It's been released for awhile, but I just recently saw it again and I think I got a good point on this movie....or do I?

3 years ago Sony Pictures was gearing up production on the next Spider Man installment after Spider Man 3 broke box office records and the millions of fans hearts that followed. Sony had already bought the option for 3 more Spider Man films having 6 Spider Man films in total for Sony to produce before Marvel can get the rights reverted back. A script was being worked on, Toby got s huge paycheck, Sam was returning, it looked like we might get a Spider Man movie finally worth watching again on par with the first film. Maybe they won't screw it up this time and that year Sony then announce scrapping plans for Spider Man 4 and going with an entire reboot....WTF? So the movie is out and I saw it the first time and thought it was a pretty amazing movie, saw it the second time though and tried to understand the story a lot more....yea not good news on that. Here are 5 sections that underline the AMAZING SPIDER MAN!


Right off the bat trying to beat Tobey Maguire was a hard feat into everyone's eyes. Picking a new Spider Man pretty much took a lot of balls to do, even if the movie was just released 5 years ago. Spider Man 3 was bad but it wasn't horrible enough to get a full on random reboot. (I'll save what I feel about Spider Man later) Andrew Garfield who has appeared in the Social Network and a few other movies I never even heard of, plays the role of Peter Parker/Spider Man! While watching the movie he plays the character really good. You feel more like he is a teenager and is more believable as Peter than Tobey ever did. In the first Spider Man film when we see Tobey it felt like all these high schoolers we're in college or something, in fact almost the whole entire high school looked as if they we're in college it never made sense. This time the reboot actually uses the high school setting to it's advantage showing Peter in his struggles of high school life and being a teenaged superhero at the same time. Even though Andrew is like pushing 30, you can still say he brings in a Peter that is worth to watch. BUT.....not to say much his character does have flaws. Like how he randomly has shit in his room that is like a mechanism to open a door, or how he built the web shooters but how does he know this stuff? In the beginning scene Uncle Ben asks Peter to help fix a washing machine to which Peter knows EVERYTHING THAT IS WRONG. Well how do you know that? In comics Peter Parker is portrayed to be a brilliant teenager and is has quite the skill to building shit. It's great in all but it;s kind of just forced in there. At 16 he already knows how to build all these amazing mechanical devices? Shouldn't that be elaborated more? In fact his character follows the character a little closely into which we get sidetracked by a lot of 2D development of Peter Parker. As Spider Man he pretty much nails it, he's talkative, cheesy, not really funny but dorky. In comics and in tv shows you always heard Peter Parker talking speaking out his inner thoughts. Most of the time he fights crime he pretty much is alone. Sure he's fighting baddies, but when he's up there web swinging he pretty much is secluded to regular life protecting a city. He has no one but himself to talk to till he gets home to bang Gwen Stacey before he goes on his


Right from the bat everyone knew that The Lizard was set to appear in the new Spider Man film. Except you got one problem most of these Spider Man movies have, ALL THEIR VILLAINS ARE THE DAMN SAME! Green Goblin is a respected scientist in the movies but under pressure decides to test out a formula that is proven to be dangerous. He admits to go human trials when he is suddenly turned into a super-human and a deranged mad-man known as the Green Goblin. Doc Ock is a respected scientist who goes onto create an experiment for OSCORP, decides to an experiment on his first test to prove that Fusion Energy works, he builds 4 mechanical arms to help him sustain the energy, soon we begin to realize it doesn't fu-cking work and it goes wrong leaving Otto turning into Doc Ock. Now Dr. Connors, a respected scientist again working for OSCORP who is in extreme pressure to try out a serum to save dieing Norman Osborn, Dr. Ratha insists on doing human trials to which Dr. Connors implies it is not ready. After Ratha takes the serum and threatens to use the hospital as lab rats. Dr. Connors uses the serum and regrows his arm to which he later turns into The Lizard......remarkably enough all these villains share a common ancestry in FUC-KING OSCORP! You would think with all this marketing we could get THE UNTOLD STORY, but it seems to me The Lizard is just a mashed version of Green Goblin and Doc Ock put together. His character is completely UN-original to what we've seen before. In fact he's pretty much just there. It is implied he knew Peter's father in the past before he dissapeared and knew why he left. Instead Dr. Connors doesn't even bother to tell Peter what happened, why doesn't he just tell him? In fact he becomes an idiot where a teenager upstages him by solving a formula LIKE JESUS ARE YOU THAT DUMB!? And what is it with these villains having A CONNECTION TO PETER FOR EVERYTHING! Didn't that happen in the last three Spider Man films? Did the studio forget that this kind of villain has been used already? In fact his character in this reboot doesn't even hold up to what the original had. Terrible villain in my opinion to pick.


