Superman Chapter 3 Fan Fic

Superman Chapter 3 Fan Fic

This is the 3rd in istallment of my Superman story so enjoy...

This is my first article in a while and it is the story and cast of how I think a Superman movie should be. If you haven't read any of my Superman stories before go to my fan site and check them out.

The Story:

The opening scene starts out on a mysterious planet far away from Earth and we see a cowering Bruno Manheim who is neiling before a massive, entity who is covered in the shadows around him. Bruno Manheim says to this ominous man " please let me go back home" and the shadow figure asks "why" and Bruno say " so I get revenge on the man who caused me to be here. The people of Earth call him Superman."This catches the attention of this man he then stands up and walks out of the shadows. His face looks like it is made out of stone and he stands at about eight feet tall. This man Says "tell me more about this Superman and the planet you are from". Bruno gets a slight smile on his face and says " Superman is a man from another planet who acts as our hero he has amazing powers and is the most powerful being on earth". This giant man then tells one of his soldiers to get the transporter ready and says " we have a planet to visit".

At the Daily Planet mild mannered reporter Clark Kent is at his desk when Perry White yells "Kent what are you doing sitting around when you and Lane are supposed to be getting a plane to Gotham for the Wayne Enterprises Expo" then Clark swiftly gets up and hurries out the door and meets Lois in the lobby of the Planet building and the two of them head out the door. On the airplaneLois and Clark are talking about What questions they will ask Bruce Wayne. Suddenly the airplane starts violently shifting and the turbulence just keeps getting worse. Clark sees something fly past the window. After that the turbulence stops. Hours later the two reporters land in Gotham. Clark is still stranged out by the thing he saw go past the plane. Clark Later during the day changes into his Superman costume and goes of to investigate that thing that flew past their plane.

At Lexcorp Lex Luthor is working on a new weapon for the military that extracts the energy from any power source that is available in the area. Lex tells his board of directors that this weapon will revolutionize technological warfare by extracting the energy from all of the machines in the area enabling the enemy powerless and open for attack. After the meeting Lex leaves the building and the janitor comes in to work. The janitor who works at both Lexcorp and Star Labs is name Rudy Jones. Rudy is cleaning Lex's office and when he is finished he heads towards the laboratory where the new weapon is set on display with a blanket covering it. Rudy's curiosity causes him to pull the blanket off and when he does that he accidently moves a switch that turns the machines power on. Rudy looks at it and put the blanket back on the machine and walks away. While leaving the room Rudy accidentally dumps his mop bucket and the water travels over to the machine and as so as that happens the machine releases a surge of electricy into Ruby's body. The machine then explodes and causes and the radiaction changes his body into a purple color he then hurries up and runs out of the building.

Superman is flying around the area his plane was over when the turbulence happened and he spots a crater in the forest below. He descends to the crater and sees a small spaceship in the center of the hole and then suddenly he is grabbed and thrown by a man who is wearing high tech gear. superman lands on the ground and then uses his speed and hits this man in his stomach. This mystery man then pulls out a strange weapon and fires it at Superman blowing him back several hundred feet. Superman gets up and punches the weapon away from him and hits the man into the air. When the man lands on the ground Superman grabs him by the clothing on his chest and demands to know who he is. The man then says "my name is Orion." Superman puts him down and asks him "why are you here" and Orion says " I am here to stop the apocalypse that is about to destroy your planet." Superman says "what apocylpse" and Orion says it is not an event it is a person and person who is coming here to destroy it in search of a worthy opponent." Then Superman says "he must be searching for me because I am the only one worthy to fight him." Superman then asks "how did he find out about me" and Orion says " a human by the name Bruno Manheim was somehow telported to the planet and told the master about you and now he is headed to this planet right now." Superman asks Orion "what is the name of this man who is coming to kill me and how do you so much about him? Orion says "he likes to be called god but his real name is Darkseid and I know about him because I am his long lost son." Superman says "long lost son?" Orion then tells Superman that he is from the planet Apokolypse where Darkseid is the all powerful ruler but Darkseid made a peace agreement with a neighboring planet and the agreement involves trading the heirs to the crown of each planet so Orion went to the peaceful planet and the other child went with Darkseid. Superman and Orion then fly awy together.

