Star Wars: Darth Maul: Death Sentence 1-4 Review

Star Wars: Darth Maul: Death Sentence just released its final issue in the mini-series and so I figured it was time to brief review the mini-series, with only slight Spoilers nothing to big that ruins everything.

Star Wars: Darth Maul: Death Sentence is a four part miniseries by Tom Taylor. It takes place about 20 BBY and is a fantastic read for both Star Wars fans and comic readers who are looking for a good short read, and it’s a must read for any true Darth Maul fans.


The series starts with Maul and his brother Savage being attacked due to a bounty placed on Maul’s head. Eager to get the attention attached by the bounty off the brothers set off to find the source of the bounty. There are some really cool fight scenes and the art work is beautiful. The only down part is that the Brothers are often cloaked or in shadow so it makes it hard to tell who is who.

3/5 stars


Not much I can say here except this issue is straight up fighting Jedi vs Maul style. There are at least half a dozen panels that make you go “OOOMG BAD A$$?” This issue ends with such excitement that you HAVE to keep reading. Imagine if you’ve never seen Episode 5 and you just found out that Vader is his daddy, that level of excitement.

5/5 stars


This issue opens up with Maul training an army of Natives and we get to see into his psyche a little bit here, which is as expected dark and twisted. There is some cool story line building here not a whole lot of fighting but still great.



The final issue starts with Maul and his army of Natives charging into battle and with the Clone troopers here its kind of a this” is what we’ve been waiting for” moment finally a show down of Obi and Maul. But that never happens. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing the issue is still epic. There is also more into the insight of Maul and is twisted since of how much a life is actually worth. The series ends perfectly for Taylor to do another miniseries or an on-going one that picks up right afterwards.

4/5 Stars

All and all I think this miniseries was a 5/5. It was what us Maul fans have been waiting for, for so so long. There was some epic fighting, some sick twisted Sith thinking and some really great art.

Enjoy some art work!

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