Star Wars Episode 7 (Fan-Cast)

Star Wars Episode 7 (Fan-Cast)

I grew up with Star Wars, check out my Fan-Cast who i feel could pull off good roles in the Film, And why!

Comment your thoughts!

If you don't agree with the casting, That's fine! but here is my Fan-Cast for 2015's Star Wars Episode 7 that i have faith in big time considering J.j. Abrams is making it!

PLEASE - Comment your thoughts, and what you think (once again this is just a fan-cast so don't get too butt hurt)

The original cast with supporting role in the film, Luke Skywalker, Han & Leia Solo.

LIAM HEMSWORTH - Ben Skywalker (Lead Role)

Now i think he's a good actor, and as much as 'Paranoia' sucked, i think he is a good actor, Now i didn't put him here because i am some huge Hunger Games fan. I put him here because of is work i could see him doing it, And talking about Hunger Games it gives me that feel where i could see him being in Star Wars. Chris Hemsworth is most known for his role as Thor and that's really what got him famous, i feel like this could be that role for Liam.

DANE DEHAAN - Anakin Solo (or other)

Dane DeHaan is really beginning to become a bigger actor, He is a great actor and that is obvious with all the films he's coming out it. Now what gave me a "Star Wars" vibe from Dane was his movies, 'Chronicle' and 'Metallica : Through the never' He can be a good kid in this film, or a darker kid? I would LOVE if he was in the new Star Wars.

GARRETT HEDLUND - Jacen Solo (or other)

Garrett is a good actor, and we know that.. but it's his movies that give me the "yeah he could do that" feel, i could see him do a Han Solo character, so why not his son? But beyond that, i could care less, I just feel he'd do that role really well.

SAOIRSE RONAN - Han & Leia's daughter (or other)

Honestly, I'd rather love to see Jeniffer Lawrence in this film. but i didn't add her to the (Fan-Cast) because i know people would say "But her and Liam are in Hunger Games together?!" Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen are in Godzilla and Avengers : AOU!? haha, but i do think Saorise Ronan is a great actress, and could do this role justice any-day!

ANTHONY MACKIE - Lando's SON (friends with Ben Skywalker)

I love Anthony Mackie as in actor, and you should too. And i would love to see lando's journey continue in Star Wars through his son which i think Anthony could do a cool thing with, He might look to young and if you agree why not IDRIS ELBA?

IDRIS ELBA - Lando's SON #2 (mentor & friend too Ben Skywalker)

If you want older rather then full of a young cast i could see Idris Elba being older and a mentor like figure to Ben Skywalker, i still like the idea of Anthony Mackie though!


Lando should have a small, but still supporting role throughout the next 3 films? i just would love to see him return!

JOSH BROLIN - Anyone (Jedi or Sith)

Honestly, put him in or don't but i feel like he could be a cool guy to have in the film, i have no clue who?

ANDY SERKIS - Alien Villain (or other)

DANIEL CRAIG - Bounty-hunter, if not GTFO

I want the new Star Wars films to have one bad-ass, butt-kicking Bounty-Hunter who is sort of bad at first but turns good and helps Ben Skywalker? And just being some kick-ass team also, just the voice. but a LEGIT costume, with maybe a desert-style uniform?

BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH - Sith-Lord (or) Kick-Ass Jedi.

He could play one-tough cookie (bad guy) but why does he always have to be a bad guy? Why not some legit good guy who uses force and his light-saber better then anyone?!

CHEWBACCA (Ben Skwalkers right hand man)

Chewbacca, maybe Han tells Chewy to protect Ben or something? I just want him to have a major role in the next 3 films to come!
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