Superman:The Last Son (Pt.1 and 2)

Superman:The Last Son (Pt.1 and 2)

This is the sequel to my Superman story that brings Superman against the extraterrestrial villain Brainiac and the return of the Kryptonian race. Pleas read if you have time. This is the complete finished story

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Early morning Metropolis. Over the city we see cars driving down the streets and people walking around. Suddenly a large mechanical robot is thrown into a building. A red flash pushes the robot into the ground and pounds him down into the sewers. Then Superman is shown standing over the robot. The robot lifts its arm and shoots two rockets directly at Superman who catches them and throws them back exploding the front of the mech. Superman looks to see that the robot is being controlled from another location. A digital clock begins counting down 10 seconds and Superman quickly grabs the robot and flies into the air. The clock continues ticking until Superman hurls it into the atmosphere and it blows up from the pressure. Superman looks down to see the approval of the bystanders as they clap. Then the metropolis police begin to arrive and Superman flies away.

In a building labeled Luthor Corp a chair is thrown at a wall. The camera turns to show Lex Luthor breathing heavily at his desk. “Why wont he DIE,” demands Luthor at a laid back Mercy Graves. “He’s an unkillable machine,” says Mercy, “you can throw all your toys at him but he’ll never die. Face it Lex, there is someone who can beat you.” Luthor storms over to her putting his hands on the arm rest and leaning over her. “No one can beat me,” says Lex. He walks over to the window and looks out at the city. “My meteor rock supply is growing lower. He could hardly feel it this time and next time it will only be weaker. I need to find something stronger than space rocks and bullets. I need…substance,” says Lex.

At the Daily Planet people are running around crazily writing one story or another. Lois Lane sits at her desk typing away at a story while Jimmy sits at Clark’s computer playing solitaire. “Lois you wanna get something to eat,” asks Jimmy. “Jimmy I’m busy. A massive showdown just happened downtown and I need to be the one to broadcast it to the people. You should’ve had mommy make you breakfast earlier,” says Lois. “I would have had breakfast but you made me run to work earlier than usual,” says Jimmy. “It’s just part of the job Jimmy. Speaking of job where the hell is Kent,” says Lois.

Superman flies over a sandy dessert where a group of people wave to him from next to a burning building. He looks to the sun and realizes that he’s late for work.

“I’m telling you Jimmy there are much better reporters out there than boring old...” “Clark,” says Jimmy. Clark walks over to them and pats Jimmy on the back. Then he sits at his desk. “Busy morning Lois,” asks Clark? “No it was pretty easy. Just a Superman smack down downtown,” says Lois, “besides that nothing. You?” “Traffic,” says Clark. Perry walks over to them looking busy and occupied. “Lane, Kent. There’s a story at STAR labs that needs one of your writing. Dr. Emil Hamilton says that he’s discovered something that could end up being as big as Superman,” says Perry. Clark raises an eyebrow and Lois keeps fixed on her computer. “I’ll take it boss,” says Clark, “Lois is already working hard.” “Save it Smallville,” says Lois grabbing her bag and shutting off her computer, “I’m on a role today. Two stories will just keep me burning,” says Lois walking out. Clark looks to Perry then follows her out.

From space a silver sphere with three green lights in a triangle formation flies towards Earth surrounded by meteors.

Lois drives her and Clark quickly down the streets of Metropolis. Clark looks over to her to see a serious look plastered on her face. “I’d ask what’s wrong but I doubt you’d tell me,” says Clark. She glances at Clark but then returns to the road. “Nothing’s wrong Smallville, just thinking about stuff,” says Lois. “What kind of stuff?” “Superman. I know I’m supposed to forget about him but I just can’t. He’s everywhere.” “I don’t know what people see in him. He’s just an alien in red and blue tights,” says Clark. “He’s more than that. He’s a symbol for what we should be. He brought us hope in a way that metropolis needed. And we pushed him away when he tried to save us. People like Luthor and Turpin who wish to condemn him for something that needed to be done. After that Metallo incident six months ago. I’ve only seen him once or twice,” says Lois, “I know he’s busy, but a girl has her needs,” says Lois. Clark holds back a smile but he understands the sorrow. “Well Superman did give you the story about his home and Krypton and the Kryptonians and all that.” “I need more than just a business relationship Clark.”

They get to the lab and find it surrounded by other news vans. They park and quickly push through the crowd and move into the lab to find Emil Hamilton walking back and forth on a stage in an observatory. Clark and Lois sit at the front and Lois begins taking notes.

Everyone quiets down and Emil begins speaking. “Thank you all for coming. I take it you’re not here to see our recent advancements in the monitoring of the larval stage of a fly’s life,” says Emil. People react with a chuckle but Clark remains serious. “Many years ago we sent fifteen rovers strapped with cameras into space. All of them eventually died. But one recently gave us a new feed,” says Hamilton. As he speaks the ceiling turns to space and a meteor belt is shown. “You see that,” asks Emil. It zooms until the silver sphere is seen. “Seconds later the feed was dropped. We tracked the area and the course that the rover was in and we found that this sphere is headed towards earth. The meteor rocks around it could be attracted to the sphere and thus also headed towards Earth. Its arrival should be sometime in the next week, but we can’t be sure,” says Emil. The picture remains in the air as he continues speaking. “The sphere is about twice the size of the Daily Planet globe. We are currently developing a plan to avert the sphere and anything else it brings. That is all we know for now. Thank you for coming,” says Emil. The lights turn on and everyone begin to walk out.

Lex observes this report from the windows of his office that work as screens. As the report ends the screens turn back to a window. “Mercy,” calls Luthor. “Yes boss,” says Mercy walking into the room. “Get me the general.”

Lex walks through and underground military base. He walks through a sliding door and finds many people working on different projects. As he walks he ducks to avoid a man flying with a jet pack. “Luthor,” says a voice over a speaker. Luthor looks up to see a man in a general’s uniform speaking into a microphone from a high up platform. Luthor nods and walks onto a smaller platform that shoots him into the air and onto the general’s platform. “Good afternoon General Lane,” says Lex extending his hand. “Mr. Luthor,” says the general receiving the hand. “It’s an honor to meet someone as noble as you. I’ve come here to show my support for the fight against the oncoming UFO. I might not know much about the extraterrestrial life forms, but my funds and people at my disposal are exponential,” says Lex. Lane ponders it for a moment and lets out a sigh. “I don’t know if I can trust you Luthor. But right now the world needs all it can get.”

Superman flies over a snowy plane until he gets to a large icicle tower. He touches down and walks inside. Inside we see many rooms and floors. He walks to a large wall with crystals stuck inside and pulls one out and sticks it into a stand in the middle of the room.

Then a face appears on a large icicle hanging from the ceiling. “Hello Kel-El,” says the man. “Hello father. I’m here for your guidance,” says Superman. “What can I help you with my son?” “Father, there is something coming towards earth and I don’t know how to stop it.” “Extraterrestrial beings are much harder to stop than earthly beings. Everything in the cosmos is different and unpredictable. You’d need extreme knowledge to find how to defeat it,” says Jor-El, “knowledge that only I can provide to you.” “Then tell me what I need to know.” “It will take more than just inserting a crystal into a wall. It will take time,” says Jor-El. “how long?” “Four days.” “I don’t have that time. This thing could touch down at anytime,” says Superman. “That is not why you refuse to do it…You have earthly matters to attend to,” says Jor-El in annoyance. “I cannot leave Clark Kent behind to become your successor. I try my hardest to split my time between being human and being a savior. So hard that it’s beginning to get to me,” says Superman. “If you ever wish to become this world’s savoir, you need to take the time to learn. If not you will just be another reckless human with powers,” says Jor-El. “Then I guess that’s all I can be.” “Superman…have you ever seen this before,” asks Jor-El. A silver disk with a screen across it floats down to Superman’s hands. “What is it,” asks Superman. “I can tell you…if you stay. It’s important.” “I can’t right now father. I’m sorry,” replies Superman beginning to walk out. “Where are you going my son,” asks Jor-El. “To learn on my own.” As he walks out the face disappears and the crystal floats back to its original place.

Lois stands in the Daily Planet finishing her story about the robot vs. Superman. Suddenly a gust of wind flies through the building and Lois finds a piece of paper on her desk that reads, “Meet me on the roof”

Superman stands on the roof looking out to the distance. Lois walks through the door and looks at Superman in joy. “Superman,” says Lois running towards him with an embrace. “Lois,” says Superman holding her. “Have you heard about the silver meteor,” asks Lois. “It’s all I hear about. People are worried, and resulting to violent actions,” says Superman. “You need to help us Superman. You’re the only one who can.” “I hope I can Lois. If I can’t…know that I tried. Know that I loved this planet…and you,” says Superman. Superman looks deep into her eyes and kisses her. “I need to go Lois,” says Superman pulling away. He steps on the edge of the building and looks up to the sky and then back at the street. He bends his legs and then pushes off vigorously shooting himself into the air. He continues up and his body begins to look like a fireball. Lois looks up in admiration as she begins to lose sight of him.

He flies faster and faster pushing harder and harder against the atmosphere until he finally breaks through and finds himself in space. Superman looks around to find himself in space. He looks up and flies furiously. He flies for a long distance until he sees the meteor belt and silver sphere. He flies forward punching away the meteors. He pulls back his fist and strikes the sphere. When he does he feels a shock of pain fill his body. As he whales in pain the meteors re- attract to the sphere and continue forward. Superman struggles to keep control as he falls to a crater and fades.

