The Amazing Spider-man 2 Fan Cast with Ideas for Plot

<em>The Amazing Spider-man 2</em> Fan Cast with Ideas for Plot

I bring you my ideas for the sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man. Includes important points in the plot, as well as the new cast members introduced in this possible sequel.

Greetings fellow comic book fans, nerds, enthusiasts, and aficionados. It's MCott62094 again. Bringing you another fan cast.

Last summer, The Amazing Spider-Man opened in theaters. It was a box office success and received mixed reviews from critics. Rotten Tomatoes reported that 73% of critics positively reviewed the film. (Personally, I don't go to Rotten Tomatoes, because I find the reviews and critics really harsh on what makes a good movie).

So, now we find ourselves waiting for the sequel. This is how I think the sequel should be cast and what it should be about.

Key Plot Elements:

*In this movie, Peter meets Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson.

*Norman Osborn is introduced.

*Norman takes an interest in Spider-Man and wants to capture him to engineer and produce him as a weapon.

*Peter learns he is unable to pay for college as he and May face financial troubles.

*May's friend and Mary Jane's aunt Anna Watson tries to do what she can to help May.

*During a lightning storm, an electrician named Maxwell Dillon is involved in freak accident involving a lightning bolt and an experimental power source developed by Oscorp.

*Peter find a job at the Daily Bugle taking pictures of Spider-Man

*J. Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, and Robbie Robertson are introduced in this movie.

*Mary Jane is pursuing her dreams as a model. She gets a job with fashion mogul Roderick Kingsley.

*Dillon wakes up and finds he can shoot electricity from his body and drain it from electric appliances.

*May gets a job at a diner, and Peter promises to meet May there.

*Peter, Harry, and Gwen meet MJ at her photo shoot for Kingsley, where it's revealed she's dating Flash Thompson

*Norman promises to cure Dillon if Dillon will bring him Spider-Man, and makes Dillon a suit that will sustain Dillon's unstable condition.

*Peter, Gwen, MJ, Harry, Anna, and Flash meet May at the diner she works at.

*Stan Lee cameo at the diner.

*Norman meets Harry at the diner, and takes an interest in Peter as he is the one who gets Spider-Man's pictures.

*Dillon attacks the diner, calling out Spider-Man. Peter changes and fights him (also hiding his camera to get pictures of the fight). Peter gets Dillon to hit a fire hydrant which sprays him, shorting him out. Dillon flees when the cops arrive.

*Jameson dubs Dillon "Electro"

*Throughout the film, Peter visits Dr. Connors in prison to try and get information on what his parents were doing.

*Jameson tells Dillon Peter is how to get Spider-Man. He then draws a sample of Dillon's blood to look for a cure.

*Norman's scientists reveal there is no cure for Dillon's condition...Norman doesn't tell Dillon.

*Peter goes to the Bugle with Gwen. Dillon attacks the Bugle, and kidnaps Gwen and Betty, telling Peter to get Spider-Man to the Oscorp building if he wants Betty and Gwen to live.

*At the building, Electro demands his cure from Osborne. Norman reveals there is no cure. Peter arrives to fight just as Dillon attacks Norman.

*Dillon absorbs the bolts of a lightning storm, increasing his power and physically changing himself (turning his skin blue and eyes white).

*An intense ensues fight across the city as Peter tries to short out Dillon.

*Peter leads Electro to the pier. Peter gets Dillon to destroy the dock under his feet, sending him plummeting into the water. Dillon shorts out and drowns.

*Peter, Gwen, Harry, Flash, and MJ graduate from Midtown High. MJ reveals she got a job as one of the models for Kingsley fashions and Flash reveals he's going into the military.

*At the end of the movie, Norman puts Dillon's blood sample into a vault before meeting with a mercenary. The camera turns to the mercenary, revealing it is Silver Sable. Norman hires her to bring him Spider-Man and the screen cuts to black and the credits roll.

Electro's suit:

The suit Electro wore in the movie would be similar to his suit from the Amazing universe (as much as I like Ultimate, I feel the style wouldn't fit). The suit would be more high tech than it looked in the comics (because in this movie it was developed by Oscorp). The yellow lightning bolt patterns on his body glow. And the tail at the end of his mask are bolts of lightning rather than part of his mask.

Recurring cast from the first movie:

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/ Spider-Man
Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy
Sally Field as May Parker
Martin Sheen as Ben Parker (via dream sequence and flashback)
Chris Zylka as Flash Thompson
Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curtis Connors


Mary Jane Watson: Jane Levy (Suburgatory, Fun Size, The Evil Dead 2013 remake)

No more Mary Elizabeth Winstead. I've seen her too much!

