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A new Batman film cast

Im new to this site, but have been checking it out for a while and this seems like a fun thing so I did this cast. Chris Nolan films are done so its time to move on now and because I like Batman I think its time for a new Batman because the last film was crap to.

Batman, Eric Banner

Hes a tough guy and good actor so hes perfect!

Robin, Aron Johnson

KickAss actor and looks like Robin so hells yeah!

Batgirl, Lindsy Fonseca

Shes a good actoress and she was in KickAss to, so I think itd b good to have them together again.

Alfred, Jonathon Hyde

I just remember him from Jumanji but he did good there and I think hed be good her to.

Commisioner Gordon, Richard Geere

Hes a good old guy actor and looks like him, just missing a mostache.

Joker, Adrian Body

This guy looks like the Joker! Its crazy he has the same nose and everything but hes a good actor too, and knows how to be tough to.

Harley Quinn, Sarah Michelle Geller (I cant remember her name)

Shes funny and a good actress and can fight to so shed be a good partner to Joker.

TwoFace, Jon Hamm

Really good actor who knows how to play badguys like this, so why not?

Riddler, Neil Patrick Harris

Everyone loves him her and he loosk like him too and he knows how to be funny and smart to.

Penguin, Alfred Monila

He was soo good as Doc Ock and hasnt been seen since, so why not? Looks like him to and is a good baddie so I want him here.

Catwoman, Carla Gugino

I want a sexy Catwoman, not a skinny girl who needs a tan. Carla is a good actress and she can play the Catwoman we know not the fake cat burgler lady who keeps making a dumb Batman wannabe keep falling for her!

Posion Ivy, Christine Hendricks

Everyone loves her here to and its cos she looks like Ivy but has the body to. I dont know if shes a good actress or not, but its not a hard job for a character like this.

Ras Al Ghul, Vigo Mortonson

The guy was Aragorn! But hes a good actor to and can kick ass good to, I saw him in A History of Violence and he was crazy there so I think he could be good as Batman's villain.

Killer Croc, Derke Meers

Look at him, all he needs is the make up or whatever they do and he'd be perfect!

Clayface, Ian Macshane

He has a cool voice for the role so, why not? Great actor to so even better!

Bane, Joe Manginello

Hes a tough guy actor to and is a good one to, he could kick Chris Nolan's crap Bane's ass and really look like a threat to the Bat!

Thats my cast, I hope you guys like it let me know!
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