Hamilton is standing in a lab looking at different stills of the silver sphere video. Another scientist walks in and puts his bag on the table. “Emil,” says the man. “Milton. Good to see you’re back,” says Hamilton staring at the stills. “Yeah well I couldn’t stay in Coast City for too long. But it looks like you’ve been keeping busy.” “I guess you’ve heard.” “Everyone’s heard. It’s big news, an alien object coming towards Earth.” “I’m taking care of it Milton.” “Why don’t you go to the army with this information? They need us, they need you.” “I’ve never like going to the military with my findings. That General Lane is too hot headed to ever listen to a scientist,” says Hamilton putting away the photographs. “Then let me take them,” says Milton grabbing the pictures. “Milton…” “This is for the world Emil,” says Milton holding the pictures with Emil, “you’re being hot headed.” “If you want to go to the army with any information, “Emil rips the pictures from Hamilton’s hands and puts them in his bag, “then you’ll have to find it yourself.” Hamilton gets up and walks out while Milton stares at him.

The next day Lois Lane walks furiously through a military base. Different soldiers try to stop her but she continues forward until she gets to her father’s office and pushes open the door. “I’m sorry general we tried to stop her,” says a young soldier. Lane looks up from a report and gestures with his hand, “that’s fine. I always have time for my daughter.” The soldier exits and Lois throws a newspaper at her father. “Are you serious dad? Please tell me this is a rumor,” says Lois. He picks up the news paper and shows a headline that reads “Lex Luthor Our Protector” with a picture of Lex shaking Lane’s hand. “Lois these are harsh times. We need people like Luthor who can support us,” says Lane. “I thought you had more dignity than this dad. He’s a murderer. After what he did to me last year how can you support him,” asks Lois furious. “IT’S FOR THE GOOD OF OUR PLANET LOIS. I THOUGH YOU WOULD UNDERSTAND. I hate the man as much as you do. Anyone who tries to make a criminal of my daughter deserves to be hated, but if he can help the world then I have to put my biased aside and take the help I can get,” says Lane. “What about Superman? Have you tried contacting him,” asks Lois. General Lane sighs and rubs his forhead. “How do we know he isn’t a part of this? Lex tried to condemn him. How do we know this isn’t his way of getting back at us,” asks Lane. Lois shakes her head in anger and then looks to her father. “I thought you were smarter than this father.” “Maybe you can trust him…” “WE can trust him. I know we can,” says Lois. She opens the door and slams it behind her as she exits. Lane brushes his hair back and punches the wall behind him.

Superman lies on a crater. He stumbles to get up and then holds his head as he looks around.

He turns and a large purple alien with gold eyes and a large mouth, standing on two legs with four arms roars at Superman. The creature swipes with his hand and knocks Superman away. The creature leaps into the air and lands on Superman. It lunges its face at Superman who grabs its mouth and holds it open. He tries to push away but the alien grabs him in one hand and roars into his face. Then he is suddenly dropped to the floor. He looks up and the alien is sliced in half. The top of the alien falls off and Superman stands up. He looks to see an alien standing on four pod-like legs and two boney arms holding a stick with a sharp end. It looks at Superman with its four eyes and aims his stick at him. “Thank you,” says Superman putting up his hands. “I do not need your thanks,” says the alien. “You understand me,” asks Superman. “My people knew every predominate language in the universe. That is why he came,” says the alien. “Who?” “Robot man in silver ball. He say he help us, but he kill. He kill everyone.” “Is there anyone else here,” asks Superman looking around. The alien looks to the floor and then back at Superman. “No…no one I know. Just creatures like these that were born when the world ended.” The alien turns and begins to walk away from Superman. “Please. I need your help. I think the robot man might be coming to my planet. I have to know how to stop him,” says Superman. The man shoots the stick at Superman and it breaks against his chest. “Nothing kill him. He kill you. I want help you, but I cannot. Run while you can.” The alien begins scurrying away into a dark crater in the planet. “Is there anything you can tell me? Anything that can help. I can’t surrender to him,” says Superman. “He knows all. He tricks all. All he needs is a proper vessel and he kill everyone. I must go now. Soon the apocalypse creatures will be out. You need to go,” says the alien. Superman nods and thanks the alien who disappears without a response. Superman shakes his head and then takes off into the air.

Lex Luthor stands in the military base, overseeing the creation of a large robot. It resembles a man and is not much taller. “Luthor,” says General Lane coming behind him. “Yes general,” asks Luthor still staring at the machine. “I hope you know that once this problem is resolved that you have to leave. Every code will be changed, and the location of this base will be moved. You are not to attempt to find contact or address me, my soldiers, my base…” “Or your daughter,” asks Lex turning to face Lane, “I knew it wouldn’t be long before she contacted you. You can trust me General Lane. I’m not interested in the military, just helping. Your daughter and I had a large falling out. She did things that I just couldn’t put up with. I might have been a little extreme, but I am very protective of my company,” says Lex, “I treat it…well, like my daughter.” Lex smiles and pats Lane on the shoulder. “What are you working on,” asks Lane. “Well this suit should be able to withstand the pressure of the atmosphere and be able to go into space. Once it does someone will take up a bomb that is being created and stick it to the sphere causing it’s trajectory to change and the sphere and the meteors will miss the Earth,” says Lex. “That won’t work,” says Superman walking in. Two soldier attempt to stop him but he pushes them aside. “If you try to do anything to the sphere it will just go through it,” says Superman, “I tried to stop it…but it didn’t work.” “YOU INTERFEERED WITH THE SPHERE. You might have altered its speed causing it to become faster and stronger. What have you done Superman,” says Lex. “I TRIED to do what had to be done. Whatever you’re attempting to do will do the same I tried to do. It won’t stop the sphere, it won’t do anything,” says Superman. “Superman you are outside your jurisdiction and …” “He’s Superman General Lane, “chuckles Superman, “he makes his own jurisdiction. Isn’t that right Superman,” interrupts Lex. “I’m trying to help,” says Superman. “Nothing you do will help,” says Lex, “get out. “ General Lane looks at Superman with a sigh. “You’re not allowed to be here Superman. I’m sorry,” says Lane. Superman looks at both of them and says, “Lex.” Then in a flash he disappears.

In space very near earth, we see the sphere and the meteor coming towards earth. The meteors shoot forward while the sphere holds back.

On the streets of Metropolis people look up to see the oncoming meteors. They blaze towards the city just as Superman flies up and blasts them into pieces with his fists. He continues flying up and breaking meteors in his way. He grabs one and throws it into a cluster of others. The he looks beside him and sees rockets flying towards the meteors. They strike and blow up on impact. Superman looks up and sees only the sphere remaining. He grabs pieces of broken meteor and throws it at the sphere that continues falling through them. Superman charges the meteor and grabs it with his hands. Instantly he feels pain but continues holding on and tries to push it away. As they get closer to the floor the sphere stops. It lowers slower and lands safely on the floor. Superman lets go in pain and falls to the floor. “Superman,” yells the crowd as he gets up. He looks at the sphere and stumbles towards it. Suddenly an army of military vans speed towards it and attempt to hoist it onto the back of a truck. It lifts in the air and falls onto the truck. Everyone looks at it in shock and then the cars quickly speeds away. Superman looks around and then disappears.

At the military base Lex arrives in his red convertible acting like a rock star. Reporters call his name and he smiles for pictures as he drives inside.

Lex walks inside to find the sphere in the middle of the room. He marvels at the size and color of it and then walk up to it. “Be careful,” says Milton Fine walking up to him, “the last two scientist that touched it are at Met Gen right now. Milton Fine.” Milton extends his hand and shakes with Lex. “I’m the head of the team analyzing the sphere,” says Milton. “What have you found out,” asks Lex. “For the last hour I’ve just been trying to figure a way to touch it,” laughs Milton, “first thing I know I’ll notify you.” Lex nods and walks away.

He gets onto a platform and moves up to a platform where General Lane stands. “How’s it going General,” asks Lex. General Lane walks up to Lex and punches him in the face. “You son of a bitch,” says Lane grabbing him by the shirt. “Good afternoon to you to General,” says Lex. “We caught your whore sneaking around our files,” says Lane. “By my whore do you mean…your daughter,” says Lex with a smile. Lane sends Lex to the ground and brings back his fist ready to strike. “I can get you locked up for years for stealing from a military base.” Lex laughs as a spot of blood comes out of his mouth. “Please Lane. People have tried to do that many times,” says Lex. Suddenly a large pulse of white light fills the room sending Lex and Lane into the wall. Lex gets up and can barely see through the blinding light. He sees that Milton Fine is walking into the green lights of the ship, and then he disappears. Another shot of light is seen and then the room returns to normal. “What the hell was that,” asks Lane. Lex looks to the sphere and sees Milton lying in front of it. “YOU ALRIGHT FINE,” yells General Lane. Milton stands up and looks to Lex and Lane with an empty look. “I’m fine,” says Fine. “Let’s get back to work. AND SEE WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED,” says Lane walking away. Lex continues staring at Milton who also stares at him.

“Can we get inside,” asks Jimmy, “it’s pretty lame to try and get picture from out here.” “Forget it Jimmy. My dad and the rest of the military actually have a job to do today,” says Lois. Clark tries to see through the walls but find it to be covered with led. Suddenly he feels a sharp shock of pain fill his head. “AHHHH,” yells Clark falling on his knees. “CLARK,” yells Lois. “Where are you? I need you? They need you? Where are you?” say the voices in Clark’s head. They stop and with it so does the pain. Clark gets up and fixes his glasses. Jimmy and Lois look at him in wonderment and Clark fixes himself. “Sorry guys. Just a bad migraine,” says Clark.

