The Batman (2016)

<i>The Batman</i> (2016)

Yes, another Batman fan cast. Axelbratoski casts 25 characters from Batman!

This is my fan cast for the next Batman reboot, possibly coming up in 2016. I don't have storyline ideas, but I'd love the film to have Gotham full of freaks and villains, Oracle and an international cast, too. I'm going to cast 25 characters from the Batman comics, plus director, writer, director of photography and composer. I have been working in this cast for months and I tried my best to be original, although I am aware that there are a couple of choices that have already been used.

"The Batman"

Directed by Joe Wright

Outside-the-box? Maybe. But after the extraordinary Hanna, I know that Wright has enough talent and potential to make a hell of a comic book movie, and this one just seems the right fit for him as he know how to make a smart action film. I believe his vision of a Batman film would have the fantastic elements of the Batman mythos woven into a dark and violent action-adventure thriller. His trademark, long tracking shots, would be really nice in some action sequences. All in all, I think this is an original and unique choice and I'm pretty proud of it. Also considered: Nicolas Winding Refn; Neil Marshall.

Written by Hossein Amini

My reasoning behind this choice is short and simple. I just loved Drive and I think its script is wonderfully written. It's also that film's pace and structure what I think that works for Batman.

Cinematography by Robert Elswit

Elswit is an Academy Award-winning director of photography. Why do I choose him? His talent, his experience and his impressive work in both The Town and MI: Ghost Protocol. The Town because of it's gritty and pulpy look and while Ghost Protocol because of its magistrally shot action sequences. A mix between those two things would be ideal.

Music by Cliff Martinez

Cliff brings something special to every movie he scores. For this film, I'd like to hear something like his score for Contagion: electronic, energetic, with a brisk pace and slightly reminescent of Tangerine Dream, fused with orchestral elements. I'd also like some electronic, retro and atmospheric tracks, similar to what Martinez did for Drive. A mix between those to things would be ideal. The tracks which best represent what I want are The Birds Are Doing That and Bride of Deluxe, from Contagion and Drive respectivelly. Also considered: The Chemical Brothers; Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross.
I'd also like to have this three songs incorpored into the soundtrack:
Chromatic's Tick of the Clock

Kavinsky's Wayfarer

Chemical Brother's My Elastic Eye

Ryan Gosling as Batman/Bruce Wayne

I promise, this is the last one from Drive. Gosling started as a child star, but grew up to be one of the best young actors in Hollywood right now. This is hardly an original choice but while I tried, I couldn't find someone better. He is a hell of an actor, intense, handsome and knows some fighting moves after training for his new film Only God Forgives. It was after his terrific performance as The Driver in Drive when I realized he was the perfect Batman for the reboot. There he plays a quiet, emotionally distant but violent hero who has a secret "profession" at night. Also, he played a wealthy ladies man called Jacob in the very-funny Crazy, Stupid, Love. He should bring The Driver's mysterious badassery to Batman and Jacob's womanizer persona to Bruce Wayne.

Liam Cunningham as Alfred Pennyworth

I'm casting this British badass to play something a bit tougher than a butler. I'd like Alfred's characterization in this film to be like in Batman: Earth One: a tough war veteran in his 50s with a dry wit, and Bruce's mentor and confident. Considering Liam's previous performances, even if he never played a character like this one, I'm sure he would excel.

Jena Malone as Barbara Gordon

I'd love to see Oracle in the reboot. Malone is a young actress who has enough potential to make a great Barbara. I choose her mainly because she already worked with Joe Wright in The Soloist and Pride and Prejudice and she has already done action films.

Rufus Sewell as Black Mask

Rufus has experience playing bad guys, and not for a bad reason. He can easily play menacing with intensity and he is a seasoned and phenomenal actor, as he has shown in the cult film Dark City. I considered him for both Mr Freeze and Ra's Al Ghul, but I think he fits better here.

Eva Green as Catwoman/Selina Kyle

Eva is a pretty talented actress whose dark, mysterious and classy look is ideal for Catwoman. It were her performances in Casino Royale and Camelot what made me choose her, she has experience with action films and she can naturally look evil but sexy at the same time.

Logan Marshall-Green as Deadshot/Floyd Lawton

I have seen him casted as many comic book characters, but never as Deadshot and I think he would be great in this role. This up-and-coming actor impressed me with his roles in Prometheus and Devil, I think he has enough potential to be a bad-ass villain.

Billy Crudup as Mr. Freeze/Victor Fries

This may be a left-field choice but it was after watching Watchmen when I came up with this choice (sorry for the alliteration). He was great playing a "cold" and emotionally distant character and he also has a wide range of acting skills. I don't really know if he has played a villain before, but I am sure this is a different role for him which I believe that he would play spectacularly.