I love Jane Levy. She is freaking hot. Most people might recognize her as Tessa Altman in the ABC sitcom Suburgatory. I didn't know if she would be cut out for drama or action, but then I learned she is in the Evil Dead remake. Have you guys seen the trailer? Remember the possessed zombie looking girl who sort of looks like Reagan from The Exorcist? That's Jane Levy. She has the acting ability and the hots to pull off MJ.
I don’t know how common this pick is, but I hope it’s original. I take pride in my originality.

Anna Watson: Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers, Mars Needs Moms, Avatar: The Legend of Korra)

Really, I was so unsure about this. In the comics, Anna doesn't play that large of a role. But I was also unsure of Sterling as Anna. She mostly does comic work. But, of what I remember of the 90's series, Anna is kind of a hard-ass, and Mindy's characters usually are too.

Harry Osborn: Alex Pettyfer (I am Number 4, Beastly, Magic Mike)


Pettyfer is one of the few models turned actors who can actually act. The guy is talented, no denying. The first fan cast I did was for Spider-Man and Pettyfer was my Harry. This choice had positive reviews. Now I can't seem to find anyone else in this role that I like as much as Alex.

Norman Osborn: Kiefer Sutherland (24, The Lost Boys, Stand By Me)

Like Pettyfer, Sutherland was a part of my original fan cast in this very role. No one said anything against it. I think most people forgot that he has played some...not villainous but antagonistic roles, particularly in The Lost Boys and Stand By Me. And at this point in his career, I would love to see Kiefer take on an antagonistic role again.

P.S. Jason Isaacs is so incredibly over done as Osborn.

J. Jonah Jameson: Nathan Lane (The Birdcage, The Producers, The Good Wife Season 4)

I know what you're thinking: Are you kidding? And no, no I am not.

First off, JK Simmons is IMPOSSSIBLE to replace. Second, the popular choice is Hugh Laurie, and that is so overdone that I don't want to think about it.

If any of you have seen the musical comedy The Producer's Nathan Lane played a foul-mouthed, fast talking, domineering, witty, sarcastic Broadway Producer. Minus the Broadway Producer part, that character was essentially Jameson.

Other than not physically resembling Jonah, my only concern is that people may find Lane a little too short for the role.

Robbie Robertson: Giancarlo Esposito (Once Upon a Time, The Usual Suspects, Breaking Bad)

The more I see of this actor, the more I like. I cast him as Lucius Fox in my Batman cast. Compared to some of the other choices I've seen I like Esposito best for this real. I mean, come on...Denzel Washington? REALLY!? Yes I understand that it's a fan cast but be realistic...I don't think Denzel is gonna take on that role.

Betty Brant: Miriam Shor (GCB, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, The Good Wife Season 4)

Even though the dramedy GCB was cancelled, I liked it. Out of all the actresses on the show, I liked Shor the best. I looked up some of her other work and to sum it up...she does not disappoint. She's incredibly beautiful. After watching The Good Wife. I made a mental note to keep her in mind for a fan cast and I think I found a role for her.

Maxwell Dillon/ Electro: Jonny Lee Miller (Elementary, Dark Shadows, Hackers)

I don't really know what attracted me to this choice. First off in my original Spider-Man fan cast it was Colin Farrell...but I like this choice much better. The first time I heard Miller's name was in the Tim Burton comedy Dark Shadows. I haven't seen him as an antagonist, but he strikes me as the kind of person who you watch and think he can pull off any role.

Roderick Kingsley: Alan Cumming (Web Therapy, X2: X-Men United, The Good Wife)

So first off, I apologize for forgetting he played Nightcrawler. The moment I thought of this, I thought of two people: Alan Cumming, and Ian Somerhalder. I wanted someone who dripped style out of every pore of their body (who better to play a fashion mogul?). That description gave me two choices: Ian Somerhalder and Alan Cumming. What ultimately sold me on Cumming was his age...and I think he's an overall better actor than Somerhalder.

There's also an inside joke here. During the process of the Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark, Alan Cumming was originally set to play the Green Goblin, but he dropped the project for unknown reasons.

Silver Sablinova/ Silver Sable: For the mercenary introduced at the end of this film and the possible villain of the third film, I have two choices.

CHOICE 1: Kristin Bauer Van Stratten (True Blood, Once Upon a Time)

I really love this actress. She is so versatile in her ability. When I first saw her in Once Upon a Time, I took note of her. And then I watched True Blood and I knew I wanted to use her in a fan cast, and I think I found the role for her.


CHOICE 2: Emily Vancamp (Revenge, Ben-Hur, The Ring 2)

I love love LOVE Emily. I first saw her in ABC's drama Revenge. She is perfect as the lead Emily Thorne/ Amanda Clarke. She had the looks, and physical ability to play Sable. I think her youth might work against her, but other than that I think she is another good pick.
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