The Amazing Spider-Man Easter Eggs. *Contains Major Spoilers*

The Amazing Spider-Man Easter Eggs. *Contains Major Spoilers*

Things I noticed in The Amazing Spider-Man.

There were a few Easter Eggs that I noticed in TASM some of them maybe a little bit out there, but you never know. Plus I had speculation.

Norman Osborne: This is probably the most Obvious out of all of them He is mentioned Several times throughout the movie, and why wouldn't be? HE is the founder of Oscorp. His head can be seen in a hologram while Peter is at Oscorp, we can tell he has short hair and glasses, but that is about it.

OZ formula, and Green Goblin: It is mentioned in the film that Norman Osborne is sick and that he needs a cure. Dr. Ratha tells Connors that he needs to hurry up with his formula. However, he also mentions the OZ formula. Now, I might be mishearing him because of his strong Indian accent, but it sounds like he says the formula is OZ, he might just be saying the formula is OURS, but the accent is so thick that it is hard to tell. Perhaps since Norman is dying he needs this OZ formula, and it cures him but unfortunately it also makes him crazy and he becomes Gobby, maybe seed it in the second film by having him play a small role, and then by third he turns into goblin.

Venom: There is a very peculiar line that Ratha says to Connors in the same scene where they are talking about Norman. HE says that Richard Parker wore the suit very well. This can be taken as one of two things. That Richard was somewhat of a suit, as in he worked for the company and was a higher up than Connors and that Ratha was teasing him about it and saying he too could become a suit. Or he was talking about the Venom suit from Ultimate Spider-Man, and how Richard created it, and that is what he may want to use on Norman to cure him.

Nod to Ultimate Richard and Mary Parkers death: While never fully explained, there is a scene in the film where Peter is researching his father and Doc Connors on the internet and he comes across an article that has something about Richard and Mary Parker and a plane crash, it was so fast i couldt read it all but it seems like a small nod to the Ultimate Universe.

Doc Ock: Ok, this one is a bit of a stretch and I may be over thinking it a bit, but the scene where Peter is about to enter the lab of Spiders there is a machine that is handling something that looks dangerous, it was so fast i didn't much see what it was, but it did seem like it was webbing of some sort, but there were four of these mechanical arms, and while they didn't look specifically like Doc Ocks mechanical arms, it could have been a slight nod to the character.

Mysterio: I think it would make sense that the man in the shadows is Quentin Beck. While my initial reaction was that it was Norman Osborne, he did seem to disappear too quickly to be Norman, and also he had that hat, it made him seem like he was a flashy kind of guy, and that is who Quentin Beck is he is over the top and flashy. Perhaps he works for Oscorp, or uses their tech for his special effects. He may have been contacted by a sickly Norman to talk to Connors for him, and since he can get in and out of places easily it would make sense if that was Beck. Also Webb did say he was one of his favorite villains, maybe he was hinting with really confirming.

So, what do you think?
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