Back inside the base a large alien man with a futuristic spear comes out of the orb. The soldiers all raise their guns as the alien walks forward. It looks at one of the soldiers with a quizzical look. Then it quickly slices the soldier’s gun in half with his staff and slices away at the other soldiers. The soldiers quickly shoot but the alien slices furiously at the soldiers. He disarms many and then looks up to Lane and Lex. “This should be fun,” says Lex. Lane pulls out his pistol and shoots the creature that uses its staff to slice the bullets. It bends its legs and then fires itself at Lane. Suddenly it’s taken out of the air by Superman. The creature looks at Superman and jumps at him with his staff ready to stab. Superman grabs the staff and throws the alien to the wall. Then with his heat vision he pierces the alien in the chest. The alien cries in pain and then jumps at Superman landing a harsh punch to Superman’s jaw. Then it punches Superman twice in the chest and pulls him down to the floor. He gets on Superman and drives his staff into Superman who is penetrated by the staff (haha dirty). Superman pulls out the staff and throws it across the room. He gets up and flies at the alien taking him out of the base. He flies into the air trying to suffocate the alien, but it remains strong. The alien head butts Superman and then pushes off with his feet. As it falls it throws two small spikes at Superman who gets hit in the chest. He pulls out the spikes and throws them back at the alien. Then with his heat vision he lights them on fire and soon the alien is engulfed in flame. Superman flies down to the falling alien and throws him down and it slams into the pavement. Superman grabs it by its shirt and stares at its face. He looks into the eyes and sees that it has the three green lights like the sphere. The alien speaks but is not understandable. Then it begins to fade until it dies. Superman picks up the body and flies away leaving the by standards in shock and fear.

Lex Luthor walks quickly to his office through the Lex Corp building. He holds a towel over his head that was broken by falling debris. He throws open the door of his office and finds Milton Fine staring out the window. “Hello Mr. Luthor,” says Fine.
“What the hell are you doing here Fine,” exclaims Luthor throwing the towel to the floor.
“Look at the city Luthor. The people…like insignificant bugs working with no purpose. Like planets revolving around a star, but why? To keep their lives and the lives of their loved ones moving. It’s sad to think of their lack of purpose.” Luthor walks over to him looking estranged. “But we are not like them Luthor. We are beings of purpose. Leaders to the boring worlds that surround us.”
“Why do I have a feeling I’m not talking to scientist Milton Fine,” asks Luthor staring at Fine who stares out the window.
“You see Luthor. Most would not have acknowledged that Milton Fine has changed, but you have. In time you would have noticed that I came in the sphere and took a vessel.”
“You came with the other alien?”
“No. That alien was created from DNA found on a different planet that I visited, and destroyed.”
“Who are you? Why are you here? Are you going to destroy this planet?”
“I have been called many things, but most notably as Brainiac.” Brainiac moves to a computer and holds his hand over it as different images from different planet begin spanning across it. “Over the years I have traveled…searching for the most suitable planet to take as my own. None have found to be suitable, until this one.”
“Why is this one so different?”
Brainiac cycles to a picture of Superman. “This is the only planet that has been able to hold a Kryptonian.”
“Superman, AKA Kal-El of Krypton is the last son of a dead race. I have come here for him.”
“Are you going to destroy this planet?”
“No, I plan to bring a new age of evolution to this planet. When Krypton was destroyed Ka-El was the only person who left, but there are still some living, and I plan to bring them back. I was hoping you would accept an offer to rule them and the with them, the world.”
Luthor smiles at the thought but then becomes serious. “I need to think about this offer.”
Brainiac takes his hand away from the computer. “Of course.” Brainiac begins to walk towards the door. “Just call me when you have come to a decision.” He exits and Lex rubs his head in nervousness.

Clark Kent sits at his desk at the Daily Planet writing a story. “Clark,” says Lois walking up to him. He closes the email and looks at her.
“What’s up Lois?”
“What’s up? What’s up?!? Maybe the meteor shower that just took place or the giant metal sphere that released an alien ready to start a Warworld. Or maybe police trying to charge Superman for killing the alien. THAT is what’s up.”
“How could they charge Superman for the murder of the alien? He might’ve died but Superman was protecting us,” says Clark insulted.
“Wow, Clark Kent sticking up for the red and blue. Didn’t think you cared.”
“I don’t care about Superman…I care for everyone being treated fairly.” As Lois stares at him with frustration Clark receives a harsh pain to his head. He holds his head in anguish and Lois holds him as he shakes in his chair. “Sorry Lois…I have to go.” Clark holds his head as he walks out of the office. He runs up the stairs to the roof and flies away.

Superman gets to his Fortress and puts a crystal into the wall. His father comes up on the ice. “Is there any way that your call could hurt less,” asks Superman?
“No,” replies Jor-El.
Superman shrugs it off and speaks up, “did you decipher the language?”
“The last words of the alien were hard to translate. For the language died years ago. About the time Krypton was destroyed. What I found, was shocking. The last words spoken were “Brainiac, will destroy you all.”
“Who is Brainiac?”
“Let me show you.” Superman steps forward and a light shines on him and he begins to view Jor-El’s memory.

We see a zoom in on a large green planet orbiting a red son. Then we see a man dresses in a white gown with the symbol of Superman on his chest addressing a council. “Please, what I tell you is not fiction. In few months Krypton could see its destruction,” says the man to the council. “Jor-El, this information is preposterous. We have no reason to believe anything you say,” says a council member. “Yes you do. In recent years people have been growing fatally ill and dying from The Green Death. Something we believed had to do with the water supply is actually due to the core of our planet growing more and more unstable and releasing toxic radiation. The core will continue to grow unstable until it finally dies. And with it so will we,” says Jor-El. The council stops and collects the information. “Jor-El, you are the most trusted scientist of all of Krypton, but there is just no proof to back up this information. Brainiac has already told us that this information is inconclusive,” says a female council member. “Yes, although Jor-El has found information to back his story. There is too much information to go against it. Our planet is no different from the way it was thousands of years ago and we cannot conclude that it is dying simply because our citizens are growing ill,” says a voice that echos from a computer. “Brainiac is our finale say on this matter. This meeting of the Kyrptonian Council and Jor-El is over,” says the main council member.

Jor-El arrives at his futuristic apartment building and slams the door in anger. He walks in and sees his wife holding his newly born son. “Sh, I just got him to sleep,” says his wife walking over to him, “how did it go?” “The council laughed me out of there. Brainiac went against me and sided with the council,” says Jor-El, “now I have to find a way to protect us Lara.”

Jor-El walks down into his lab and swipes his hand over a crystal starting up the computer. He sits down at the screen as symbols cycle up and down the screen. Then three red dots forming a triangle pop up on the black screen. “Brainiac, check computer link and traces for viruses,” says Jor-El. “No need. While you do have a virus it is nothing you can combat. For I am the virus,” says Brainiac. “What is this,” asks Jor-El getting up from his seat. “This is the last thing you will ever see. I wasn’t lying when I said your results were inconclusive. They are. The world will not end in months. It will end today,” says Brainiac. “Why didn’t you tell me this? We could have stopped it,” says Jor-El. The voice of Brainiac begins to laugh. “You knew that it would end today. I just changed the information in your files in order to make it look like it would take months. Krypton is supposed to die with all its inhabitants locked within the planet,” says Brainiac, “it is too late to stop it.” “WHY,” demands Jor-El. “Your race has seen all of its necessary accomplishments. I have discovered everything and anything there is to know on your planet. Now I must move to a new one. I have saved myself and all of Krypton’s information deep down near the core. You could say it is part of the reason for Krypton’s destruction. The second I release the sphere holding the information the core will explode killing all of Krypton’s inhabitants,” says Brainiac, “good bye Jor-El.” “BRAINIAC,” yells Jor-El.

Jor-El runs upstairs and looks out the window to see the skies are yellowish red and thunder is striking the ground. He runs into the kitchen and finds Lara consoling the baby. “Jor-El, what’s happening,” asks Lara. “My love, come with me,” says Jor-El. They run to the balcony of their home and Jor-El uses a remote control to send out a signal. The winds are gusting furiously at this point. A small ship flies towards them and sets down on the balcony. Jor-El takes the baby from Lara and places him in the rocket. “Lara, there is only enough room for Kal-El and yourself in there. You must go with our son and save yourselves,” yells Jor-El over the gusting wind. “NO, I’m not leaving you. I love you. I promised I would stick by your side no matter what. Our child does not deserve this fait,” says Lara. Jor-El nods and types in coordinates on the ship. “This will take him to a planet known as Earth. The people are similar to him and he will be able to grow as a normal child there. With him I send crystals that contain all the knowledge of our civilization so he can learn who his people are…were,” says Jor-El. Jor-El holds Lara in his arms before pressing a button on control. The ship hovers in the air and then shoots off. Jor-El holds Lara when suddenly a city in the distance explodes and a sphere flies off into the air. The explosion continues towards them and for a split second Jor-El sees his wife engulfed in flame. “LARA,” yells Jor-El as he is also consumed by the explosion.
As we see Superman he is also yelling Lara. He falls to his knees and Jor-El stares at him blankly. “That is my last recorded memory,” says Jor-El.
“Brainiac…destroyed my family,” says Superman
“He will do the same here.”
“How do I stop him?”
“You can’t. He is more powerful than you can imagine, and will defeat you,” says Jor-El.
“I can’t let him destroy Earth like Krypton.”
“Sometimes my son, you must let fait takes it course. You must leave this planet and find a new home.”
“You can’t be serious.”
“I am sorry my son, but it is true. You have learned all you can from me and what I knew. My memory has ended and you know all the knowledge I knew. You no longer need me. This means you can leave here and start a new life on a different planet…far from this one.”
“What are you saying?”
“This is the last crystal you will use to communicate with me. Then you will never speak to me again. I will be as Krypton is…only a memory.”
“Father no…I need you…you…this place is all I have of my home.”
“You can keep the fortress, but you will lose it once Brainiac makes his move. It is no longer necessary for me to stay. I’m sorry, and I love you me dear son. You have done more for this planet than I ever imagined you would. You have made the memory of Krypton a good one, and your people thank you.” The crystal slides out from the wall and the face disappears. Superman slams his fist against a wall of ice which collapses.

