Terminator Sequel/Reboot Fancast

Terminator Sequel/Reboot Fancast

Here is my Fancast for a sequel/reboot to the Terminator Series. one of my favorite series that has literally spanned 3 generations.

Past Sarah Connor: Katie Cassidy

Notable Works:
A Nightmare on Elm Street

If You’ve seen her work on Supernatural you know she can whoop ass which is a definite must for Sarah Connor and she’s pretty hot which is a bonus also she dies of cancer so there would be no need for a future one.

Past John Connor: Jake Abel

Notable Works:
I Am Number Four
Percy Jackson & The Olympians

He portrays the bad boy image well which is useful when it comes to this story cause whose gonna believe their going to save the world from machines right? But I think he’d portray the part well if they wanted to bring his younger self into it.

Future John Connor: Christian Bale

Notable Works:
Terminator Salvation
Batman Begins

He is the John Connor of the future. Hands down.

Past Kyle Reese: Jensen Ackles

Notable Works:
Batman Under the Red Hood

He’d be awesome as the protector of Sarah Connor and I’d love to see John Connor send his own father back in time to protect his mother.

Future Kyle Reese: Anton Yelchin

Notable Works:
Terminator Salvation
Star Trek

He’s already played the part, so he’s good to go.

Miles Dyson/The Creator: Don Cheadle

Notable Works:

I think it’d be cool if Skynet sent a terminator back to bring back the original creator to make better terminators for the killing of John Connor.

Kate Conner: Bryce Dallas Howard

Notable Works:
Terminator Salvation
Spider-man 3

We might as well bring her back for a sequel as well.

Terminators: Chris Hemsworth, Michael Clark Duncan, Hugo Weaving, Kate Beckinsale

Notable Works
Thor (CH)
Avengers (CH)
Armageddon (MCD)
Sin City (MCD)
Captain America: The First Avenger (HW)
The Matrix (HW)
Underworld (KB)
Aviator (KB)

Some people to portray the origins of the T-1000, T-X and future Terminators created by Skynet. They would do awesome at it.

This concludes my fancast for a Terminator Sequel/Reboot. Be sure to comment in the usual place and don’t be afraid to check out my other fan casts. Thanks for the feedback.

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