Fans wanted to see a different girl this time, and admit they are getting tired of seeing Mary Jane. Gwen Stacey portrays a character who seems to be more in-tuned with Peter. Shes the perfect type of girl, she has a good family, is planning to go to college. Basically how she is portrayed mostly in college, basically the good ol' American white girl...sort of. In fact she is smart just like Peter and happens to be working at OSCORP for internship. She suddenly has the hots for Peter (like every girl for some reason) and falls in love with him. Her chemistry with Peter is pretty good and adds a lot more depth to them being both brainy scientists and all. In fact shes one of the few things that are different in this movie. Instead of screaming HELP ME SAVE ME, she actually tries to help Peter out a lot in the film. Again though comparing Mary Jane's Kirsten Dunst to Emma Stone's Gwen Stacey isn't really fair. The movie kinda had a lot open for Gwen Stacey as a character. This is probably my nitpick of Gwen comparing to Mary Jane. In Mary Jane the character for her was that she was the hot popular girl who Peter really loved since he was a little kid. Her character is connected to Peter and character well developed fully on. While Emma's Gwen does do the trick, you don't really catch that connection between them as you did with Peter & MJ did. Even though we have to get used to Gwen but eventually another love interest (can't be Black Cat no more =/) but she still seems like you want more. It's good and bad at the same time, again my only nitpick towards Emma Stone's Gwen and I do wanna see more of her but I didn't wanna see more of MJ because on her first outing I felt it was complete, aside from the whole end kiss everything about her was summed up in less than 2 hours. Gwen, you still feel like there is a lot more to her. Again maybe its just me, but it's something I feel.

4. SUPPORTING CAST- I feel the supporting cast was pretty good here, you got new characters and some old familiar ones we all know (Uncle Ben, Aunt May), but again this is where the movie just goes BATMAN territory instead of following the concept of a SUPERHERO. Which is where Captain Stacey falls right into it. Of course he is the opposite, but towards half-way you can tell right off the bat (HAHA) it's a Jim Gordan rip-off. I can't really say anything about Captain Stacey in the old movies because well...he just stood around there. In fact I feel like the extras are doing more than he does. He tells Peter a pivotal moment in Spider Man 3, telling Peter who the actual killer is of his late Uncle. He tells Peter so bland and boring you don't really give a shit till he says THIS IS THE MAN THAT KILLED YOUR UNCLE. He continues talking but you just don't really care anymore, he slowly fades away. Everything about him is monotone and boring. Nothing stood out for him in his character that had actually a point to the story. In fact the end battle in Spider Man 3 would of been a good way to show Stacey do something to help or actually show a point to his character. James Cromwell took the pay check, and just said "HEY IT\S SPIDER MAN....I LIKE SPIDER MAN..." In the new one however he is more of a hard edged cop because the regular adult demographic like hard edged stuff like CSI, LAW & ORDER SVU, CSI MIAMI, MIAMI VICE, those shows try to give us a gritty feel to what detective work is, their what they called....HARD EDGED! Again those shows I mentioned, I AM REALLY NOT A FAN OF. In fact this is was the studios chance to get the adults taking their child to see this movie and connect to Captain Stacey. Fact he stared in a show about an Emmy Nominated show Rescue Me. So it made sense to make his character this way. He is ok but pretty stereotypical and pretty much the same damn Dennis Leary I see a lot. But he acts like that in all his movies, he's a decent actor in my opinion, when moments are needed like a sad heartfelt scene, or showing sorrow to which he is really solid in. But everything else...sort of can't tell sometimes. Here he sort of does in Spider Man but you can tell he tries his best to try to steer away from it, but he was OK and was a good addition to the cast and probably develop more in the sequels.....OH YEA HE'S DEAD! This is where the film kind fails a lot in. You build up this whole character because honestly all these characters are way too much open-ended, the only one who is fully developed is Peter Parker by adding more extra stuff that we never knew about. But STACEY'S character gets killed off towards the end in the final battle. I know this happens in the comics, but did it really have to be The Lizard? You build him up to this character to probably show in a sequel and then BOOM he's dead and he's killed by The Lizard of all villains. They should of kept the villain to kill Stacey in the sequel, killing him half way and get's murdered in the film. Even bringing in the story of Gwen hating Peter. But that's just me. Dr. Ratha is pretty much a pointless character, he is only in the movie for three scenes. He's as pointless as Stacey in SM3. We get he's pretty much Osborn's assistant who goes to Connors for the serum demanding him that he needs the serum soon to be ready to restore Norman's health. He doesn't really care for Peter or question that Spider Man is out there, his reaction to it, what Norman would think, it's not even mentioned actually in the movie again about Dr. Ratha. People say he'll probably show up in the sequel, you really think so of after showing nothing more than 10 MINUTES OF TOTAL SCREEN TIME of his character? He was just a Norman Osborn stand-in. In fact a lot of the qualities of Norman Osborn from the comics are present in Dr. Ratha at times. You see they couldn't afford a big named actor so they just had to get this Indian guy and the whole Proto Goblin thing was trying to clue us in on his involvement with Norman Osborn honestly, but again he shows no impact towards the end of the film, he's never mentioned again and I think the movie just totally forgot about him. His character could be erased from the movie and it would STILL NOT MAKE A DIFFERENCE TO HIS ROLE IN THE MOVIE. I've watched it 3 times and still see no point in him!

