em/Murder mother[frick]er’s at a rate and then quicken the pace/Blast me but never ask me to live a lie/Am I wrong cause I wanna get it on till I die?”

Unchained – 2pac and James Brown: Harmony tells Luke that he took down some of Stryker’s operations without knowing it. Footage was captured of Luke and Stryker recognized you as Carl Lucas. He wants Luke dead. Luke gets angry, being that first he frames him and then he tries to kill him. Luke goes out and begins to bust some more of Willis’ operations purposely. After a montage of super [email protected]$$ fights, Willis tells his right hand man to call the cops and tell them that he found Carl Lucas.

“If knowledge is power and power is knowledge/And then you divide and conquer, I devoured and conquered”

In Distress – A$AP Rocky: Willis gets the message Luke tries to send him and he is pissed off. He rants to his right hand man and tells him to send Comanche and Shades after Luke. The cops begin to chase Luke and a chase scene takes place during this song as well.

“Middle finger to my old life, uh/Special shout out to my old head, uh/If it wasn’t for your advice/A [racial slur] would have been so dead”

Who Gon Stop Me – JAY Z & Kanye West: The mercenaries each personal fight Luke. First Comanche takes him on and Luke kicks his @$$. Then Shades, one of Luke’s old prison mates, comes for him and they have a harder fight to win, but Luke comes out on top. Luke feels like an OG after this and personally calls Stryker telling him that he should “Expect him like he expects Jesus to come back.”

“I live my life a rebel, a vigilante, devils try to get at me/Pedal through this underworld, undertakers won't catch me/System ain't no system for justice if you would ask me/I'll tell you everything is corrupted, don't you walk past me”

Backwards – Kendrick Lamar (feat. Tame Impala): Luke confronts Willis and they have a big battle. This song begins to play when Willis has the upper hand, but Luke comes back. The instrumental part would go on after the verses so that the fight could be longer. Luke tells Harmony to tip off the police that Willis Stryker and Carl Lucas would be in a certain place at a certain time. They get there and Luke begins to convince them that he’s innocent. They are both arrested and the matter is taken to court.

“Homey tell me what's good/Why I only got a problem when you in the hood/Like I'm new in the hood/The only thing I wish (I wish a [racial slur] would)”

Good Life – Kanye West & T-Pain: They take it to court and Luke is represented by attorney Matt Murdock. After presenting over looked evidence and other stuff like that Luke is proved innocent of killing Reva Connors and Willis is sent to jail. Luke decides that crime fighting is his thing and he sets up a business called Heroes for Hire.

Of course there’d be more scenes, music, and the story could be adjusted a little. I hope you enjoyed it! If you’d like to see any more of my story for this movie/Netflix series, a soundtrack story article for another hero, or even a soundtrack story sequel to this film just tell me in the comments. Until next time…
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