At Lexcorp Lex gets the news of the accident and goes to his destroyed laboratory when he remembers the the security cameras and he goes to the security office and sees the whole accident on camera. Lex sees the man who is in the accident and asks one of his employees who that man is and the employee says that the man is Rudy Jones the janitor. Lex then sees the end of the video when he sees Rudy who is turned a strange purple color and runs runs away Lex then looks at the camera with a strange smile on his face. Meanwhile is hiding in an alley a couple of blocks away he has a small mirror in his hand and is horrified by his appearance he then sees gets very hungry so he puts on a jacket and asks a man passing by for some money. The man ignores him and just keeps walking and Rudy then grabs the man by the arm in a rage. He says " he buddy give me some money please" the man suddenly starts to convulse after Rudy touches him and the man falls to the ground Ruby then gets a strange rush of power and he relized that he just stole this man's energy and runs away with the man's wallet.

On Apokolips we see Darkseid and Bruno Manheim are going through a portal to Earth it will take about 7 hours to get there.

Superman and Orion separate Clark heads back to Gotham for the expo and Orion heads towards the Fortresss of Solitude because Superman said it was safe there. At the expo Clark meets up with Lois and Jimmy arrives a little bit later to be their photographer. Jimmy apologizes for being late but then the expo starts. Bruce Wayne walks out on stage and starts off the entire expo. Later on Lois and Clark finally get to interview Bruce Wayne.

At Rudy Jones's apartment he is amazed at what he did on the street earlier and suddenly the phone rings he picks it up and the phone answers "hello this is Lex Luthor I was your employer at the lab and I heard about what happened on the street I reas it in the paper and I have a job for you." "what is it" says Rudy. Lex replies by saying "I want you to meet me at the labs tomorrow at five.
The next day Lex meets up with Rudy and after many experiments he sees that Rudy has the power to extract the power from people sort of like the machine. After they experiments Lex says "the job is I want you to kill Superman for me."

After the expo Lois and Jimmy go up to their hotle rooms and then Superman heads to the fortress to meet up with Orion. When he arrives Orion tells Superman that Darkseid will be arriving on Earth very soon. Superman asks where he will arrive and Orion says Darkseid will arrive on top of the Daily Planet and the entire city will be in danger.

Superman and Orion start to head to Metropolis Orion travels on his hover bike when suddenly something jumps on Superman while they go under a bridge Superman immediatley goes down to the ground. Orion flies after him Superman is unconscious now. The creature and superman hit the ground. Orion goes to the ground after them and when he gets there this creature which is a purple mutant has stolen Superman's powers and it punches Orion out of it way. This creature says that it has been sent to kill Superman and anything that gets in its way. Orion and this Parasite fight for a while trading blows but Orion is not as strong as it. The parasite gets the upper hand until Superman gets up on his feet and Punches the Parasite with all of his strength and the creature goes flying through the air. Superman goes after it and ties it up with a large steal rod. He then starts to interogate it he demands why it was trying to kill him and it says "Lex Lutor sent me he said he would give me anything I want if I took you out he thinks you are a phony and he wants to defeat you. He believes that he owns this city not you." Superman and Orion throw him into a specially made prison for super criminals.