Superman flies from the Fortress remembering what his father said. Then suddenly he is taken out of the air and falls into a South American jungle. He looks up and sees Milton Fine. “Kal-El.”
“How do you…Brainiac,” says Superman angry.
“I see my name precedes me. Did Jor-El tell you from the crystals of his knowledge?”
“Yes, and he told me of how you destroyed Krypton.”
“Jor-El told you that.” Brainiac begins to circle Superman who follows him with red eyes. “He would. Jor-El was the only one from Krypton who ever doubted me. Have you ever stopped to think that Jor-El created those memories in case I ever came back? Maybe he wished to trick you into killing me.”
“ Jor-El wouldn’t do that.”
“With all do respect my friend. I knew Jor-El for years. You knew him for less than one. I dearly respect your father and do not wish to tarnish his memory. I instead come for your help.”
“Why would I ever help you?”
“Because I wish to bring back your race.”
Superman looks at him in disbelief. “My species is dead.”
“No. Have you ever heard of the Phantom Zone?” Superman shakes his head. “it was a place created to hold the greatest of Krypton’s warriors in case our world was ever destroyed.” “It looks like a flat disk with a small screen on it.” Superman remembers what Jor-El showed him.
“Never seen it,” says Superman clenching his fists with burning eyes.
Brainiac nods and smiles. “Of course not.” He begins walking into the trees. “If you find it, I would love it if you told me. Your people are very important to me as well.” Brainiac disappears into the trees and Superman chases after him but finds no trace. He looks around and slams a tree next to him sending it deeper into the jungle.

Lex Luthor sits in his secret base going over schematics of a mechanical suit on a computer. Mercy walks up behind him and wraps her hands around him. “How’s it goin boss,” asks Mercy in a whisper into his ear.
“Fine,” replies Luthor staring at the computer.
“You seem so stressed Lex. I think you need a massage.” She lowers her hands down to his chest but Lex gets up and looks to her.
“For god sakes Mercy. Do you see what’s going on outside. We are in the middle of an alien invasion that could destroy the world, and you wish to distract me. An alien man wishes to destroy our planet and wants me to steer his army. I don’t have time for things like petty assistants. GET OUT.” Mercy walks away and Lex remains in the layer.

Dan Turpin sits in his office when General Lane walks in. He sits in front of Turpin and takes off his hat. “Good evening Mr. Turpin.”
“Good evening general. There something I can help you with,” asks Turpin.
“I hear your trying to bring up charges on Superman for taking out the alien. I don’t think that’s wise.”
“Don’t take this the wrong way general, but leave the matters of Metropolis to me, and I’ll leave the army politics to you.”
“Mr. Turpin if you arrest Superman this city will fall into anarchy. People will see that there is no one to stop them, and this city will fall. I may not have a great appreciation for Superman either, but if he hadn’t intervened today who knows what would have happened. That alien might have wiped out the entire city.”
“I’m sorry Lane, but I know my city much better than you do. I’ll handle its problems, and Superman is one of them.”
Lane tassels his hair and looks to Turpin. “Turpin, If you choose to follow through with this plan…I don’t know if my army can support you against what’s to come. You think the aliens are done? I don’t believe so, and I hope that when they come back, all your principles will be in order.” Lane gets up and puts on his hat. He nods to Turpin and walks to the door.
“You’re stubborn Lane. Now I see where your daughter gets it.” Lane disregards this and walks out.

It’s late in Metropolis. Lois Lane is the only person who remains in the office. She looks through different pictures admiring Superman’s grace. “Good thing you took pictures. I hear they last longer,” says Clark walking to his desk.
Lois rolls her eyes and speaks up, “Very funny farm boy. I can’t be worried about our cities savior.” She shoves the pictures in her desk and crosses her arms as she stares at Clark, “why you still here it’s like one in the morning.”
“I got a lot on my mind. Feel it’s easier to just stay awake,” replies Clark.
“What’s on your mind?”
“Nothing special. Not like what you have on yours,” says Clark, “maybe you should try calling him.”
“You can’t call Superman. He’s not exactly listed in the yellow pages,” says Lois.
“Sometimes all you gotta do is say his name. I heard he’s got great hearing,” smiles Clark, “you know I am actually getting tired. I think I’m gonna take off.” Clark gets up and grabs his coat. He begins walking away and stops in front of Lois, “I doubt Superman would deny a call from the great Lois Lane.” Clark smiles and walks away.

On the roof of the Daily Planet Brainiac stands looking to the sky. He raises his hand and we see the sphere in the military base begin to glow. In a flash we see small two feet tall four legged creatures with two small arms and one big eye begin to crawl out of the sphere. As they come out one crawls over a scientist and turns the man into ashes as it crawls over him.

“Superman,” says Lois out loud with no response, “great idea Smallville.” Scoffs Lois as she turns back to her computer.
“Come on Lois,” says Superman from behind her. She turns and smiles in delight. “I can’t be everywhere at once.” She runs over and kisses him. He picks her up in his arms and embraces her greatly.
“I was so worried about you Superman,” says Lois.
“I know Lois…I’m sorry to have worried you, but things are bad right now…much worse than I thought.”
“What is it Superman? Where did that thing come from,” asks Lois as Superman walks towards the window.
“Brainiac. He came from my home…he came from Krypton,” says Superman staring out the window, “I didn’t call it here. I didn’t even know it existed.”
“I know you wouldn’t do that Superman. But I thought everything from your planet was destroyed.”
“I did too…Lois things are only gonna get worse. I have to find a way to stop Brainiac or our world is doomed.” Superman walks over to Lois and hugs her. “Remember Lois, no matter what happens…I did it for us…for the world.”
Lois looks at him in worriment. “Superman…”
He shushes her and raises his ear. He looks to the window and sees one of the creatures climbing in. it flies towards Superman and he puts out his hand to stop it. As it touches him he feels his arm burning and swings it to the wall. Superman looks to the door and the windows and finds that more aliens are coming in. He picks up Lois and begins running towards the door. He uses his heat vision to strike away the creatures as he runs for the stairs. He super speeds up the flights of stairs but the creatures also have speed. As he gets to the roof more of the creatures begin jumping onto his back and he drops to the floor. He lets go of Lois who walks to a corner of the roof. “You enjoying my friends Superman,” asks Brainiac walking up to him clapping his hands together. Superman lies on the floor in pain as the creatures move on him. “I thought it would be the best way to grab you attention.” He looks to Lois and smiles. He walks up to her and holds her chin in his hand. “I take it this is your beloved. She is beautiful.”
“TAKE…YOUR HANDS…OF…HER.” Says Superman under the alien creatures.
Brainiac picks up one of the creatures and puts it close to Lois. The alien reaches for Lois with its legs and Lois’s cheeks begin to turn gray and she begins to yell in agony. “This will keep you in pain for days Superman, but kill her in seconds.”
“NO,” demands Superman.
Superman doesn’t respond. “If that’s the way you want it,” says Brainiac letting go of the creature that jumps to her face, “I didn’t want it to be this way...”
“Thank you.” He waves his hand and the alien on Lois’s face dies and falls to the ground. Then the ones holding Superman down die as well. Brainiac walks up to Superman as he gets up. “Let’s go.”
Superman looks at him in ager and then looks at Lois who holds her burnt face. “I’m sorry.” Says Superman. Meet me at Luthor Corp. when you get it.

Superman touches down at the fortress and looks around. He puts a crystal into the wall and the projector flies down to him. “Please tell me this is a good idea father,” says Superman to the fortress. He gets no response and flies away.

Superman arrives at Luthor Corp and flies in through the window. He walks in and finds Lex speaking with Brainiac. Superman hands the machine over to Brainiac who marvels at it. “This is a great day Kal-El. The day we bring back the Kryptonians,” says Brainiac, “with Luthor as their leader and you as their symbol. The world will be ours.”
“What about the humans,” asks Superman?
“We will not rid the world of them Kal-El. Just think of them as animals. We are just adding to the food chain.”
“Yes Kal-El, just go with it,” says Luthor.
Superman looks at him in anger. “That’s Superman to you Luthor.” Lex looks at him with a smile and Brainiac looks back and forth between them.
“Kal-El, you may not know this machine was created by your father. He created it so only a selected few would be able to activate it. Not even I was given that right, but your father was. Meaning your blood line will serve just as well. Place your palm against the screen and I’ll take care of the rest.”
Superman looks at the machine and thinks for a moment. Then he places his hand on the screen. A flash of silver light illuminates around him. He looks into the projector and sees phantom creatures flying around a barren plain.

“I call all the Kryptonians from the Phantom Zone,” says Brainiac. A group of men and women begin coming forward and coming out from the Zone. Superman looks at them in awe as he sees the different Kryptonian symbols on them, “Thank you Kal-El,” says Brainiac. He holds Superman forward and he begins to be sucked into the zone.
“I’m sorry Superman, but you don’t fit in the formula,” says Lex.
Superman fights back but Brainiac pushes him into the Zone.

Superman begins falling until he hits the plain of sand.

