The Amazing Spider-man 2 New Plot Preview

The Amazing Spider-man 2  New Plot Preview

This is a short preview to my new plot I'm making...

Hey guys just a short preview of a new plot for Spider-man 2. I'm gonna have a full plot soon but I wanted to see if you liked where I was going.
Comment and tell me what you think.

After the opening credits and title the movie opens with the shots of the

New York City skyline. Then the scene goes to the inside of grand central

station and shows a business man running through the crowds of people with

his cell phone in one hand and a briefcase and coffee in the other. He is

yelling into the phone about how he is on his way and he’s trying to catch

the subway. He is so wrapped in the conversation he doesn’t notice the

people yelling, screaming, and running in the opposite direction. He

finally gets to the stairs and you see him running down trying to catch

the train. Then you hear loud footsteps and a loud deep roar. The business

from before runs back up the stairs screaming and dropping stuff with the

giant Rhino chasing after him. Riding on Rhino’s back is Spider-man, in a

new suit, trying to hold him back . He finally let’s go as they begin to

fight throughout the station breaking columns and Spidey is cracking

jokes. They make their way down the tracks where they fight a little more

until Spider-man flashes his new Spidey signal on his belt in Rhino’s eyes

which causes him to be dizzy and walk in front of a moving train. This

destroys the whole train and knocks Rhino out long enough for Spider-man

to use wrap up Rhino in a cocoon. The police finally come as Spider-man

slips away and swings home. Peter swings home into his bedroom window and

plops in his rolling chair and turns on the news. The news lady is talking

about Oscorp and how they are under police investigation after the lizard

and now the Rhino have come from inside. They will be shut down in a soon

if they are found guilty in court. While listening to this Peter is taking

of his boots and behind him there is a person in a red costume. Peter’s

spidey sense goes off and he jumps at the attacker onto his bed. The

person was Gwen and she was wearing his old costume and trying to scare

him. She starts to laugh and takes the mask off. Relieved Peter and Gwen

talk and romantically play around. Eventually, Gwen leaves and reminds

Peter not to be late to take pictures at the basketball game tonight.
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