Survey for my class!!!

Hey guys!! I need to do a survey for a math class of mine and was wondering if you would be able to help out. Won't take more than 3 min. (I promise) I need at least 50 responses!!!!!

Hey everyone I'm doing a project for my math class (math for elementary teachers) and have decided to do a survey on fellow comic collectors. This will literally only take you about 3 min. to complete. Thanks to those who answer the questions. Please just list your answers below in the comments.

1. Do you collect comics?

2. If yes, which company do you favor the most?
a. Marvel
b. DC
c. Image
d. IDW
e. Other

3. How many comic books do you purchase each month?
a. 1-5
b. 6-10
c. 11-15
d. 16-20
e. 20 or more

4. How much money do you spend monthly on comic books?
a. $1-$10
b. $11-$20
c. $21-$30
d. $31-$40
e. $41-$50
f. $50 or more

5. How often do you visit
a. Once a day
b. Twice a day
c. Three times or more a day

6. How far is your local comic shop?
a. 1-5 miles
b. 6-10 miles
c. 11-15 miles
d. 16-20 miles
e. 20 or more miles

7. Do you prefer digital comics or print comics?
a. digital
b. print

8. Was this survey quick to do?
a. yes
b. no

Thanks again for those of you who took the time to do the survey!
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