The Batman Infinite

The Batman Infinite

The final installment.

The last installment, will focus on Batman trying to bring Two Face in as well as The Joker warping his psychiatrist into Harley Quinn who assists him in his escape and the two bring the city to chaos. Batman and Catwoman fight to bring them down. The end climaxes when Dent kills The Joker and then flips his coin on himself. The coin lands the un-scarred face up but he shoots himself anyway, Dent's side apparently making his own decision, free from Two Face. Batman is left to deal with the pain of losing one of his closest allies, in the end Batman and Catwoman reveal their identities to each other.

and the NEWBS:

as seen in: Scrubs

One of my celebrity crushes, i think she could bring a believable and psychotic take to Quinn.

as seen in: Casino Royale

This took some time, but this lady is a good actress and can play a shady character.

I know there isn't a whole lot of change, but thats all folks!
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