"Spider-Man: Reign" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

"Spider-Man: Reign" A Marvel Universe Original Animated Film

A Fancast for a animated adaption of the mini-series by Kaare Andrews

Well, looks like i'm on a roll here people. Next up for my Marvel Animatied Universe fancast is Kaare Andrews' mini-series "Spider-Man: Reign". Had to include Spider-Man in here one way or another. Reason i did this is that this is like the "Dark Knight Returns" of the Marvel universe... Well, this and "Old Man Logan", but lets not get TOO FAR ahead here. It would be the slower of the series, of course getting insane towards the halfway-3/4th point of the film. but hey, let's do this. This as before will be PG-13 (No PG's here, looking at you "All-Star Superman" Xp). The art style would be a perfect translation of Kaare's art and writing. Lastly, like the others, cover art would be done by Kaare himself.

Let's get started with the fancasting.

Mark Hamill as the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man
This to me would be a perfect casting as since Mark's done with Joker, why not get into Marvel and do the older Spider-Man, right?

J.K. Simmons as the voice of J. Jonah Jameson

I feel as though i don't need to explain why he should be the voice here.

Jeff Bennett as the voice of Mayor Waters

For some reason, hearing Bennett say "Screw this!" running away from Venom? Come on, just works out.

Mike Patton as the voice of Edward Saks/Eddie Brock/Venom

Reason i went for Patton is due to him being like the Frank Welker of music and him doing the different voices and such works out great for Venom. Plus he can do Venom's growlish echoish tone (I thank him doing the voice of "The Darkness".)

John DiMaggio as the voice of Flint Marko/The Sandman

Hey, he's voiced him in "Spectacular Spider-Man" and would be great to hear him do it again, plus it being more serious in this. :AWWWHHHH...: Just to note, not gonna cast his daughter's V/O, too lazy.

D.C. Douglas as the voice of Electro

This just seems like a natural casting here. All i gotta say.

Michael Bell as the voice of Mysterio

Michael as Mysterio would be awesome, just seems to fit. Plus think of this way, the voice of Plastic Man as the voice Mysterio, sweet.

Clancy Brown as the voice of Kraven

Clancy would so be epic as Kraven2, have him do his Kurgan voice for Kraven.

Steven Blum as the voice of The Scorpion

Yes, i know i used a non-"Reign" pic of Scorpion, sue, me, couldn't find a good one.. But hey, Steven voicing Scorpion would fit perfectly with him, giving him the growlish tone.

Richard Epcar as the voice of Hydro-Man

This works well, trust me.

Jennifer Hale as the voice of Mary-Jane Watson

Yeah, why not. She only appears in flashbacks and hallucinations, but Jennifer would be great voicing MJ, right?
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