Spider-Man TV series fan cast

Spider-Man TV series fan cast

My first fan cast (sort of). I have selected a cast of which I believe today's networks in television would aim for.

Hello there! These are some opinions of which I believe today's TV networks would consider for a decent Spider-Man TV series.

Let's face it, today's networks and TV writers aren't as good as they "can" be, and I'm talking about the superhero world. Whether its animated or live-action, no studio or network has truly reached "almost perfection" with a superhero TV show these days. PERSONAL OPINION HERE: Smallville had Clark Kent, but until the last episode, he was never "Superman." Don't we won't the cape and tights? I Do...

Arrow, is a very different take on the character "Green Arrow." One, I believe fans have mixed feelings for. I'm not a fan of Green Arrow himself and don't know too much about him, but from some complaints I've heard of and read, the show really isn't "that" good.

Disney XD's newest animated Spider-Man TV show is geared toward a younger audience, and to be honest Drake Bell's voice is a tad annoying at times, for me personally. Also, I've read (and I personally feel this way, too) some feel its a Spider-Man version of the ended TV series, Batman: The Brave And The Bold (which is also a show geared toward younger audiences).

After Batman: The Animated Series, Superman: The Animated series, Justice League, The Batman TV series, and The Spectacular Spider-Man, the superhero TV industry hasn't done too well. Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Young Justice is probably the best you'll find out there, but with Earth's Mightiest Heroes being on with Ultimate Spider-Man, I don't watch it very often. Forgive me if I've left anything good out (or bad), and do please voice them in the comments section.

Moving on now, this is what I, personally, think the today's networks would aim for. Some of these are personal picks, and some of these will be actors which I think the studio's these day would consider.

Shia LaBeouf as Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

I will probably be hated for this. Shia LaBeouf is a personal pick here, just so you know. If you've seen the first Transformers film, or any of Shia LaBeouf's movies, then you'll know why I have chosen him. I think he has a lot of potential. I believe he can pull off the awkwardness Peter Parker has and come out as heroic and brave as Spider-Man.

Kay Panabaker as Mary Jane Watson.

Not really what you call a "personal" pick here. But I do believe TV studio's would be attracted to her. Maybe not her "per-say," I just think the networks you see these days would go in this kind of direction.

Jennifer Lawrence as Gwen Stacy.

I thought her performance in X-Men First Class was good, and I enjoyed it, but this is another "studio" pick. I, personally, think she can pull off the role of Gwen Stacy well, but I also believe fans would have mixed feelings for her as choice.

Mark Harmon as Captain Stacy.

If you've seen him in his hit series, america's number 1 drama, "NCIS", then you'll know why he's on this list. He plays the character agent Gibbs, and as the show has progressed, his team mates see him as a father to them. This is why I have chosen Mister Harmon as Captain Stacy. In the series, he's cold and brave, but when needed, he can be affectionate, too.

Luke Benward as Flash Thompson.

I will probably be killed for this choice, but before you go hog-wild on me, I didn't know who to choose for our beloved Spider-Bully. Also note, this is another one of those which I think a studio would aim for. Much like Kay Panabaker, I think networks these days are looking for "cheap" (if you will) actors, considering this would be an expensive series. And all knows, money is tight! Yeah, remember that. These studios would have to pay actors regularly. See where I'm coming from, people?

Julie Andrews as Ant May (or "Aunt").

I'm not really sure how you Comic-Heads will feel about this choice. This pick, people, is a personal one. I think Andrews is a wonderful actress, and I believe she can pull off the role of Any May perfectly (or at least decently).

Nicholas Hoult as Harry Osborn.

Not too sure how you'll feel about this one either. This choice is sort of half and half. I thought his performance in X-Men First Class as Beast was very good, but at the same time, I feel like TV studios would go in this direction because he's still "starting out." Also, he has this dark look about him and I, personally, think he looks like Harry.

Dave Franco as Eddie Brock.

What more can I say? He's the brother of James Franco! Some of you probably see him better playing Harry, but me personally, I think he looks and has that "Kill Spider-Man" edge about him.

Bruce Greenwood as Norman Osborn/The Green Goblin.

Why not right? The guy looks creepy! But what it all boils down to, can he act? Yes, obviously. He played "Captain Pike" in 2009's Star Trek, and did wonderful. I hope, if a LIVE ACTION Spider-Man series would ever come true, that studios would cast someone like Greenwood.

Ben Kingsley as Vulture/Adrian Toomes.

Do I really? Really? Okay... Sir Kingsley is a fantastic actor, and even LOOKS like Vulture (a rare appearance).

Patrick J. Adams as Electro/Max Dillion.

Another "studio" pick. I think, with such a role, TV networks and studios would be attracted to an actor like Adams. Like a lot of you (probably), I have mixed feelings for this choice, too. But, considering he's landed a lead role in one of usa's top shows, "Suits," he must not be that bad an actor.

Edward Norton as The Lizard/Doctor Connors.

You'll probably think this is an odd choice, and I don't know why, he's played a giant green monster before (and did a fine good job, too)! Edward Norton is a fantastic actor, and I loved his performance as Bruce Banner in The Incredible Hulk. Nuff said...

Gary Sinise as The Sandman/Flint Marco.

Another odd choice you say? Can't say I disagree! Again, "studio" choice. Sinise has won a Golden Globe, looks the part, and has been into television before-- I think an actor like him will attract studios.

J.K Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson.

Who else? Simmons truly is the best Jameson EVER.

Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben (flash backs).

Personal favorite here. I thought Sheen was brilliant as Uncle Ben in The Amazing Spider-Man. Simmons and Sheen should STAY in the Spider-Man business. Both brilliant.

That warps it up. These are personal opinions, as usual. If you decide to comment, be respectful. And much thanks for reading.
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