STAR WARS: A Sequel To The People Vs. George Lucas Documentary Is On The Way

STAR WARS: A Sequel To The People Vs. George Lucas Documentary Is On The Way

In 2010 Alexander O. Philippe made a documentary about how the Star Wars prequel trilogy ruined the childhood of Star Wars fans across the globe. Now, he's turning his spotlight on Disney for a follow-up documentary.

Die hard Star Wars fans have already seen (or may very well be in) Alexandre O. Phillipe's 2010 documentary, The People vs. George Lucas, which examined the mass disenchantment that fans of both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises felt following the highly disappointing prequels to the original Star Wars trilogy and to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. 

Those who felt that George Lucas ruined their childhood now have a new target: Disney. Sure, the House of Mouse may have taken Star Wars from Lucas' hands, and quickly put into production not only a sequel trilogy, but a handful of spin-off films, but is the Galaxy Far, Far Away really safe in Disney's hands?

Philippe plans to examine these questions in a follow-up documentary, called The People vs. George Lucas: Episode II, which will arrive in December 2015, the same month that Star Wars: Episode VII blasts into theaters. 

A press release and official teaser image for the documentary have been released, which you can check out below:


There is a great disturbance in the world of STAR WARS fandom.

While many seem delighted that George Lucas finally handed over the reins, and excited about the future of the franchise; others are worried about the Disneyfication of the galaxy far, far away that has defined their childhood.

THE PEOPLE vs. GEORGE LUCAS – EPISODE II will draw the curtain on the examination of the most complex relationship between a creator and his fans in the world of popular culture, asking the question: what does the future of STAR WARS look like without George Lucas?

This participatory documentary is now open for submissions to fans around the world. Rants, opinions, parodies, fan films, images, songs, and creative speculations about STAR WARS – EPISODE VII are encouraged, and can be submitted directly via our website:

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