The flash of light ends and Brainiac and Lex are standing in a room with twenty other men and women. “Welcome Kryptonians. I am sorry to be the one to tell you that Krypton…has been destroyed,” says Brainiac. Everyone begins questioning and becoming angry. “You are its lone survivors. I have brought you to a new land. A new world destined for creation, destined for the return of the Kryptonian race. I bring you to New Krypton. With me is Earth leader Lex Luthor. He will be the leader in our war against the human race that infects these lands.”
“You expect us to trust an alien,” says one of the Kryptonians walking forward.
“Mr. Luthor. I am honored to introduce you to the great General Zod, the great leader of the Kyptonian army.”
“Thank you Brainiac, and as my reputation precedes me than you should understand that I follow no man. And my men only follow me,” says Zod.
“Well Mr. Zod. I understand that you may be a great leader of Krypton, but must I remind you that this is my planet. You knew yours and for that you were elected General. No one knows Metropolis better than me, so if you wish to control this planet, you will follow me,” says Luthor. Brainiac looks to him then back at Zod who looks angry.
He grabs Luthor by his neck and raises him into the air. “Look human. You may know these lands better than I, but that does not make you leader. You can be my eyes but not my leader. Take this position or get out,” says Zod. He drops Luthor and looks about the room. “I am here as the leader of Krypton. We have come to bring our race back to prominence. Anyone who is against the way I do things leave now, but if you wish to stand by my side when we rule, then kneel before Zod. The Kryptonians begin kneeling and Luthor stares at Zod in anger and then complies.

---------------------->Part 2<---------------------------------

Lois arrives at STAR labs and runs into to find Emil Hamilton. She explains to him that Superman is helping Brainiac and that Brainiac came in the sphere. He looks at her in awe as a broadcast is going over the TV. “Hello Citizens of Metropolis,” says Zod sitting in a black room, “I am General Zod of Krypton. I am here to tell you that only 20 of us are left from of our race. The rest of us perished when our world died, but no fear because we have returned stronger than ever. Earth will be the home to our resurrection. Those who wish to join us are welcome. Those who resist will suffer for their decision. Thank you Metropolis, and good night.” The feed ends and Lois and Hamilton are in awe.

Turpin stands in MPD as everyone moves around in frenzy.

On the streets of Metropolis the people are rioting in fear. The streets have turned into a battle ground for gangs and crime.

“Welcome to my city,” says Luthor standing beside Zod looking out at the city. “Believe me Luthor I don’t want to destroy your race, but I promised the people of Krypton I would do whatever to protect our race,” says Zod walking to the center of Lex’s office which has turned into a battle room. “People need to have a place they can go to join my army. Any suggestions,” asks Zod.
“Well we can’t have them come here…” begins Luthor until he’s interrupted.
“Why not,” interrupts Brainiac.
“This is our planning building. We don’t want interruptions,” says Lex. Brainiac smiles and nods.
“This building is in the center of the city. Easy access for all,” says Zod, “what’s it called?”
Lex pats him on the back with a smile. “My friend…this is the Daily Planet. Perfect choice.”

“It’s crazy out there Turpin,” says a female cop staring out at the city from Turpin’s office.
“You think I don’t see that,” replies Turpin walking to his desk, “but how am I supposed to stop a gang of aliens?” Turpin pours himself a drink and lets out a sigh.
“You given up boss,” asks the woman?
“It’s not giving up if you got no chance,” replies Turpin.
“We do have a chance, but you sold him out just when we needed him.”
“I did what I thought was right.”
“Well I guess you see that you’re wrong.” Turpin doesn’t respond and stares down at his drink.

Riot police move through the streets of Metropolis. They send canisters of tear gas into the crowd as people try to shoot at the cops. Zod moves through the crowd of rioters and walks up to a cop. “I am here to speak with your leader,” says Zod. The cop looks at him scared. “Please I mean you no harm. I just want to speak to…” Zod stops as he feels something impact his chest. He looks down and sees a bullet. He falls to his knees as blood come out from the wound. We see a cop holding out his shot-gun. Zod remains holding his blood in pain. He wipes at the blood and then pulls out the bullet. He gets back up and stares at the cops. His eyes burn and then he shoots at the crowd of cops. The cops run around trying to put out their fire as the rioters continue.

Superman awakens on a cot in what looks like an igloo lined with sheets. He gets up and walks over to a person dressed fropm head to toe in different rags, hunched over the fire. “Hello,” says Superman walking up to the person. In a swift move Superman is pined to the wall. The person rips of her mask and is revealed to be a woman. “HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS SIGN,” barks the woman holding a knife with kryptonian symbols on the edge to Superman’s neck.

“It’s the crest of my family. From the House of El on Krypton.”
“What’s your name?”
“Kal-El.” The woman grabs him and throws him across the small space. She gets over him and puts the knife to his neck. “My family was killed with the rest of Krypton. I was sent here as Krypton’s lone survivor…or at least that’s what they thought.” Superman looks at the knife and recognizes some of the signs. “You’re from the House of El as well. That knife has my symbol on it.” She gets off of him and walks over to the pot of flame. “So what are you? My sister, my cousin? What?”
“Your cousin. My name is Kara Zor-El. Our fathers were brothers.”
“I thought everyone on Krypton died.”
“They did…besides the people in the Phantom Zone. My father was one of the few people that believed your father, but not enough to prepare for it. My father was also the keeper of the Phantom Zone projector. When he saw Krypton was dying he put me in here with the rest of these…creatures. He built this shelter with your father when the Phantom Zone was created.”
“Kara what is this place?”
“Kal-El this is the Phantom Zone, the prison for the galaxies greatest criminals.” Superman looks at her in surprise as she walks to the entrance of the shed.

“Wait…this doesn’t make sense. I’m older than you are and I was sent to Earth shortly after I was born. You should be around my age if you were born before Krypton’s destruction.” They exit the shed and find themselves at the top of a cliff.
“Ageing isn’t the same in the Phantom Zone. This place was made to have a prisoner serve an eternity of pain. I was maybe 17 or 18. I don’t remember. It’s been a while.” They walk across the plain as Kara looks around nervously and Superman continues asking questions.
“You knew my parents…my mother and father…you knew Jor-El and Lara?”
“Yes, they were great people. I didn’t see them much though. Our father’s weren’t exactly best friends. My father had a stern conservative view while your father was more liberal. On Krypton views were extremely important, especially during my time.”
“Who’s the guy Brainiac freed from here? The leader of the surviving Kryptonians,” asks Superman struggling to keep up with Kara.
“Brainiac…is on Earth…I thought he was destroyed with the rest of Krypton.” Superman explains to her about Brainiac’s arrival and she’s not surprised. “The only Kryptonian’s in here are I and the members of Zod’s army.”
“Who’s Zod?”
Kara stops walking and turns to him. “Zod was the General of the kryptonian army. He was one of the strongest most stubborn people I’ve ever seen,” she continues walking and Superman follows her, “Zod believed that the best way to survive was to keep our race on top. He planned to lead an expedition of 20 soldiers to different planets and conquer them. Expanding our race to every planet he could find. Brainiac knew about the plan, but as the council began to uncover Zod’s secret plan Brainiac sold him out. Since he held all the information on Krypton, all Zod’s plans were leaked. He would have been fine, but Zod had already attacked a planet. Zod led an attack with his followers and the technology of Brainiac. The planet was doomed when Zod first steped foot on the planet. The council was infuriated and banished Zod and 20 of his greatest followers to the Phantom Zone. If Brainiac released Zod from here, you can bet it was to do the same.”
“We can’t let him do that. We have to get out of here,” says Superman.
“I know…When your father created this place he built a portal that could only be used by members of our house. We should be there by nightfall.” Far away we see four people dressed as Kara is walking towards them.

Zod sits at a computer in Lex’s secret layer looking through different pictures of Earth. Different landscapes with different people. Brainiac walks up to him and looks at the computer. “Planning our next move,” asks Brainiac.
Zod continues staring at the pictures. “So many people, so many places. This world reminds me so much of our own.”
“Better fit for us to take.”
“Yes…it seems so.” He stops at a picture of Superman. “Who is this man? This man that holds the symbol of the House of El?”
“Just a man. Holding the symbol but not understanding its meaning. A meteor shower happened here after the destruction of Krypton. Some people were imbued with special abilities. This man learned the knowledge of our race and believed himself to be from our planet. He became a hero to the people. He died not too long ago.”
Zod closes the computer and gets it. “It’s a shame. Would have been nice to have him with us.”

Zod walks into Lex’s office and a Kryptonian approaches him. “General Zod, we have word that the army is mobilizing. We need an attack strategy,” says the Kryptonian.
“Jax-Ur. I want you and a gang of five to intercept the caravan before it gets here. And destroy it. Meanwhile I will meet with the people gathered at the Daily Planet and accept their allegiance. This is the beginning my friends. Soon Krypton will rain victorious.” The Kryptonians cheer in approval and Jax-Ur flies out the window followed by five other soldiers.
“Are you sure that’s enough for the US army,” asks Lex, “they’re the best this world has to offer.”
“Then fighting them will send our message,” replies Jor-El.

Jax-Ur and his army fly to a desert in New Mexico. They spot five tanks and fly down. Jax-Ur stands in front of one of the tanks and a soldier gets out and yells for him to move. Jax holds out his hands and feels the sun against his skin. Then he grabs the gun of the tank and bends it in half. Grabbing it by the bent gun he swings it into another tank. Soldiers run out and begin shooting at the Kryptonians who all begin beating the soldiers. Jax and another Kryptonian speed around the tanks and trucks taking them out with steel bending punches and blasts of fire. A final tank is left and Jax picks up a truck and holds it over his head. The driver of the tank gets out and shoots at Jax with his pistol. Jax takes three bullets and smiles. “Please I have two kids,” says the soldier worried.
“Your children have no place in the new world.” Jax pulls back the tank and slams it on the man. Jax looks around and smiles.

