Spider man reboot fan fic part 1

This is if Sony make another spider man reboot which we know will years away
Note: the chameleon is the main villian of the film but won't be the half brother of kraven

Opens to title
We open to Russia at night two parents getting ready really quick with their son
Young dmitri:"we're are we going"
Mother:"we going to a wonderful peaceful place"
Young dmitri:"are we leaving grandma
Mother:"I told you grandma went to heaven"
Father:"we have to go"
There's a bang at the door 3 men burst in
Dmitri mother told him to go down the stairs and hide
Dmitrir hears arguing then a moment of silence and then two gunshots
We move forward to 30 years later to midtown high school
We see Peter at lunch with Harry Osborn
Flash walks by and hits him in the head
Harry:"leave him alone flash"
Flash:"you want me to beat your ass too"
Harry sits down
Flash:"though so"
Peter:" I just ignore it"
Harry:"you think people going to ignore that his fly is down
Peter and Harry laughs
Gwen Stacey walks up and sit down
Gwen:"just tried out for cheer leading
Peter:"how you do"
Gwen:the nicest thing they said was "you really need to do something about your hair"

Part 2 coming soon
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