Teletubbies as The Main Villains in The Justice League Movie!?

Teletubbies as The Main Villains in The Justice League Movie!?

You know for every comic book film being made there is a hidden villain, and these villains have the biggest agenda and the biggest message to say towards the film. Here, as the title suggest it's only a possibility I care to explore which could become reality.

Hello everyone. Yes as fans we silently anticipate the great upcoming films within the comic book genre. Especially a long waited film called Justice League. Now that we have Man of Steel 2 being the main introduction before Justice League, it's a great speculation to see as why would these heroes come together? Could it be for the cause to stop one of their greatest known villain or villains from the comic books? Or could it be to potentially save the minds of many people being tormented by a certain group of colored fiends from outer space? That's right everyone, those Teletubbies don't screw around with anyone! How can that cute and charming race of alien beings be dangerous and deadly? Well find out more as we divulge into this possible plot.

"So Superman is flying around Earth when he spots a UFO crashing into Antarctica. He calls up Batman and is like, "Yo dawg we got sum trouble!". Then Batman flies to Antarctica cause he now suddenly has super powers and meets Superman there. So they go to the UFO and the ship opens while some purple gas streams out. Then out pops the Teletubbies. Then the Teletubbies run up to them with open arms. Batman is all like, "Awww they wanna hug us!". BUT THEY ARE WRONG! Bam, the Teletubbies clap their hands and sends both Superman and Batman flying backwards across the universe and back on Earth. Then they disappear out of nowhere and teleport to Gotham city to cause some trouble. Then Robin is captured by the Teletubbies and one of the Teletubbies wears his skin so they can start their master plan by taking over the Batcave. Then Green Lantern and The Flash kiss and they show up trying to beat off the Teletubbies in a fight and they loose. Wonder Woman looses in a fight against the Teletubbies! All of em Justice League loose in the fight. Then suddenly this kid shows up and hugs all the Teletubbies and their UFO suddenly appears in the sky. The Teletubbies take the kid and fly off into space. So Batman doesn't care at all and the end." - "May not be actual story"

These Teletubbies are scary aliens, yes they definitely are. Having all of the Justice League loose against these warm creatures shows a sense of humanity towards Earth and there kindness to warm fuzzy creatures like Teletubbies. That is why WB would choose the Teletubbies to be the villains. There is a hidden kindness in them you expect but not a sudden urge of violent actions. Same for Superman's own morals which cross merge between his non killing rule. The Teletubbies would convey those morals in a better sense that people can understand. Another thing that will benefit them is the bigger box office numbers. Make the film Rated G and now you have so much people going to watch than Man of Steel. This is what Man of Steel was missing to make it perfect. This is what DC needs. Forget about their silly villains in the comics it's time revive the popular success of Teletubbies once again! Oh and the Smiling Sun from Teletubbies teams up with Superman as sort of his power energy guidance thing that follows him you know the thing how Superman get's powers from the sun right?

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