The Batman

The Batman

The first in my trilogy of Batman films! Contains cast, and details!

The Batman will focus on the origin (Yes, groan all you want) for the first third of the film. The main villain will be The Joker however most of the film Batman aims to put an end to the gang war between The Penguin Gang and The Falcone Crime Family. Unbeknownst to Bats, The Joker was the mastermind, causing chaos in Gotham. In the end, The Penguin is killed by The Joker, who attacks Bats viciously with an axe before he is beaten and incarcerated in Arkham. Catwoman serves as the love interest as well as his accomplice at times, as well as Harvey Dent and Gordon of course.

Anyway, I'll update later with the whole story if you all want.

now for the cast:

As seen in: License to Kill

Dalton was my only choice, he looks the part and he would do fantastic.

As seen in: King Arthur, Casino Royale

I wanted to bring a fresh casting to this whole thing so i chose Mikkelsen who is an amazing actor and would own the part.

As seen in: Hannibal, Quantum of Solace

I really like this guys work, he's a great actor and i feel he would do the part justice.

As seen in: Inception, Contagion, The Dark Knight Rises

When i found out Cotillard was in Rises i was praying she would be Catwoman but to my dismay, Hathaway got the part (I have no idea in hell why but i believe in Nolan) so i cast her for my own.

As seen in: Lost, Smokin' Aces

I love Fox, his acting on Lost sold the show to me. A very deep actor, i think he could do an awesome job as Harvey!

As seen in: Captain America: The First Avenger

I think with some prosthetic, Jones could bring an amazing take to The Penguin, sinister and ruthless.

As seen in: Predators, The Pianist, The Village

Brody is one of my favorite actors, very versatile and believable. I think he would bring a fresh, new take to The Joker.

As seen in: X-Men: First Class, Inglorious Basterds

Fassbender is one of my new favorite actors! He is a very skilled and up and coming actor, and i would love to see him as the caped crusader on the big screen (as well as Bond, but that's another story)

Well, there you have it! I will post the Two Sequels later on! Thanks for looking!
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