Superman II, The Second Most Revolutionary CBM Ever

Superman II, The Second Most Revolutionary CBM Ever

Behind The Dark Knight, see why Superman II is the second most revolutionary and most influential superhero film of all time.

Superman II, The Second Most Revolutionary CBM Ever

Before there was The Dark Knight, before there was Spiderman, before there was The Avengers there was only one true superhero movie.... Superman. After watching Superman II (1980) last night, I noticed something that many people tend to overlook and forget. I saw just how remarkable Superman II is, and between the silly fight scenes, fake flights, and a little overacting (Terence Stamp’s General Zod), I also saw Superman II’s great plot, amazing story telling, and the true brilliance it has for a movie made over 30 years ago! Behind The Dark Knight (2008), I have came to the conclusion that Superman II is the second most revolutionary, and inspiring movie ever in the history of comic book movies.

Many of you might be wondering “what makes a movie revolutionary?” To make the answer quick, a revolutionary movie is a film that is innovative, new for its time, progressive. A revolutionary movie is a game-changer, it changes the future of that genre of movies, and puts the audience in a new, glorified state of mind. Superman (1978) is of course up there in the list of most revolutionary CBM’s, but many people, including myself, believe that Superman II (1980) is the most superior Superman film ever made.

The Dark Knight (2008) is the most revolutionary CBM of all time, there is no questioning that. The acting is oscar worthy, the plot is stunning, the movie editing, music, and action sequences are one of the greatest ever period. It’s hard to see another film topping what The Dark Knight did for the CBM genre, for a movie genre that was a little cheesy, nonrealistic, and entertaining, The Dark Knight gave the superhero genre the ability to be as great as any other movie. Superhero movies can be realistic, they can inspire people of any age, and they can make people want to come back over and over again. The Dark Knight’s impact on the superhero genre is everlasting, that is why I cannot put Superman II at number 1. However, compared to the dozens and dozens of other superhero movies, Superman II lies dead ahead of the list.

Superman II started everything for superhero movies. Sure, Superman 1 brought it to the national spotlight first, but Superman II really made people love these movies. The first of its kind, Superman II brought two major villains, Lex Luthor (played by Gene Hackman) and General Zod (played by Terence Stamp), together. Look at every great superhero movies now, most of them have two leading villains. The Dark Knight trilogy all had two villains, Batman Begins had Ra’s al Ghul and Scarecrow, The Dark Knight had The Joker and Two-Face, and The Dark Knight Rises had Bane and (SPOILER ALERT!) Talia al Ghul. Marvel has its two villains also, Iron Man (2008) had Obadiah Stone and the Ten Rings, X-Men 2 (2003) had Magneto and William Stryker, and even freakin’ Daredevil (2003) had Bullseye and Kingpin. Superman’s II villain cast let alone had a huge impact on the Superhero film industry.

What would the whole Superman franchise be without its leading man, Christopher Reeves? Arguably one of the greatest casting choices of all time, Christopher Reeves had the looks, attitude, and acting ability to be the perfect Superman. Christopher Reeve’s Superman was a idol for kids everywhere. Every kid across the nation wanted to be Superman. Costumes, capes, t-shirts, backpacks, anything you name it... kids wanted it and kids got it. Superman was everywhere! Before this film, no movie character outside of Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse shared the same stardom that Superman did. Movie directors and producers dreamed to create characters as mesmerizing as Superman. It’s no secret that for decades to come, films have tried to exploit there characters to gain Superman stardom. Superman II’s ability to portray the perfect hero will play a large role in the future. Batman, Spiderman, The Hulk, these characters would never have reached the popularity across the world as they have without Superman.

The biggest impact Superman II created, in my opinion, was its ability to create such a popular character that can symbolize everything good in humanity. Christopher Reeve as Superman portrayed a beacon of hope, justice, and freedom. Children looked up to Superman as there hero and idol. People were able to see the good in society through the actions of one man, Superman. Superman became a national figure, everyone knows who Superman is. Superman II put Superman on the map, and showed how one movie character can make the difference in other people’s lives. Children look up to him, while adults strive to be like him. Superman personified everything good as he defeated evil. No movie character has ever played such a large role in society like Superman has. Superhero movies of the future strive to achieve the glory that Superman has. Batman and Spiderman would never be as influential as they are today without Superman II’s contribution.

Behind The Dark Knight, Superman II is the second most influential and most revolutionary comic book movie of all time. It’s contribution to the genre is evident in society today. Superman II may not be the greatest superhero movie ever, but its significance goes farther than anyone could ever imagine. Superman II is innovative in almost every aspect, and the impact superhero movies play in our lives today may be completely different without the outstanding influence of the first great superhero movie the world has ever seen, Superman II.

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