5. SUPPORTING CAST PT.2- Uncle Ben and Aunt May are pretty good in the movies and add a lot more depth in which in my opinion...are a lot better than the original if you ask me...well Uncle Ben is. Aunt May I felt like she was just there at times. Again a character underdeveloped to save for the sequel. If you are telling us an Untold Story shouldn't you tell us a little more about Aunt May? Or giving her some more dialogue at least? Uncle Ben on the other hand is a different story. He is in a lot of ways a lot better than the original. He seems more disciplined and gives that you gotta get respect before you give respect attitude that wasn't in the original film. In fact I think the scenes with Peter & Uncle Ben are a lot much better. If I had to pick one scene though I had a major fu-cking problem with, it would be his death. I did feel Peter's pain when his Uncle died no that was done fine but what was done wrong was how it all started to get to that point to which it was rushed and was LAZY! Instead of choosing new dialogue they use the same exact way in the first film, and almost EXACT SAME DIALOGUE IN THE FIRST FILM, um why? Are you really that lazy that you have to pick those words from the first film and not re-write some other things. But then again after having the writer of the last Spider Man get why. And the way it happens is just so horribly rushed in, if you watch this movie and watch the Spider Man 1 movie at the same time, tell me you don't see the clear difference in pace, or at least almost the exact same moment that it no doubt copies. It his a horrible scene that was supposed to be a big moment in the movie to change who Peter was. I understand we know this story and I could sort of understand the rush but it's a reboot. Its ok to elaborate something different on that, copying the same scene in a different setting DOESN'T REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

