Star Wars a New Hope fan cast

Star Wars a New Hope fan cast

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.... check out my reboot of star wars a new hope

Hey guys after hearing the news about Star Wars I revisited the collection, and then came to hope Disney would not continue the franchise but reboot it. I would keep the story lines the same, and really didn't mind the Mathew Vaughn and jon Favreau rumors as directors, But here are my Ideas for casting...

Nicholas Hoult as Luke Skywalker

He is a up and coming actor, who is no stranger to action and huge fan base movies.

Nathan Fillion as Han Solo

His character in Firefly was basically Han Solo inspired.

Anna Kendrick as Princess Leia

Anna and Nicholas are about the same age and resemble each other. She is also no stranger to huge fan bases.

Daniel Craig as Obi-Wan Kenobi

Who better to teach Luke about the force but 007.

Terrance Stamp as the Emperor

Terrance is a great actor who can be a fearful villian.

Tyler Mane as Chewbacca

Tyler is a big guy who can bring some toughness to chewy

Simon Pegg as c3po and Vern Troyer as r2d2

A great comic duo who could feed off of each other.

and Last but not least

Liam Neeson as Darth Vader

He is very underrated as a Voice actor, and I know he was in episode 1 but he would really bring vader to the Dark Side!
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