"Yo Joseph, we need to talk." Paul as he entered the laboratory of a young man, studying a document in the computer. "What is it, can't you see I'm busy?"
As he speaks, a small girl steps from behind Paul. "Bro, can you stop and talk for a second?" with a displeased tone in his voice, Joseph responds. "Fine, I'm all ears what ya want."
Sitting right on top of on his desk, the girl starts to speak. "We want to quit." a confused look comes across Josephs face as he looks at his older sister. "Being heroes. We've been doing it so long, we can't even remember what it feels like to be normal!" "Wait, you want to quit? Give up on everything we've worked for?" Joseph responded sharply. His voice getting louder as he spoke.
"Joseph, listen..." staring at him, he ignored the tears starting to well in her eyes. "No, you listen. We've come too far to quit now, do you realize how many people we've helped ? How many lives we've saved? How many people will die, no because you want to feel normal? People like Dad and Chris and even our master!"
"We can't change the past and the future, Joe. We have to move on with our lives." calmly she put her hand on his shoulder, he shrugged it off, and turned to face computer work again. "You can move on all you want. I'm staying right here."
"Okay, little brother. You know where to find me if you need me."
"Yupp, I sure do."
"Will you still be at my wedding?" walking towards the door, she stops and leans against the frame, to finish the conversation. "Ya know, I wouldn't miss it that something special ."
"Good, just making sure. Love ya, bro." with that last sentence she walked out of the lab. For, at least in her mind, what would be the last time.JOESPH STOOD THERE TALKING TO THE COMPUTER "YO COMPUTER CAN YOU DO ME A FAVOR AND SEND 6 LETTERS TO TYLER,Ethan,JACK,MILEY,LUCY,AND gabrial" SAID JOESPH 'OK SIR ANYTHING ELSE" ,"YES ON THE LETTER WRITE COME TO CENTRAL PARK THAT'S WERE I WILL MEET THEM IF THEY WANT TO KNOW HOW TO CONTROL THERE POWERS I WILL BE WAITING THERE NEXT TO THE POUND" , THAT'S IT SIR " SAID PC,YES COMPUTER AND THERE ADDRESS IS IN MY FOLDER" "OK SIR" SAID PC. "Can i answer you a question sir" said PC, "yes what is you also want to quick" said Joesph, "i cant quit im a computer anyways sir how do you know these kids and what was the first time you fought with your old team mates cause i never remember you ever telling me this" said PC. "I know PC im playing with you well our fist fight was in time square i remember like it was yesterday i was only 14 my sister was 15, Paul was 14, john was 15 he was the leader and Micheal was 16 she was the hot girl on the team we was battling our first villain he had the power to control gravity he was kinda hard to beat but we did it a guy named Mr.stars who was like our master who taught us to control our powers told us what to do to take down this gravity guy he told Paul to turn to liquid water then freeze the villain arms cause that were his energy game from and he told me to distract him i was like what the fuck do you want me to die while the other three were saving the people around that area" Joesph stop for a while and just stared at a old newspaper were it showed a picture of them fighting lord gravity."sir are you there
" yelled PC "yea i am"said Joesph "keep telling me the story its getting interested" said PC ,"OK PC after Paul froze lord gravity hand i couldn't touch him cause i could of melted the ice and started it all over again but john took lord gravity out cause what ever he touch his body turns in to it like a shield then these guys came in and took lord away and they put a metal thing on his hand i thing it was to shut his power down but they weren't cops or anything like that and that's it" said Joesph. 'know about the kids i was at the hospital cause i was hurt in battle but i lied i told the doctors that i was beat up by a gang and all these kids were at this one hospital and all this kids fever were all at the same rank the doctors didn't know what they had but i did they were getting there powers and after that i keep my eyes on them for a long time" said Joesph "so you were spying on them" said PC "no i was look after them not spying PC"
"i know i just like to mess with you sir", "i hate when you do that PC".
"so what ever happen to your dad and Chris? said PC
"why do you keep asking me question" said Joesph while sitting down on his chair reading a about a weird explosion that happen two weeks ago
,"cause i want to know about Chris you never mention him before" said PC ,OK and this will be the last story i will tell you then you go back to work said Joesph "OK sir'. "he was our sixth member of the team he's dad left him when he was a just born and he lived with his mom Dr.stars took him out of the street and made him part of the team he didn't have powers but he wanted he was a really good fighter he knew martial art and he taught us some fighting moves he was part of our knew family , he was sent on his first mission it was only me and him we went to this building but we never knew it was full with explosion he went inside to stop nuclear bomb to be launch and he did and when he did the building exploding and his body was never found my job was to protect him i failed to and i was blame for it by his mother every one went to the funeral but i didn't" said Joesph in a low voice know that it go back to work ima go to and do my job and when you done shut done for to day" said Joesph 'OK sir".
"yo PC did you send the mails to the kids i told you to send" said Joesph in a angry loud voice
"yes i did sir and why are you mad" said PC
"im mad because i been wait here in central park since 8 a.m and know is 4 pm" said Joesph a women walking right by him stares at him in a weird way
"what you looking at" said Joesph to the women
"me sir im looking at a baseball game it is a really good game"
"not you PC" said Joesph the women just keep on walking yea you better walk and stop starring at people the women went back to Joesph and slap the shit out of him and started walking back the way she was going Joesph hand turn on fire "luckily bluetooth didn't fall out my ears or she would of get it" said Joesph
"sir i got to leave you i got another phone call said PC
"PC do not pick up the other call or you.......... shit he picked up the other call" said Joesph.
"so you must be they guy that's going to teach me how to control my powers"
'and you must be" said Joesph starring at the black hair kid,with a white t shirt and jean pants and white and black nicks
"im Ethan Gomez"
"oh and what power do you have" said Joesph in a nice voice
"don't you see the wind blowing around like crazy" said Ethan
"so you have wind powers" said Joesph in a stupid way
"and what kind of power you have guy in the suit aren't you hot in the suit cause its 80 degrees" said Ethan looking at Joesph weird
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