SUPERMAN (Routh) vs HULK (Norton) : CBM Battle Poll

SUPERMAN (Routh) vs HULK (Norton) : CBM Battle Poll

What is stronger truth & justice or pure blind rage? This is a no holds barred fight. One will reign supreme, will it be DC’s SUPERMAN or Marvel’s HULK.

“Who is stronger?” -anonymous
“Who indeed” – anonymous

I woke up to the blueness of the sky. The wind was howling and the air was freezing. When I looked around everything was white, but it was all too familiar too me. I am in the arctic wasteland and I am near home. The last thing I remember was a fierce battle with a guy in a batsuit. I still cannot comprehend how he could have bested me. He was just a man, I am sure of it, and there were no kryptonite around but still he managed to defeat me. I was faster, I was stronger, and I have whole lot of arsenal that he does not have but he did something then everything went black and the next thing I knew I am here waking up with nasty case of Kryptonian headache. I am SUPERMAN but from what just happened, I do not feel that super.
I feel a change in the air and its coming quick.

HULK is becoming tired of this endless fights and HULK always wins. HULK smashed rock face man, HULK smashed sharp claw man and HULK smashed shiny metal man. HULK indeed strongest there is. Oh no! Red light again! HULK hates red light. Red light moves HULK to other place to fight. *poof* Where is HULK now? Ooohh… snow, HULK likes snow but HULK don’t like man with red briefs standing on snow. HULK fights again!

“Initiate battle scenario.”
“SUPERMAN of universe spmr chosen”
“HULK of universe 199999 chosen”
“Battle scenario initiated.”

[RULE: Try to base the outcome on the characters abilities in the movies and not the comics. You could check them here.

info for SUPERMAN[here].]

info for HULK[here].

The battle is not planned. The arena is the Arctic Wasteland.

Writing a detailed description of the battle and the result is greatly encouraged (go wild!). You know where to write it.

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