Super Review:THOR

The Mighty Thor arrives to save the day. And steal Natalie Portman from us.

I remember watching the trailers for this movie. I was so stoked. I remember trying to figure out what Loki would be like. Seeing who they would play Thor I knew he would do well. Seeing Tom Hiddleston's picture next to Loki, even with the blonde hair he looked like Loki. I personally had no doubt this movie would be epic.
Everyone does their character justice.
Chris Hemsworth:With a name like that its no wonder he got the part. He even has the voice right. He may not wear the helmet much, but after that ceremonial scene I didn't care. He has the look, the attitude, and when he goes good, well fully not a hot head good I was "YEAH MAN NOW KICK BUTT!!!!" He really puts emotion into his role.

Tom Hiddleston:THERE IS NO OTHER MAN ON EARTH[besides me]WHO CAN PLAY LOKI LIKE THIS MAN. He truly comes off as a lost, slighty innocent, and a little disturbed prince. Who's dad is really the guy he lives to kill. That scene with him and Odin really makes a predictable scene work.

We'll just say everyone else does very good as well. This movie you could say is very predictable. But the thing is though the scenes we know are coming are filled with great acting an emotion. My eyes got tears in these scenes
Odin banishes Thor.
Loki discovers he's adopted.
Thor sacrifices himself to stop the Destroyer.
Thor arrives to stop Loki from destroying Joutenhime.

The new mythology is very cool. The asgardians are aliens who were thought of as gods by primitive humanity. And are given their names by their paticular skill. Thor's got moljnir so he can control lightning hence "god of thunder", Loki's good at causing mischief hence "god of mischief". Hiemdall can see and hear almost everything. The villains of this movie depending on how you look at it could be a let down. But I know for me it worked. Laufey was well I don't think he was that great. I would have preferd Ymir. The Destroyer should have been at least a little more powerful. I mean in the comics it was suppose activate at Ragnorok at well help out. But Thor defeats it so quickly. I'm not sure who got beat the quickest Loki or the Destroyer. If anyones timed it, please put it in the comments section. But the emotional build up is really good. I like how Loki knows about Jane Foster and used her to get Thor to fight him.

Now for those who couldn't make sense of Loki's plan here it is all layed out for you.
His goal was to set it up so the Frost Giants would try to kill Odin while in the Odinsleep, leaving Loki to kill Luafey, and look like the hero. Thus the line "And your death came by the son of Odin". As we could see his mom fell for it.
I knew this was gonna be a "while daddy's away the kids can play" kinda thing. But even with that this movie is really fun to watch. And very important to the set up to the Avengers. So here's my my verdict...I read all the spoilers for the movie and still enjoyed it comepletly and throughly. And was still jumping up and down when I got home. And for us guys sorry but Jane is taken...but hey we still got Darcy, so it could still be a win. Very excited for the sequel.
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