The Amazing Spider-Man 2:Villain

The Amazing Spider-Man 2:Villain

In this article I'll tell I chose a certain villain for the sequel.

Hi I'm SpideyMark and in this article I'll talk about the sequel for TASM 2.

My villain for TASM 2 should be Electro.
I mean,with Electro they can put the Electro-Proof Spidey Suit(Would be AWESOME).I'll talk about that suit in another article.

My design for the villain:
I loved the Spectacular Spider-Man's Electro.The design was awesome so I'll make a mix of the Spectacular Spider-Man and the classic design.
The costume is made of the same texture of the Spectacular Spider-Man but the color is dark green.He has 4 tubes on the upper body(2 on the left and 2 on the right side) connected on a big lighting symbol and there's electricity activity on the symbol and on the tubes.He has more 2 tubes on his legs with the electricity activity.I don't has a mask,his face is like the Spectacular Spider-Man face.His and boots are yellow or golden.

What do you think of the design?
Leave a comment and if you want you can make a draw of the design and send to me.
I'll be pleasured.

And for all the people I'm a MARVELITE.

And here they are pics of the 2 designs:

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