Kara and Superman approach the four large muscular men. She carries a knife at her side as she walks forward. “You shouldn’t be around here child. These lands aren’t a playground,” says one of the men holding a rock sharpened like a knife.
“Maybe we should show her why,” smiles another.
“Hey, why don’t you just let us go where we have to go and you guys can go about your business,” says Superman stepping in front of Kara. Kara rolls her eyes.
The largest man gets in Superman face. “You wanna know what our business is blue boy.” The man punches Superman in the stomach and then kicks him down. “It’s taking care of the trash.” The man lifts his fist and as he’s about to punch Superman Kara slashes him with her knife. She jumps up and kicks him in the head and stabs him in the chest. She does a swinging kick and knocks out the other man. Superman gets to his knees and punches a man in the stomach and then the chin. Kara grabs the last man knees him in the stomach and stabs him in the back. Superman looks about the fallen men as Kara walks forward cleaning the blood from her knife.
“Let me ask you a question Kara, why if you are a member of my father’s bloodline, you never escaped. You could have years ago, but you stay here. For what? The adventure?” Kara stops and looks at him.
“Let me ask you a question Kal. If I did travel all this way and use the portal. Where would I go? What would I do? I wasn’t raised on Earth like you Kal-El. How would I know how to behave? What if instead of finding a perfect family, I found a family of killers. I would have to fight you Kal-El. You think I’ve never thought about leaving. Think again, it’s all there is to think about here.” Kara continues walking and Superman follows her.

Zod stands on the stairs at the Daily Planet. From the balcony he looks down at the people. He yells for their silence and the people comply. “Hello people of Earth. As you know I am General Zod of Krypton. If you are here I trust that you support my people and our quest. All of you will serve a purpose in my army. And once this world is mine, you will all have a place in society. Think of this as one step in a new stage of evolution. Soon our world will be filled with people that you refer to as…Supermen.” Zod looks down at the crowd and spots a group of children. One of the boys has blood on his shirt and a girl is holding a small blade. “Um…thank you all.” The people begin talking amongst themselves and Zod walks up the stairs.

“Are you sure this is the right thing to do,” asks Lex standing beside Brainiac.
“Without a doubt,” replies Brainiac.
“You know I’ve been thinking…I do that a lot. I understand you came to Earth to release Zod and bring back the Kryptonian race. But…if the kryptonians interest you so much, then why did you let them die all those years ago. If they were so important you would have helped Krypton.”
Brainiac looks at him sternly. “I have also been thinking…I was created to do that. Why doesn’t the great Lex Luthor go out into the light? As the man who allies himself with the new race. You could make it easier for people to trust the Kryptonians. They see one of their own with the Kryptonians they would be more open to joining. Instead you decide to stay quiet, behind the scenes. Do you question the Krytonians capability to stand against the humans?” Luthor clears his throat as he looks out the window. “Luthor if you wish to stay apart of this army. Don’t make outlandish accusations. Cause I can easily make one of you.” Brainiac walks away and Lex watches him exit.

Superman and Kara walk against the setting sun. Superman follows close behind her as a group of phantoms charge them. Kara takes out her knife and throws it at the first one. Then he jumps to the floor as one rushes past her. She fires an arrow from her wrist gun and pins it to the ground. She shoots two others and gets back up. “What are these things,” asks Superman
“Phantoms. They’re inmates that either lose their minds from the time and conditions, or they die. Remember Kal, the Zone is eternal.” They continue walking and in the distance Kara points out an arch structure. “See, not too far from here. Let’s hurry up. Who knows what Brainiac and Zod are planning?”

Zod lies back in a chair drinking a glass of scotch. Jax walks in cleaning human blood from his hands. “More army caravans have been…intercepted,” smiles Jax, “whats that?”Asks Jax referring to the glass.
“Liquior. The humans thrive on it. It’s supposed to calm you down and clear your mind, but it does no effect for me,” chuckles Zod.
“Why are you not calm general? Are things not going as you planned,” asks Jax pouring himself a glass.
“Yes, but look at all this Jax,” says Zod turning on the TV showing a news report of different riots and attacks happening around the world, “I did not come here to kill anyone.”
“Remember what you used to tell us Dru-Zod, you know a great war is being fought when the number of casualties rise faster than the number of tasks completed.” Zod nods looking at his glass.
“I know Jax, but I don’t want this world to tear itself apart. Pit friend against friend, family against family, so that we can survive. I want to bring back our race, but not as a result of such carnage.”
“What are you saying General?”
“Would it be so wrong to live alongside the humans? Continue increasing our race with the humans as our allies and not our servants. I don’t want to resurrect our race by killing another.”
Jax looks at Zod who stares at his glass. “I don’t know General. I don’t know.”

General Lane stands in a base with other soldiers. He stands over a map of Metropolis with markers on major buildings. He tells his team a good way to attack the Kryptonians. His ideas are met with unsure stares but they agree.

Superman and Kara finally arrive at the arc. In front of the arc stands a small podium with Superman’s symbol on it. “Just cut your hand and pour blood on the symbol. Then the portal will open,” says Kara. Superman nods and grabs Kara’s knife. He makes a small incision into his hand and begins bleeding. He looks at the podium and thinks. Suddenly he’s taken out by a phantom who screeches as he holds Superman down. Kara takes out another knife but is attacked by two other phantoms. Superman uses the knife to cut away at the phantom and then throws it into one of the phantoms on Kara.

On Earth Lane is leading a silent brigade of ten soldiers up the back entrance of the Daily Planet. They quietly walk up the stairs and he gives the signal to his men to begin shooting. They shoot rapidly at the Kryptonians who all take the bullets as they walk towards the solders. Lane throws out two meteor rocks into the room and the Kryptonians struggle to stand. From the Lex Corp building Jax sees the flashing bullets and flies over. He dashes into the window and holds Lane against the wall. He feels the pain from the rock and drops him. Lane smacks Jax with his gun and kicks him in the chest. He cocks his gun and looks through the sight and shoots Jax in the chest.

Superman gets up and sends a punch into another phantom as two more fly towards him and fly him into the air and then slam him on the ground. Superman struggles to get up and walk to the podium. He holds out his bloody hand and presses against the podium. The symbol sucks at Superman’s blood until the S is completely covered. Superman yanks back his hand as the portal opens. It begins to suck in everyone in range and Superman, Kara, and the phantoms all fly into the portal.

Superman flies into Lex’s office and hits the wall. Then Kara lands on top of him. He feels himself gaining power and sees the bullets flying at the Daily Planet. He flies out the window and into the Daily Planet. He grabs two Kryptonians and throws them to the wall. As he walks towards Lane he feels the rock and falls. Lane grabs the two rocks and puts them into led holsters. “Superman, thank god you’re alive,” says Lane patting him on the back.
“Superman, I’ve heard of you,” says Zod flying in. He speeds to Superman and throws him out of the building. Superman flies up and grabs Zod and flies him through the multiple floors of the Daily Planet and then throws him into another building. Zod runs out of the building and jumps at Superman and sends him to the floor. Then he flies down and slams him deeper into the pavement. Zod brings back his fist and Superman grabs it and head butts Zod. He grabs him by the arm and swings him farther out of the city. Superman speeds towards him and pulls out the knife from Kara. He raises it in the air but Zod kicks out his feet and causes him to trip and fall for several miles. He flips to a battle stance as Zod runs to him and kicks him in the jaw. Zod grabs the knife and stabs Superman in the chest. Superman drops in pain and Zod pulls out the knife.

“I’ve seen you in pictures Superman. You believe yourself to be Kryptonian, but you cannot see the cracks in your idea. My race died years ago.”
“I…am…from your planet. My father…Jor-El…he sent me here when Krypton died.”
Zod looks at him estranged. “That’s impossible. “
“No…he anticipated Krypton’s destruction and sent me here. How else could you have been released from the Phantom Zone?”
Zod thinks of this and walks up to Superman. “Why would Brainiac tell me otherwise?”
“Because he wants you to think we’re all dead. He wants you to use your men to take over the world. Once you do…he’ll destroy it and kill all of us. He’s been lying to you since the beginning.” The stab wound heals and Superman stands up.
“I don’t know who to trust.”
“Trust one of your own. My name is Kal-El, Brainiac is the reason Krypton died and the reason you were imprisoned. I have proof if you don’t believe me, but there isn’t time. We have to stop Brainiac, before he fulfills his plan. Look at the knife you hold. It reads House of El. Kara is with me as well. She’s my cousin. She can tell you if you don’t belive me.”
“I don’t wish to kill anyone Kal-El. Only help my people.”
“Then join the humans. Together we can live without Brainiac’s influence.” Superman holds out his hand. Zod accepts it with a smile. “Follow me.” Superman takes off, followed by Zod.

Superman and Zod arrive at General’s base located on the outskirts of Metropolis. They walk in and people immediately aim their guns at Zod. Superman barks no as Lane approaches them bleeding from the head. “Get this son of a bitch out of my base,” says Lane pissed off.
“Sir Zod is on our side now. I promise,” says Superman.
“It’s true I do not wish to destroy your race. I came because Brainiac released me. I did this to save my race but I did not notice that it was killing another. If we don’t act fast Brainiac will destroy us all,” says Zod.
“What about the rest of the Kryptonians,” asks Lane?
“Some will join us, others will hope to destroy us, but if we stand together we should be able to beat them. They are twenty skilled soldiers, but we are three incredible generals. Hoping to save our race. The Kryptonians can live amongst the humans. You just have to trust us,” says Zod. Suddenly the wall crashes behind them sending everyone in different directions. From the destroyed wall enters Jax and Brainiac followed by the Kryptonian soldiers.
“I can’t believe what I see,” says Jax, “General Dru-Zod protecting the enemy.”
“They are not the enemy they are our friends. I plan to make a deal for us to live with them in peace.”
“Zod I cannot believe how you have fallen under the influence of these petty rats. They are NOTHING to us.”
“Zod I understand how you feel, but I did not live eons in that hell hole to come out and be seconded. I AM NOW THE LEADER OF THE KRYPTONIAN ARMY. WHO WISHES TO STAY KRYPTONIAN…AND STAY WITH THEIR RACE?” The Kryptonians cheer in approval as the humans and Zod look dissatisfied. “AND WHO WISHES TO JOIN THE HUMANS.”
“I do,” says a voice from outside the base. Suddenly Kara appears dressed in a tank top shirt with Superman’s S on the chest and a short red skirt.
“Another Kryptonian,” scuffs Jax. “No worries.” Jax begins walking out. “I’ll give you till the sun sets to get your mind in check. But after…prepare for the dominate race to pull forward.” Jax flies out followed by the rest of the Kryptonians.

