Superman Chapter 2 Fan Fic

Superman Chapter 2 Fan Fic

This is the sequel to my Superman story that should be the basis of any good Superman movie.

If you have not read my first story then you should check it out at my fansite because you would need the back story of this story.


The first scene starts off showing an ominous space ship that is orbiting the Earth and inside this ship is a mysterious entity that is monitoring the so called Superman's every move and this entity says " I have found you Kryptonian". The creature then enters a shuttle and the shuttle leaves the ship and heads towards Earth or more specifically the city of Metropolis.

Meanwhile we see Superman pursuing a notorious gangster named Bruno Manheim. Bruno and his thugs are tring to outrun Superman in the escape car but it is ineffective. Bruno's thugs try to shoot Superman but that does not work at all and eventually Superman gets in front of the vehicle and the entire front of the car is destroyed leaving Bruno and his men unconscious and Superman then leaves them for the police. While these events are occuring Lex Luthor is watching the chase on the television in his office his hatred for Superman grows as he watches everyone praise Superman and then he comes up with an idea that involves an experiment his scientist are working.

Off in a small town outside of Metropolis sightings of a meteor are running wild throughout the town and a small group of people who are part of an alien cult are investigting this meteor. While these people are searching for the meteor one of the members goes off by himself and then he finds a crater in the middle of the forest. The man goes into the crater and sees a small machine that looks like a space ship. The man goes down into the crater and looks at the ship and suddenly the ship opens. The man looks inside the ship and then he sees these mechanical tentacles he then takes a step back and behind the tentacles he sees these three glowing dots that are in a triangular formation. Right when he sees these dots he gets pulled inside the ship and we hear him scream in pain. The others go to see what is happening but no one is there not even a ship only an empty crater.

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet Clark Kent is at his desk and then Perry White calls Clark into his office. Clark asks why he is there and Perry tells him that he has an assignment that he wants Clark to do and it involves going to a town outside of Metropolis to investigate a meteor that hit the Earth last night. While Clark leaves the building he sees Lois Lane who is heading inside the building. Clark then gets her attentionand asks her if she would want to go to a nice restaurant with him later she is in sort of a hurry but she stops and hesitates for a while and replies with a yes. Clark walks away happy and then Jimmy Olsen walks up to him and says that Perry assigned him to work with Clark in this meteor case.

At LexCorp Lex Luthor is watching his top scientists work on his latest experiment which is a state of the art surgery that involves helping a former assassin named John Corben. Lex's plan is to put John Corben's brain into a machine and save John's life because John is dying of a rare form of cancer. This machine is made out of nearly indestrucible that is called Metallo and the main power source of this machine is Kryptonite the only known weakness of Superman. Hours later after the surgery Lex goes to see Corben while he is getting use to his new body. Corben sees Lex and thanks him for his help and he tells Lex that he will do anything that Lex asks him and Lex replies by saying " I do have something I want you to do I want you to kill Superman" and Corben looks at Lex with a strange look and says " Yes, it is done".

Clark is preparing to leave on his trip to investigate in that meteor story until he sees a man getting mugged in the alley so Clark acts quickly and opens his shirt to and under it is the Superman costume. This man in the alley is being beaten until Superman shows up and the crook runs away until Superman grabs him and throws him at the wall knocking him out. Superman then checks to see if the victim is alright. The man says " yes, I am alright ,but your not".
Then the man punches Superman through a wall then Superman gets back up and says " who are you". The man says that his name doesn't matter and then he says " just call me Metallo". The two of them begin to fight , punching each other through buildings and other obstacle. Superman is getting the upper hand in the fight until Metallo opens up a compartment on his chest that contains a shard of Kryptonite bring Superman to his knees. Then Metallo punches him through a garbage truck and then Superman spots an old refrigerator that is lead lined inside the truck that he was just punched through and grabs the fridge and puts it in front of him. Metallo goes to finish Supes off and sees that he is holding something and suddenly the object is thrown at Metallo's exposed power sourde and it break off. Metallo is now powerless and Superman punches him into the the ocean that is next to the road they were fighting next to. Before throwing Metallo into the water he sees a label on Metallo's neck that says LexCorp on it.

Clark is t the town that the meteor landed near and askes around of what some of the people have seen and one of the people says that he saw a man get pulled into a space ship by these mechanical tentacles. Clark checks out the crater and he spots a strange symbol on the ground and Clark has Jimmy take a picture of this symbol. Clark then leves the town with Jimmy and then he gets a call from Lois and she reminds him of their date and he says the he would pick her up in an hour. Clark gets Jimmy to make a copy of that photo so Clark could research it.

