The Bat, The Doctor, Jack & the sidkicks

The Bat, The Doctor, Jack & the sidkicks

The Bat, The Doctor, Jack & the sidkicks

Boys Will Be Boys & Batman well IT'S THE GODDAMN BATMAN

Tim continued spreading the CoolWhip over the floor. "You know we shouldn't be doing this, right?"

Dick laughed as he finished his side. "That's what makes it fun. I'm going to get the green sprinkles. Try to be finished when I get back."

Tim sighed. "Fine, but you know Batman is going to kill us."

Dick walked out of the Tardis. "Not before Captain Jack."

Ten minutes later, Dick came back with the sprinkles. "Did you honestly fix my side so it would look the same as yours?"

Tim shrugged. "It was uneven, and it bothered me."

Dick threw the sprinkles to him. "You are such a freak."

Two hours later Batman, The Doctor, and Captain Jack opened the door to the Tardis. "What the hell is that on my floor?" The Doctor shrieked.

Jack read out loud what was written in green sprinkles on the floor. "Treaty our asses, Bats will always be better."

Captain Jack and The Doctor both turned toward Batman. "Well, aren't you going to do something about this?"

Batman turned to leave. "They aren't wrong." And he left.

The End
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