Spider-Man Trilogy Villains

Spider-Man Trilogy Villains

If they had by now never made a Spider-Man movie, let a lone a trilogy. Here are the villains I'd have in the trilogy and who would play them.

Known facts about me and the article: Spider-Man is my all time favorite superheroes, I've always prefered his films and comics over any other solo superhero. I think he has the best rogues gallery and that you are about to read this trilogy villains fan cast.

Spider-Man 1 Villain

Tom Hardy as Sandman

I was trying to think of someone who could be as good if not better than Thomas Haden Church in the role. The only person I could think of is Tom Hardy and not cause of his role as Bane but, his role as Tommy Conlon in Warrior. The raw power and emotion he brought to the role could really give Sandman dimension as a character and you could sympathize with him more. Not to mention the idea of Tom Hardy kicking Spider-Mans ass.

Character Portrayal: I didn't want to make him flat like Electro is in the comics and I want to seperate myself from Spider-Man 3's take on the character. I decided to go with the roots. He grew up without a father cause his father had abandoned him. He got picked on and bullied at school. Eventually once in high school, he joins a mob and then the illegal activity he had done eventually turned him into a bitter and violent man. From then on, I don't need I have to explain his origin. But that's the kind of character I would have this portrayal be. He would be a very bitter and violent man with a dark past that corrupted him. I think Hardy would nail it spot on.

Spider-Man 2 Villain

Thomas Jane as The Lizard

I've used him in my previous casts where I had The Lizard in the cast and I'm sticking to him. Thomas Jane is a great actor and I've only seen a couple of his movies and believe it or not, The Punisher showed me that he is the man for the job to play, Dr.Curt Connors. Cause of the range he had and the pain he had for the loss of his family, you could just feel it. He would give Rhys Ifans a run for his money as the good doctor. I think he could balance the calm, family friendly human side with the more rage filled, monsterous side.

Character Portrayal: Yes, it would stay in New York but, his origin would be closer to the one shown in his initial debut. We would spend time with his wife and son so, when he did finally become The Lizard, it would have an impact. I would also have him evolve in the film. The more he is The Lizard, the more reptilian he becomes. He wouldn't be as smart, he would grow a snout (he would talk less and less as the snout grew until he has a complete snout, then he would just roar), he would be brute strength and speed. Due to Connors' family, Spider-Man would faced with the complicated task of defeating the monster and saving his friend at the same time. I would also (when Connors is The Lizard) have him nearly kill Spider-Man.

Spider-Man 3 Villains

Danny Huston as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Josh Hartnett as Eddie Brock/Venom

Danny Huston is a great actor. While yes, I have only seen him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and 30 Days of Night. It doesn't mean he isn't a good fit for Norman Osborn a.k.a The Green Goblin. His commanding stature as William Stryker in Wolverine and his brutal violence and aggresion in 30 Days of Night is what convinced me that this is the guy who could play him.

Character Portrayal: Okay, remember how phsycotic Heath Ledger was as The Joker? Well, I think Danny Huston could do something similar for the Green Goblin. As Norman, he would have that commanding stature as well as a father who neglects his son. Once he is the Green Goblin, he would have the brutal aggression of the Ultimate Green Goblin but would have that sort of smart but phsycotic personality of the classic Green Goblin. The look though would be classic Goblin. This would also be a part adaptation of The Night Gwen Stacy died but as well as the introduction of the symbiote (which I will get to in a bit). I decided to want to adapt The Night Gwen Stacy Died to really fuel the rivalry and show how evil he really is and show the tone change in the third film.

Josh Hartnett is a great actor and a very under rated one at that. He has shown that he not only has range but that he could also do very serious roles (Black Dahlia, 30 Days of Night, O, Pearl Harbor). This being said, I don't think he has ever had a villain role in a film before. Why not give him a chance? He's shown he can do edgy and dark characters. To be honest, I think he would make an amazing Venom.

Character Portrayal: I'm going to get this out of the way, I would have Spider-Man 3 be between the length of The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises because of the combination of 3 or 4 different major storylines into one film. He (like the Green Goblin) would have balanced screen time as Eddie Brock and Venom. He would be Peters rival at the Daily Bugle who eventually gets caught stealing by Spider-Man. This would lead to Brock having a grudge against Spider-Man and gasoline would only ignite the fire even more when Brock finds out he has cancer. This would attract the symbiote (who Spider-Man got rid of after the death of the Green Goblin) and latch itself to Eddie. They form Venom, bust out of jail and go after Spider-Man.

What do you think? Comment below.
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