6. THE STORY/THE PLOT- So the movie takes a leap towards reboot territory but not only does it go that far it uses Batman Begins as a main inspiration for the movie. In fact they we're so damn inspired they decided to borrow a lot of moments from that movie, like the un original f-ucking writers we have for this movie. If you play Hans Zimmers score in this movie from Batman Begins, I shit you not...IT FITS. This movie borrows elements like the machine in Batman Begins with the Ganali Device, both almost pretty much functional for the same thing except one needs to smash into a building in order for the fear gas to go in full effect. The other just shoots up in the air and disperses. But that's just one gripe I have with this story, how about the use of Peter's parents? Again, a total screen time of maybe 6-7 minutes doesn't clarify the parents valuable characters to Peter's life. You know Peter does miss them in some sort of way, he still does wonder what happened, and now that mystery will be solved in the sequel. But I thought this was the Untold Story, shouldn't you AT LEAST SHOW MORE OF HIS PARENTS? Instead we get more of the same shit with the story. Nothing is ever mentioned of their existence or who they we're and what they did till the final end credits scene and it's barely anything. Again this movie is so underdeveloped it's not even funny! It's a bullshit excuse to say that OH IT WILL BE TOLD IN THE SEQUEL. In the original Spider Man movies I didn't have to do that, all my characters we're laid out flat for me, all it did was open possibilities but they we're all had their point and motive put full circle through the end of the movie. But again Spider Man had to hop on the Marvel gravey train with the secret endings and will be explained the sequel ideas. But Spider Man just over does it. It doesn't really narrow down an Untold Story, the story we are given is just a brand new look of the Spider Man origin, shouldn't the idea of a reboot tell a story that's never been told but in a modern day or actually better told idea? Did Marc Webb forget that he was making a reboot? I understand why the producers didn't like this movie, BECAUSE IT'S PRETTY MUCH THE SAME DAMN SHIT! The first 15-20 minutes of the movie you feel like the movie is going to go somewhere different but then it just suddenly goes towards the same route the original Spider Man film went. In fact after he gets his powers he doesn't even care about what happened to his parents. Again it's never mentioned till the sequel, why are so many of these fucking questions not explained!? Even though the villain shows a purpose through the story of having to work with Peters father, he still is never mentioned again. Nothing is different about this movie, its a pure remake not a reboot. The only thing they are doing is rebooting the franchise, they didn't reboot the movie. All they said was WELL YEA, WE FEEL WE COULD OF DONE SPIDER MAN A LITTLE BETTER, SO WHY NOT ADD THIS, TAKE THIS OUT, ADD THIS, ADD A HINT OF THIS, TAKE THIS OUT, ADD SOME BATMAN BEGINS AND A BLOCKBUSTER IS HERE!

BOTTOM LINE: I don't want you to feel like this movie sucks but it's a missed chance to try to re-invent the Spider Man franchise in a bold new direction. The only thing changing the difference is that it's darker. Why? Is it honestly needed for Spider Man? It's Spider Man not Batman. One of my biggest problems with this movie is just how overdeveloped all these characters are and the main focus is just Peter Parker. Nobody is developed well enough. Again WATCH THE FIRST FILM, THEN WATCH THIS! People will say STOP COMPARING YOU SOUND LIKE AN IDIOT, but you can't tell me you never compared this ever watching the movie. Your always going to do a comparison to this type of movie, it's a reboot. You make comparisons all the time. If you don't choose to make a comparison you pretty much are going to end up doing it even if you don't want to but its eventually going to happen. I find though a lot of things better from TASM to Spider Man. I felt the dialogue was a lot better this time around, I felt the action was a lot better, the suit even though looked dumb was still kind of cool, it had Oscorp....and that's really much it I guess. It's a good movie but its just an enjoyable. Most people like the new generation 16 and below will probably find this movie to be amazing or awesome, the adults will most likely find this movie to be crap, but honestly I am in the middle. I feel the new Spider Man does hold a lot of the origin that needs to be told, and I felt even though was pointless but adding his parents in the movie made it a lot different. I also liked Gwen and I did like Stacey a lot better this time. But I stated my flaws. Again ALL OPINION no need to go balla out saying I am an asshole or anything. This is why I feel TASM is not better than TDKR. At least TDKR was different, it didn't try to do the same thing over again with different setting and characters. But I found every summer superhero movie this year to be enjoyable so far, and it'll be a lie if I said I was not interested to where the movie is going to be like in the future and finally get some well developed characters now with better writers hopefully who know they are doing. A flawed enjoyable movie, even if it doesn't hold up to the masses, it's still pretty damn good to watch and maybe now your kids can have to franchises and different Spider Man films to watch. Overall it's just my thoughts on the movie, hate it or love it.


8.AFTER CREDITS SCENE- This is probably the dumbest after credits scene I have ever seen in my entire life and it is as pointless as Ferris Bueller telling us to leave the theater since the movie is over. It tries to add suspense by adding this random flash of lightning in the background for when this guy dissapears and then suddenly its over. Just like this after credits scene not telling me anything about what the hell just happened, this is how I leave this little ending off. I'm not going to say how I feel because there really is nothing to feel. I felt nothing for that scene.
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