Star Trek Phase II (FAN MADE)

Star Trek Phase II (FAN MADE)

Award Winning Web series with Original Cast memebers staring in multiple Episodes.

Like any show out there things start out rough (episode 1) but the improvements on this series are staggering. There are six episodes available for download and 3 in post production, which are each improved exponentially upon the last in acting and CGI effects. Lastly, if you like Star Trek TOS you will love this. If you don't you probably won’t.

For a quick view of episode 6, click the link below

I also highly recommend the episode with George Takei called "A World Enough and Time." The effects aren't as good as where they are in current episodes but the acting and most importantly the story is AMAZING!

Once again if you don't like TOS, don't hate. I get it, but just be respectful. The people that make this series do it absolutely for free and for the enjoyment of all who want to watch. Take any negativity somewhere else.
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