Spiderman 3: What should have been

Spiderman 3: What should have been

With "The Amazing Spiderman" right around the corner, I was thinking back to Spiderman 3 and what a disappointment it was. It had potential to be so great, or at least on par with the previous films. I'm pumped from the new take, but still have problems with 3 that I can't forget. So I listed something's I would have changed. (There are some major changes and new plots would have to be worked out, but it's just a rough idea.) Let me hear your ideas.

1) Intro scene should have had shuttle crashing with Spiderman saving John Jameson and crew while getting attached to symbiote

2) More Spiderman- less Peter. First fight scene should have shown him change into costume while fighting Harry

3) In first fight, it is believed that Harry dies in a pumpkin bomb, but suit is turned golden orange (hence Hobgoblin)

4) Missing Spider sense (and explanation why Venom didn’t trigger it)

5) More emphasis on symbiote turning Spiderman violent, aggressive, thrill junkie

6) More emphasis on Sandman stealing money for medicine, and Harry using this to blackmail Sandman for final fight scene

7) Spiderman and symbiote dual personalities/styles should have been countered by Harry and Norman dual personalities (shown by Harry always seeing/talking to Norman is reflections like in 90s cartoon)

8) Harry kills Gwen in the end, which Brock blames Spiderman for, thus motivation for hate on Spiderman and Peter

9) Spiderman ditched the suit after he kills Harry because he realized what he has done and Harry was just as “crazy”/conflicted by the goblin gas/Norman as Peter was because of the black suit

10) Final scene should have been symbiote leaving Peter and attaching to Brock in the church
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