Clark gets back to Metropolis and drops Jimmy off at the Planet and when Jimmy leaves clark gets out of the car and finds a quiet sucluded place and becomes Superman and flies away. Superman flies to the Fortress of Solitude and when he arrives a holigram of his father Jor El appears and Clark asks his father what the symbol on the photo means and Jor El replies by saying " this symbol is the mark of the Brain of the Universe" and Clark says "what does that mean". Jor El explains that the Brain of the Universe is a cybornetic organism that goes from planet to planet collecting information on how the people live and treat each other. Jor El then tells Clark that he has met this creature before when it came to Krypton a long time ago. Jor El say that the creature observed them and left peacefully and Clark "says why did it just leave" and Jor El says that the creatyre decided the Kryptonians are peaceful and are now allowed to live. Then Clarks says " Allowed to live? Do you mean that this this decides the fate of an entire planet" and Jor El says "yes and I think that this planet is next on its list".

Meanwhile at the Daily Planet a mysterious man enters the offices and asks Jimmy if he knows where Clark Kent is and Jimmy replies " I don't know" and then a mechanical tentacle comes out out the man's trench coat the the tentacle grabs Jimmy by the shirt and the man looks at Jimmy angain and says " where is Clark Kent" Jimmy tells him that he should be at the Wayne restaurant on 52nd street with Lois Lane. The man says thanks and puts Jimmy down.

Clark shows up at the Wayne restaurant and sees Lois at the door and he goes over and greets her. Clark and Lois are sitting at a table and telling each other about the stories they are working on at the Planet Lois says that she is investigating the murders of 2 cops in Gotham who were supposedly killed by the vilgilante Batman. Clark tells Lois that he is working on a story about a meteor that landed in a town nearby and now a man is missing. After they eat their food Clark tells Lois that he has to use the bathroom. After Clark leaves Lois sees a man in a trench coat walk torwards her table and the man says " are you Lois Lane". Inside the Bathroom Clark hears Lois scream and he runs out out of the bathroom and sees a mechanical arm holfing Lois as she is leaving the restaurant. Clark asks a waitor what he saw and the waitor says that a man with metal arms grabbed this woman and ran off with her. Clark then walks back into the bathroom and goes into an empty stall and exposes his Superman costume and flies right through the ceiling of the restroom.

Superman catches up with this man and tells him to put the woman down. The man then puts Lois down and suddenly the man pulls off his own skin and say " Hello Kal El". Under his skin is a machine with three dots on its forehead that are in a triangular formation. Superman says " How do you know me" and the machine says " I have searched all over the Galaxy for you and I have now found you". Superman says " why do you want me" and the creature replies by saying " You are the only survivor of the planet that I destroyed and you need to die along with your planet and this planet which I will destroy after I kill you". Superman then says " How did you destroy my planet" and the creature says " I put a weapon inside the planet that is 1,000 time more powerful than the splitting of the atom and pretended to leave peacefully". Superman then says " I will destroy you for all that you have done"! Superman and the Brain then engage in an epic battle. While battling Superman and the Brain are beating each other and throwing each others miles outside of town. The Brain then transforms his arm into a photon cannon and fires it at Superman. The laser misses Superman many times until it hits hiim on the back and knocks him to the ground.

The Brain's laser strikes a maximum security prison where Bruno Manheim is being held and when the laser hits thousands of inmates escape including Bruno.
Superman is now on the ground and the creature stands above him with the gun pointing at his face until suddenly a hits the Brain's head it is Lois inside an army helicopter that she got from her father's military base and she opens fire on the machine that is trying to kill Superman. Superman then grabs the machine while he is preoccupied with Lois and crushes his weapon and then breaks the machine into two halves.

Superman goes to thank Lois but then the Brain says that his ship is armed with the weapon that destroyed Krypton and it will fire upon the Earth in 3 minutes so Superman tthen zooms into the sky looking for the space ship. He then find the ship that is preparing to fire upon the Earth and then Superman flies inside the nossle of the weapon and destroys the weapon along with the space ship but the haul of the ship is going to crash into Earth. Superman pushes the ship upward so the crash wouldn't cause mass destruction. He pushes as hard as he can and he ends up landing the ship in a cornfield outside of Metropolis.

The next days at the Daily Planet Jimmy and Lois are ready to print an article on how Superman saved the world. The article's title says " Superman saves the planet from Brainiac" and Jimmy says that he came up with the Brainiac part. Then suddenly they look out the window and see Superman flying and Superman goes into the horizon.


Afterwards Bruno Manheim is running from the cops and he spots Brainiac's ship ruins so he decides to hide inside it. While inside the ship he finds a large library of planets that Brainiac has been to and he looks through it and accidently touches a button that is next to the library. After he touches the button he sees a bright light and now he is a scary place with fire all around him and he then sees an 8 foot tall brod shouldered man with a face that looks like stone and this giant says " Bow before me I am your god now". Bruno who is terrified beyond imagiantion gets on his hands and knees and bows before this creature.


Brandon Routh-Superman/Clark Kent

Rachel McAdams-Lois Lane

Garrett Hedlund-Lex Luthor

Jimmy Olsen-Anton Yelchin

Dustin Hoffman-Perry White

Oliver Platt-Bruno Manheim

Hugo Weaving-Brainiac

Karl Urban-John Corben/Metallo

Jim Caviezel-Jor El


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