Superman, Zod, and General Lane quickly prepare a battle plan. Superman and Zod think of way to kill the Kryptonians while Lane figures out a way to use his soldiers. Emil Hamilton walks in and places a bullet on the table. They all look at it and then at Hamilton. Hamilton picks up a pistol and loads the gun with the bullet. He looks to the wall and shoots. The bullet sticks into the wall and they all look unimpressed. Hamilton walks up to the bullet and shows them that when the bullet impacts, a small fragment of kryptonite comes out. Zod argues that he does not want to kill any of his men, while Lane tells him it could be the only way. Once people see what we can do they’ll join us. Superman argues that he doesn’t want them to join out of fear, but out of their own free will. Lane tells him they’ll only use the bullets as a back-up plan if Zod Superman and Kara can’t take them out. Zod and Superman agree and ask how many bullets have been made. Hamilton tells him this is the only one. Kara steps up and looks at the bullet then in a flash she begins building more. Soon hundreds and then thousands have been made. “Looks like it’s time for war,” says Lane.

Back at Lex Corp. Jax is doing much of the same with Lex and Brainiac. Jax doesn’t fear Zod while Lex tells him that he underestimates Superman. Brainiac asks Lex, “Mr. Luthor. We are doing this for our race. Why are you doing it? You should be with Zod and Superman.”
“Well Brainiac it’s simple. When I bet, I bet on the horse I know will win. I don’t weigh the odds of a possibility some dark horse will win. I look to the strongest, most agile horse on the list, and bet it all. Cause I can see winners, and I see the Kryptonians as the white stallions.”
“You won’t be able to fight the forces of Zod and Superman. How will you contribute?”
Luthor smiles and leads them to his secret base. He removes a tarp from a large figure and reveals a green and purple battle suit. “I can fight the human army, while you take on the Kryptonians,” says Lex.
Brainiac scans the suit with his eyes. “What about the tons of Kryptonite in the suit?”
“Originally this suit was to combat Superman, but now I see more…practical reasons for it. It’ll only hurt a Kryptonian if they are directly hit by it. What about the rest of our human followers,” asks Lex?
“The Kryptonians are preparing them for battle. They raided multiple weapons armories around the globe. They should be fine,” says Jax. Brainiac begins walking out and Lex turns to him.
“Where are you going,” asks Lex?
Brainiac pauses and looks to him. “To get ready for war.” Brainiac exits and Lex begin putting on the battle suit.

Superman stands in the base pacing back and forth worried. “You might wanna slow down there Superman. You might dig a hole to the core,” says Lois walking in. Superman walks over to her and hugs her.
“Lois. I’m so happy your okay. I haven’t stopped thinking about you.”
“I’m a tough gal Superman. It’ll take more than a meteor shower, aliens, rioters, and more aliens to take me down,” smiles Lois.
“You need to get out of here Lois. What’s about to happen is much bigger than you, bigger than me,” says Superman.
“I’ll be by your side forever Superman. Till the end. Plus a star reporter needs to be on the scene. What with everyone else running scared, it’s time for my Pulitzer,” smiles Lois.
“Forever…that’s a long time Lois.”
“Longer for you.”
“I don’t want to expose you to this lifestyle. It’s cruel and dark, and no one should have to live like I do by choice.”
“The choice I’m making is for you…for us. I could give a damn about your lifestyle, but I love you.”
“Kal,” says Zod walking in, “Sorry to intrude, but the sun is beginning to set. It’s time to mobilize.”
Superman looks to Lois and kisses her gently. “I love you Lois Lane.” Superman begins walking out. “There is something I have to tell you. Something I can’t believe I haven’t told you yet,” says Clark hesitantly
“Save it for after the war. Gives you something to live for,” smiles Lois. Superman nods and exits.

“Is that your love Kal-El,” asks Zod as they walk down the hall.
“Yes, I love her,” says Superman.
“You know I had love once. But I put her second to the fight. Then when she decided to join me I allowed her to, and she died.”
“I’m sorry Zod.”
“It’s my fault Kal. Never let this life mask what’s important to you. If you love her, hold her forever and never let her go.”
They get to the outside of the base and tanks and trucks are heading for Metropolis. “You’re a wise man Dru. You probably made a great general.”
“The best,” smiles Zod. They take off into the air and head for the city.

At the city two opposing sides face each other. One lead by Zod, Superman, and Kara with tanks, and American soldiers behind them. The other led by Jax and a man in a robotic suit (Lex) with Kryptonians and citizens with guns behind them. “You think we should give a signal,” asks Superman.
“That would be a great way to start,” replies Zod. He lifts his hand and American soldiers stand ready.
“This will be fun,” says Jax to Lex. Jax burns his eyes and fires at the opposing side. Then Superman, Zod and Kara take off for the Kryptonians. They engage in a heated battle with them, each delivering earth shattering punches and sending each other into buildings and other structures. Superman grabs a Kryptonian and throws him into a building. Then another punches him in the back sending him into the building. He grabs a desk and pounds it on top of the first and then hurls a television set at the other. He pounds furiously at the first one until he’s heavily bleeding and then takes off for another.

Zod uses military fighting styles to fight the Kryptonian army and easily takes them out while Kara punches and kicks at the others.

Lex flies into the air and aims his hands at the tanks. Then he fires a beam at the soldiers and they begin lighting on fire. People shoot at him but with no effect. He flies down and begins flipping trucks and throwing people around.

Lane watches from inside a tank in the back of the force. He gives orders for different lines to shoot at the man with no results. The tanks begin firing and Lex shoots a rocket into the nose of one blowing it up.

“What should we do about the civilians,” asks a soldier with a video feed to the battle at the front line as the armed civilians run towards them.
Lane rubs his head in frustration and orders them to shoot if the civilians shoot first. The civilians shoot and the army begins shooting back.

Zod grabs a Kryptonian and hurls him into another. Then he grabs a light post and strikes another into the air. From behind him he receives a kick to the back sending him into a truck that erupts into flame. Zod finds the man to be Jax and gets up. He speeds towards him and carries him through multiple buildings and then throws him to the ground. Jax kicks out his feet and punches him in the chest. Then he grabs him by his shirt, “I ALWAYS FOLLOWED YOU ZOD.” He throws Zod into a building. “I LISTENED TO WHAT YOU TOLD ME TO DO.” He runs to him and pounds him into the floor. “I LIVED MY LIFE ON WHAT YOU TOLD ME TO DO.” He picks up a bleeding Zod and throws him into the air. He flies up, catches him, and throws him back down to the pavement. “I EVEN FOLLOWED YOU TO HELL.” He grabs a large piece of rubble and smashes it on Zod. “AND YOU REPAY ME BY LEAVING ME.” He lifts his fist into the air and punches down at Zod.
“I’m…sorry,” says Zod bleeding profusely.
Jax takes a light post from the ground and breaks off the edge to a point. “Oh you fucken should be.” He brings down the post and Zod catches it. He uses all his strength to throw Jax away. He speeds to him and throws him into a blown up truck. Then he grabs the truck and slams it on Jax. He grabs Jax by the face and throws him into the air. Then he follows him and kicks him back down. Jax twitches on the floor in pain. “You’re right Jax. I expected too much from you…from all of you,” says Zod circling Jax and letting out deep breaths. “I lead you wrong all these years. You could even blame the end of Krypton on me, but people change Jax.” Zod takes out the Kryptonian knife he grabbed from Superman before and picks up Jax by his head. “All I can say is…” He kicks Jax’s knees and he falls down on them. “Kneel before Zod.” He yanks the knife back and then stabs Jax in the chest. He pulls out the knife and Jax falls down dead.

Lex continues firing down at the city. The soldiers run as they are lit on fire or shot by a missile. He smiles from inside his suit. “I watched this city rise. Now I’ll be the one that makes it fall.” Then suddenly Superman takes him out of the air and throws him down. He holds back his fist but Lex fires at rocket into him. The rocket is made of kryptonite. Superman falls back and the helmet of the suit disassembles. “Hello Superman.” He runs to Superman and punches him in the stomach. Superman stays down in pain and pulls out the rocket. “I love a good ending,” smiles Luthor. “You know I always knew it would end this way. A man to man fight in the rubble of Metropolis. Isn’t it fun,” smiles Lex. Superman gets up and swings a punch at Lex but he throws him across the street into a line of cars. “Don’t rush me Superman I’m doing my diabolical monolog.” His suit begins to click and his hands show a green light beam. “Fare thee well oh hero. You had a good run, but the real man won. David has officially defeat Goliath.” As he begins to fire his beam Zod throws him into a wall. He pounds at the suit and rips off the front to be hit by the radiation of liquid kryptonite. Lex laughs and punches Zod furiously then he kicks him in the stomach. “Good by General. You tried,” says Lex. Superman struggles to get up as he sees Lex lifting his hand to Zod. “Kneel before Lex.” He fires his beam and it goes directly through Zod. Superman yells in anger and charges Lex into a building. He picks up the broken breast plate and puts it back on the suit. Lex punches Superman who grabs the punch and throws him into town square. Lex flips on the ground until he gets to his feet. He fires more beams at a flying Superman who dodges them all. “WHY WON’T YOU DIE,” barks Luthor.