Rooney Mara as Harley Quinn

Rooney is such a fantastic actress who would be great as The Joker's psychotic partner. Although I didn't like David Fincher's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I believe she was wonderful in it and she showed she is a really versatile performer. I also think she fits alongside my Joker choice. She knows how to play dark characters with ease.

Ray Winstone as Harvey Bullock

I know that Winstone is a popular choice for The Penguin, but I think he fits better as GCPD's crooked deective. This accomplished and badass actor is intimidating enough to bring a great Bullock to screen, I'd love to see him acting against the actor I chose for Gordon. Also, it doesn't hurt that he looks alot like the character.

Michael Nyqvist as Dr. Hugo Strange

I absolutely loved his portrayal of Mikael Blomkvist in the Millenium series and his villianous turn in MI: Ghost Protocol was impressive. All in all I think he could bring something really special to the film and he would be a cool addition to the cast. I must say I am really proud of this choice.

Viggo Mortensen as James Gordon

This is one of my favorite choices from the whole cast. I consider Viggo to be one of the best actors in Hollywood right now alongside Daniel Day-Lewis and Gary Oldman. He would be great playing Gotham's quiet, old-fashioned and honest Police Commisioner. This role would be something different for him, as he never played a role similar to this but I'd love to see his take on this character.

Jared Harris as Jeremiah Arkham

At first I thought about him as Hugo Strange, but then realized that the talented caster RobertGarlen had already used him for his cast. Jared is great playing calculating and antagonistic characters. He has the look and the acting range to bring a true Arkham to screen, I believe that he would be a really nice addition to the film.

Paul Bettany as The Joker

Not the most original choice out there, but a damn good one, Bettany is amazing playing creepy and sinister characters. And yes, before anyone complains, I know he plays JARVIS for Marvel, but here me out. If he changes his voice when playing The Joker, nobody would tell it's the same actor, as JARVIS is only a voice role. And remember, Mr Laurence Fishburne voiced Silver Surfer for Marvel and now he is playing DC's Perry White.

Emma Thompson as Leslie Thompkins

Emma is a seasoned British actress whose wide acting range make her a perfect candidate for this role. She knows how to play kind characters and motherly figures and I'd like to see her acting against Liam Cunningham, too.

Lennie James as Lucius Fox

It was after watching Lockout, where at first he played a similar character, when I came up with this choice. He was also good in The Walking Dead. Anyways, I think he could bring a great and faithful take on Lucius Fox while making it different to Morgan Freeman's portrayal.

Timothy Spall as The Penguin/Oswald Cobblepot

He already portrayed a short, fat villain with a pointed nosed in the Harry Potter saga. That and his role as a mischievous and vicious man in Sweeney Todd are what made me choose him as The Penguin. He is really talented and nails the character's look and physique.

Melanie Laurent as Poison Ivy/Pamela Isley

Melanie is a hell of an actress and really sexy, I'd love to see her as a villain. She's been my choice for ages and I think this is one of the best choices in my cast.

Ciaran Hinds as Ra's Al Ghul

This versatile character actor may not be a conventional choice for this role, but he is able to play badass, wise and evil with ease. He may not be in the best shape, but he is imposing and intimidating enough to bring a spectacular Ra's.

Ben Whishaw as The Riddler/Edward Nygma

This up-and-coming actor caught my attention as the intelligent Q in Skyfall. I've only seen him in that film, but judging from that performance only, I believe he has potential to be a great Riddler. I think his take on the Riddler would be frightening but highly intellectual and manipulative. I think this is a pretty original choice and I'm proud of it.

Joseph Gilgun as The Scarecrow/Dr. Jonathan Crane

I first noticed this actor in RobertGarlen's Highlander cast. After watching Gilgun's performance in Lockout as a psychotic inmate I know I had to have him somewhere in this cast, and then realized Scarecrow was the best fit for him. I'd love to see him play insane again, I think he would be great in this role.

Berenice Marlohe as Talia Al Ghul

I don't think I've ever seen Berenice in a fan cast and I really don't know why. She has a sexy, exotic look and is a really good actress. Her performance in Skyfall is pretty much how I'd like Talia to be in this film.

David Wenham as Thomas Wayne

He is a really great actor who would be good in this little role/cameo and looks like he could be Ryan Gosling father.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Two-Face/Harvey Dent

I liked his portrayal of Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones. He looks the part and he is a solid actor. At first I considered him for Batman himself but he is too old for that. Then I realized he would be better as Dent. He is handsome yet dark, intense, and can play likeable and evil easily.

Jessica Chastain as Vicki Vale

The new "it girl". The breakout star of 2011. I choose this extremely talented actress to play Batman's love interest. She can play tough, smart, she is a redhead and she has that natural beauty and style that fits Vicki perfectly. This is another choice I really

Sean Harris as Victor Zsasz

I've only seen Harris in Prometheus, where he played a dangerous, mentally unstable man. His characters look and attitude reminded me a bit of Zsasz and I thought he would be great in the role, and a cool addition to the cast.

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