Clark goes back to the hotel Jimmy and Lois are at and finds out that they have already left to go back to Metropolis. He then finds Orion and they fly to Metropolis and suddenly Superman sees a bright light come from the Daily Planet it is a portal he then sees a swarm of strange creatures fly out and behind them is a massive being with a face that resembles stone and next to him is Manheim. Superman lands on the roof of the Planet building and confronts Darkseid.Superman says "you must be Darkseid" and Darkseid says "you must be Superman" Superman asks "why are you trying to destroy my planet" Darkseid replies by saing that is has no significance in the unviverse and anything that is not important must be destroyed". Superman yells " I will stop you with every piece of my strength". darkseid says "you will try but after everything I will destroy you and everything on this pathetic rock". Then suddenly Darkseid punches Superman with extreme force making him fly through the air for miles. then Superman flies torward Darkseid and punches him with even greater force.

Meanwhile Lois and Jimmy hear about this battle and want to see it for them selves. Lois gets a helicopter off the roof of the building and heads torwards the battle ground.

Superman and Darkseid are exchanging punches but darkseid's strength is too powerful. Superman lays on the ground beaten and bloody when darkseid starts to gloat about him being superior and then he spots a helicopter and his eyes glow red as if he is about to prepare a laser blast. Clark looks up and sees the helicopter has Jimmy and Lois inside and as soon as he sees Darkseid going to fire at them he then hits darkseid with extreme force and he goes flying threw the air. Superman is now angry Darkseid tries to hit him but it barely budges him. Darkseid pushes him out of the way and is about to kill a bus load of kids with his laser blasts. Then an even bigger blast comes from the sky it was Orion with his gun. Darkseid is on the ground beaten and bruised when Bruno Manheim shows up and and shoots Superman with a Kryptonite bullet letting him and Darkseid get away in a portal.

Superman falls to the ground dying when Lois shows up and gets Superman when Orion says that he can help he then pulls out a tool and extracts the kryptonite bullet. Lois sees Superman start to wake up and is joyed by the sight. Superman says he needs to get his power back and he needs sunlight. Orion uses his hover weapon to take Superman above the clouds and he gets his power back and flies away thanking Orion for everything he has done. Orion uses his own portal and tells Superman "if you need me just call".

The next day Clark arrives at the Daily Planet and Perry white asks how the expo was and Clark, Lois, and Jimmy said it was a blast. Then Perry says "well you guys have a lot of work to do involving this thing that fought Superman yesterday. Then calrk hears an emergency alarm and says that he has to go. Superman then flies through the sky.


Lex Luthor is in his office when he sees a shadow outside the building he turns around and see Superman hovering above the side of the building. Superman says "I want to know why you have tried to kill me twice. One with that cyborg a couple weeks ago and now with that Parasite creature. Lex says "I hate competition and I think of you as competition and I will do anything to win". Superman then replies by saying "I should report you to the authorities" and Lex says "you have no proof I have no liability for anything." Superman then warns Lex by saying "watch your back because I will be watching you." Lex smiles evilly.

The cast

Superman/Clark Kent-Brandon Routh

I am a proud supporter of a Routhboot I think he has great potential.

Lois Lane-Rachel McAdams

I think she is the best choice for Lois I can picture her the spunky strong headed reporter

Lex Luthor-Garrett Hedlund

Yes I know he is younge but I think he would be awesome as a villain and I kind of like the idea of a younger Lex Luthor it makes his rivalry with Superman more personal.

Jimmy Olsen-Anton Yelchin

He is a fan favoritte and I like him as an actor so what the heck.

Perry White-Dustin Hoffman

He is a great veteran actor and he would pull off the character wonderfully.

Orion-Jeremy Renner

He is another great actor and he would be awesome in the action scenes and he would pull of the character perfectly.

Rudy Jones/Parasite-Ben foster

I know he doesn't resemble the character very much but he is a fantastic actor and an awesome villain actor cgi can always be used for exerything else.

Bruno Manheim-Oliver Platt

My version of the character is a normal mob boss who is sort of a douche and Oliver Platt is good at playing douchebags.

Darkseid-CGI Michael Ironside

Ironside was absolutley awesome on the animated series so I would love to see him in a movie as the character.

Bruce Wayne-Christian Bale

I really couldn't imagine any other actor playing Wayne. Bale is Batman

Well enjoy.
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