Back in the city Zod is pulling himself into a building. He breathes light breathes until someone picks him up and carries him to a truck. “You’ll be ok Dru,” says Lane trying to stop the bleeding.
“No general. I’m done,” says Zod struggling to keep his eyes open, “I served my planet, and although I could not bring back our race. I feel I have…worked t…t…to help a new one. Ah new one that…de…deserves it’s…hero,” says Zod.
“We’ll take you back to base and have Hamilton fix you up.”
“No General Lane…please. I rather die in battle; it shows I gave my life for your people. And I hope they see that, and forgive me for bringing this madness.”
“Don’t worry Zod…our planet forgives you. A man that gives his life for us…is one of us.”
“Thank you Lane. You don’t know how much it means to me…” Zod fades and Lane closes his eye lids.

Lex continues firing at Superman until he fires at a tree that hits Superman. Lex runs to him and grabs him by the arm and brings him to the ground. The he grabs Superman’s arm and breaks it. Lex backs away and brings two small chain guns out of his shoulders and aims them at Superman. Superman holds his arm in pain on the floor. “Good bye Superman,” says Lex to himself. He fires the gun and Superman sees the bullets. Then suddenly they freeze in the air with a green orb around them. Superman and Lex look up to see a man dresses in green and black holding out his fist with a ring. He fires the bullets back at Lex and then grabs Lex and hurls him into the air and he falls down through the roof of a building. The green man touches down next to Superman who gets up. “Who are you,” asks Superman still holding his arm.
“I am Green Lantern of Sector 2814. I got a distress call while I was on Oa and they told me to come here.”
“Thank you,” says Superman.
“No worries. All in a day’s work for us heroes’ right,” smiles Green Lantern. Superman looks around to see that Kara has taken out the remaining Kryptonians and the citizens have either quit or died. “I think you won,” says GL looking around.
“Don’t come to a conclusion before the battle has ended,” says a loud robot voice echoing throughout the city. “It has only begun. The Kryptonians and human were only the first line of my army. Now comes the real army. Brainiac’s army.”
“Brainiac,” says Superman in anger. A loud noise of people running is heard from the outskirts of the city. Then a view of multiple different alien races running towards the city is shown.
“Oh shit,” says GL. Then flying over them we see a robot man flying in front of the flying sphere. The alien has robot has three green circles on its head like the sphere. As it moves forward more aliens spurt out of it.
“I’ll take care of Brainiac. You take care of the aliens,” says Superman before taking off.
“You get one guy I get one hundred. That’s fair,” scuffs Gl. He flies into the air and begin swatting at aliens with a bat construct. Then he creates a large orb around a group and compresses it until they die.

Superman flies at the sphere dodging the aliens as they fly towards him. As he gets to the sphere he lets out a huge punch and a blinding light fills his head. Then in a flash he disappears.

Superman reappears inside a silver room. He steps forward and stumbles on something. He looks down and finds Milton Fine/ Brainiac’s body. “Sorry about this human. The vessel could no longer take my power,” says a deep robotic voice. “Who’s there,” asks Superman to the empty room. In a flash a green man connected to multiple wires connected to the ceiling appears.

“Hello Kal-El, now you know my true form. I have brought you to the sphere to open an agreement between us,” says Brainiac. Superman flies up to his face and stares at him in anger. “What’s the agreement?” “I’ll destroy all the aliens I brought and take my sphere and leave,” says Brainiac. “For what?” “All you have to do is let me go,” says Brainiac. “It can’t be that easy.” “It’s not; I have traveled to many planets and have conquered them all. I have won so many times that I am able to take notice to a loss. So let me leave, and I won’t fight back. Resist and my aliens bring this city to its knees.” “You’ll return.” “Of course, and stronger than I am now, but at least you’ll have time to fix your city and prepare. Do you accept,” asks Brainiac holding out his green hand. Superman looks at it and thinks for a moment. Then he accepts the hand. As he does a flash goes through the room and Superman is now outside the sphere. The aliens freeze and then fall dead. Then the sphere rises into the air and blasts off in a flash.

In the city people are cheering at the sight of the dead aliens and Superman and Green Lantern flying above them. Superman and Green Lantern fly to the base and find General Lane standing beside Zod’s dead body. “I’m sorry Superman. We tried to save him, but the damage…”
“I know. I understand.”
“All the Kryptonians are dead Superman,” says Kara walking up to him, “I tried to keep them down, but when they wouldn’t…we had to take action.”
“I know,” says Superman.
“Cheer up Superman. The world is safe because of you,” says Emil Hamilton.
“You’re a hero,” says Lane.
“I’m a hero because I’m a killer?”
“No, a hero isn’t a person that can fight and shoot fire from their eyes. A hero is a person that does the right thing even if it might feel wrong. Later, you’ll feel better. I promise,” says Lane. Superman nods and floats into the air.
“I’m not the only hero. You guys are all heroes. I could not have done this without you. I thank you all.” Superman takes a last look of Zod and then flies away.
“A real American hero,” says Lane.
“From an alien planet,” adds GL.

Two weeks later Lane is giving an address to the public. “Hello citizens of Metropolis. The events that transpired a few weeks ago were some of the worst I’ve seen. Metropolis was turned into a war zone for an intergalactic battle. Many of you know that Superman is connected to the people that attacked us. Some think he should be arrested, other believe he should be thrown off the planet. But after much discussion with the president. We have decided to pardon Superman. He protected us during the battle and without him we would have died. Brainiac’s sphere would have arrived and we would all have been doomed. But because of him we are alive today.” We see Superman, Kara, and Green Lantern clearing the rubble from the city and helping rebuild it. “Superman is no longer an enemy, but a hero. And I hope all of you can see him that way as well. Thank you. This is General Samuel Lane, hoping for a better tomorrow, with the man of tomorrow.”

The feed ends and Lois turns off the TV by her desk at the Daily Planet. “Look at daddy warming up to the alien,” says Lois.
“Maybe he’ll let you invite him to the next Lane family reunion,” smiles Clark writing a story.
“Very funny Smallville. Any word from Perry or Jimmy,” asks Lois.
“They’re coming back. He says they went to Gotham but things were just as bad. You think things will go back to normal?”
“Hopefully. Now that Superman isn’t a criminal he can save people without fearing he’s gonna get shot.”
“How are you guys doing,” asks Clark with a smile.
“Why so interested about my love life Smallville,” asks Lois with a smile.
“Just wanna make sure you’re happy is all,” smiles Clark.
“I think he wants to get in your pants,” says a blond man walking in with a brunette girl.

“Thanks Hal” says Clark, “hey Kara.” Says Clark standing up. He shakes Hal’s hand and hugs Kara.
“Clark you gonna introduce us,” asks Lois staring at Hal.
“This is Hal Jordan, old friend from college,” says Clark.
“How are you Ms. Lane? I’ve read a lot of your work. Probably the best I’ve read,” smiles Hal. Lois smiles embarrassed.
“This is Kara, my cousin.”
“I didn’t know Smallville had family.”
“He doesn’t talk about me much. We didn’t meet till recently,” says Kara.
“Well Smallville we have a deadline to meet, but if you wanna go get some lunch…”
“I would love to,” says Hal.
“Yes we would,” says Clark.
“Alright,” replies Lois. An editor calls her over and Lois nods. “Just let me see what this guy wants and we’ll go,” says Lois. She walks away and Clark turns to Hal.
“Don’t you have a girl-friend,” asks Clark.
“I like to keep my options open,” replies Hal with a smile.
“What’s with the brown wig and glasses Kara,” asks Clark.
“Not everyone is fooled by a pair of nerdy shades cuz…Any word on Brainiac or Luthor.”
Clark walks to the window and looks out, “Lex is small fish to what’s coming. I feel that Brainiac was just the first thing to come. But there will be others.”
“Yeah but then you’ll be there to take’em down right Clark,” says Hal.
“No…I can’t. I learned that from Brainiac. I learned that I can’t defeat things that are otherworldly. I’m not like Zod. I wasn’t meant for war. I wasn’t meant for fighting. I was meant to help this city and this city alone.”
“So you giving up,” asks Hal.
“Of course not. I can’t. But I realize I can’t do this alone. I would have died if it wasn’t for you two. I’ve got Metropolis, you’ve got Coast City. They have that bat guy in Gotham. We have our cities that we protect. But when it comes to the big stuff we can’t do it alone. I’m assembling a team Hal. I want you to be on it.”
“Whatever you need man,” replies Hal.
“What about you Kara…Supergirl,” asks Clark with a smile?
“Not that I’m not honored, but there’s something I need to take care of. The phantoms that escaped from the zone need to be caught. I’ve been tracking them. It’ll take me a while to round them all up. Maybe later though cuz,” replies Kara.
“Alright,” says Clark.
Lois walks out and joins them, “you ready to go?”
“Yeah,” replies Clark, “let’s go.” They walk out and Hal puts his arm around Lois as they do.

“They think I’m done,” says the voice of Lex over a black screen, “they think I’m over.” We see Lex leaning over a sink with a sling around his arm and bandages circling the top of his head as he stares at the mirror. “Superman is a god. And like all gods he will have his finest hour. Soon he will see the tragic end of all gods.” He walks over to his computer and begins typing. “Soon he will see true power. Soon he will see true fear. Soon he will see…” He pulls up a picture of a large metallic canister the size of a truck with a Kryptonian symbol at the top buried beneath miles of dirt. “Doomsday.”

End credits

Thanks for reading this the few people that do. Comment below and tell me what you think and any questions you might have. I hope you enjoyed it and the crossover. My next story wont be for a while cause I'm a bit burnt out, so I hope you enjoyed this one.

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