Superman Earth One TV Series Ideas And Concept Art

Superman Earth One TV Series Ideas And Concept Art

An idea for a what I think would make a cool new approach to superman for tv...

Seeing as how lately DC has been batman crazy, as he has had many of his own shows and even has a new one coming out next year called Beware of The Batman, I thought I could share an idea of mine for what I think would be a cool superman tv series.

It would be a little bit like the show Spectacular Spiderman(that show was hot stuff btw) where Superman is just starting out his career. This Superman would however be much younger than he has usually been portrayed. He would be around 17 or 18 and would still be in high school and later through the series progress on to college.

His main love interest would be Lana Lang, a popular cheerleader at Smallville High, but he will later develop a huge a crush on Lois Lane, a new cute/smart girl who will be in charge of the high school newspaper.

Clark Kent himself would be kind of a nerdy guy and he would also be very smart because of his kryptonian intelligence. He will also have to balance his personal life and his super hero life and face many challenges on down road. Also, sense he is just starting out he wont be that great at using his powers and will still be finding out exactly who he is and his kryptonian heritage.

General Zod will be in the series as well but surprisingly not as a villain. He will be sort of a mentor for Clark, teaching him about kryptonian heritage and how to use his powers. Think of their relationship similar to that of Ras Al Ghul and Bruce Wayne from the movie Batman Begins, if you havent seen that movie, stop reading this and go watch it right now....seriously.

Also further down the line, Clark will get a side job at the Daily Planet, along with Lois Lane (this is where they develop their relationship). Their boss Perry White will be wanting many photos of Superman and will often send Lois and Clark on many different jobs to get scoops on news and things like that.

Anyways, below is some drawings of mine I imagined for some of the characters to look like, hope you like them!

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